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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Twilight's Hammer-EU Achievement Points
1Shew Team KickassTwilight's Hammer-EU21985Not updated
2Bizerk  Twilight's Hammer-EU21570Not updated
3Eliitti  Twilight's Hammer-EU21345Not updated
4Xeliek Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU21025Not updated
5Luphunt  Twilight's Hammer-EU20955Not updated
6Loozicchi  Twilight's Hammer-EU20820Not updated
7Sabin AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU20720Not updated
8Salamance Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU20710Not updated
9Feliz gank and ill get my mainTwilight's Hammer-EU20645Not updated
10Körve The Concealed SocietyTwilight's Hammer-EU20610Not updated
11Morissa VígilanceTwilight's Hammer-EU20585Not updated
12Kanwoloto  Twilight's Hammer-EU20535Not updated
13Metaldáze  Twilight's Hammer-EU20435Not updated
14Rathy  Twilight's Hammer-EU20300Not updated
15Cráne Shadow OpsTwilight's Hammer-EU20250Not updated
16Turalon The CouncilTwilight's Hammer-EU20180Not updated
17Zoulavizaki  Twilight's Hammer-EU20110Not updated
18Synse  Twilight's Hammer-EU20065Not updated
19Nyhmia Challenge AcceptedTwilight's Hammer-EU20040Not updated
20Vorador Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU19940Not updated
21Mulán  Twilight's Hammer-EU19920Not updated
22Tuckíe HordeTwilight's Hammer-EU19735Not updated
23Nafz FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU19695Not updated
24Ferelhero NQQBZ MUST DIETwilight's Hammer-EU19690Not updated
25Crossed  Twilight's Hammer-EU19655Not updated
26Rhoswên VoltageTwilight's Hammer-EU19635Not updated
27Dajoke The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU19595Not updated
28Gawb AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU19585Not updated
29Tuskgarr SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU19555Not updated
30Kahlae PerniciousTwilight's Hammer-EU19535Not updated
31Dellerium GenesisTwilight's Hammer-EU19515Not updated
32Alexandrátou SupTwilight's Hammer-EU19505Not updated
33Asstronaut  Twilight's Hammer-EU19475Not updated
34Vodar Paha SetäTwilight's Hammer-EU19435Not updated
35Gromaxe Insane In The MembraneTwilight's Hammer-EU19405Not updated
36Andromáxh Daily SmokersTwilight's Hammer-EU19385Not updated
37Hordziofan AcmeTwilight's Hammer-EU19345Not updated
38Régrøwth  Twilight's Hammer-EU19335Not updated
39Nirë MistbornTwilight's Hammer-EU19325Not updated
39Gelëhallon  Twilight's Hammer-EU19325Not updated
41Uneeq All HordeTwilight's Hammer-EU19320Not updated
42Elenoria ReapersTwilight's Hammer-EU19315Not updated
43Cytherea ImmortalTwilight's Hammer-EU19310Not updated
44Sarpedon Soul DrinkersTwilight's Hammer-EU19285Not updated
45Fayr SurgeTwilight's Hammer-EU19190Not updated
46Miantang The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU19170Not updated
47Faranell NinjaDolphs DojoTwilight's Hammer-EU19105Not updated
48Valimitis PRIMORDIALTwilight's Hammer-EU19060Not updated
48Omighty SHACTwilight's Hammer-EU19060Not updated
50Yiaz The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU19015Not updated
51Bergkamp AkvavitTwilight's Hammer-EU19000Not updated
52Wexxaz  Twilight's Hammer-EU18970Not updated
53Scíon The MyrmidonesTwilight's Hammer-EU18965Not updated
54Windcaller Circle of NerzhulTwilight's Hammer-EU18875Not updated
55Rinkokonoe SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU18855Not updated
55Moondrip Two Girls One PandaTwilight's Hammer-EU18855Not updated
57Legere PRIMORDIALTwilight's Hammer-EU18825Not updated
58Kubuntu The TemptedTwilight's Hammer-EU18815Not updated
59Scorcher Insane In The MembraneTwilight's Hammer-EU18775Not updated
60Crazzybeach Lost OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU18770Not updated
61Pheere Organiserat KaosTwilight's Hammer-EU18760Not updated
62Tsitsilino Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU18755Not updated
63Flemmingleth Two TentsTwilight's Hammer-EU18705Not updated
64Dekadeka SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU18685Not updated
65Ntorothy ExileTwilight's Hammer-EU18650Not updated
66Guntress Two TentsTwilight's Hammer-EU18645Not updated
66Ztem I Stab Your FaceTwilight's Hammer-EU18645Not updated
68Tigerz  Twilight's Hammer-EU18600Not updated
68Niamee SalemTwilight's Hammer-EU18600Not updated
70Aizu FleetwoodTwilight's Hammer-EU18595Not updated
71Mashotronic ArmaniaTwilight's Hammer-EU18555Not updated
72Incineratus Ancestors of IncineratusTwilight's Hammer-EU18540Not updated
73Cowstorm Jade TigersTwilight's Hammer-EU18530Not updated
74Tëlína ErazeRTwilight's Hammer-EU18525Not updated
75Uzumaki Order And ChaosTwilight's Hammer-EU18520Not updated
76Valkyzer Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU18515Not updated
77Ftoukaivgenw  Twilight's Hammer-EU18500Not updated
78Norser  Twilight's Hammer-EU18460Not updated
79Soulock NeedjaZTwilight's Hammer-EU18445Not updated
80Rendant Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU18435Not updated
81Dicon Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU18400Not updated
82Silveraxe Eternal ShadowsTwilight's Hammer-EU18385Not updated
83Thecue  Twilight's Hammer-EU18375Not updated
84Rottingsins Dirty MindsTwilight's Hammer-EU18370Not updated
85Narelle  Twilight's Hammer-EU18350Not updated
85Hilloviiva  Twilight's Hammer-EU18350Not updated
87Harikari Order Of Gul danTwilight's Hammer-EU18340Not updated
88Bamoz DirtbagsTwilight's Hammer-EU18290Not updated
89Iulcraze Brothers of AnarchyTwilight's Hammer-EU18275Not updated
90Blinded  Twilight's Hammer-EU18175Not updated
91Alysrazor  Twilight's Hammer-EU18145Not updated
92Zómby OriginTwilight's Hammer-EU18135Not updated
92Konig Drastic MeasuresTwilight's Hammer-EU18135Not updated

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