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Turalyon-EU Achievement Points
1Signum PureTuralyon-EU21935
2Acazia  Turalyon-EU21665Not updated
3Aenyx The Last WatchTuralyon-EU21635
4Wilco The NephilimTuralyon-EU21595
5Grizlydeath NovaTuralyon-EU21455
6Ràve Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU21405
7Xanthe PureTuralyon-EU21385
8Shamanie AscensionTuralyon-EU21280
9Anthil Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU21175Not updated
10Gìggles Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU20960
11Amezing Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU20880
12Robbed  Turalyon-EU20715Not updated
13Thorill Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU20680
14Glanis Romanian RaidersTuralyon-EU20590Not updated
15Zimp PureTuralyon-EU20540
16Mijork SublimityTuralyon-EU20535Not updated
17Howi MMTuralyon-EU20510
18Dinnin Bank of ChinaTuralyon-EU20445Not updated
19Aldrox Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU20370
19Nuclearwaste NotoriousTuralyon-EU20370Not updated
21Chrisums Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU20335
22Zardox PureTuralyon-EU20180
23Htc Dawn of the UndeadTuralyon-EU20150Not updated
24Khyri The Last WatchTuralyon-EU20110
25Zynésta PureTuralyon-EU20085
26Amariia SublimityTuralyon-EU20080Not updated
27Pnysh Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU20015
28Smecta The NephilimTuralyon-EU19990
29Djimo MythTuralyon-EU19885
30Mhybubbles  Turalyon-EU19860Not updated
31Silvie Blades Of The FallenTuralyon-EU19855Not updated
32Spikè PureTuralyon-EU19850
33Devilin  Turalyon-EU19815Not updated
34Bubbaleh RevolutionTuralyon-EU19760
35Thèmask The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU19715
36Rinkzii The Last WatchTuralyon-EU19690Not updated
37Thandiel CatharsisTuralyon-EU19635
38Sparcks The Alpha and The OmegaTuralyon-EU19625
39Ashliy MythTuralyon-EU19595Not updated
40Tarasiin  Turalyon-EU19550Not updated
41Illyan NovaTuralyon-EU19545
42Kakuri Unnatural SelectionTuralyon-EU19495
43Shîv PureTuralyon-EU19450
44Jéros RevolutionTuralyon-EU19440
44Bica DawntrackersTuralyon-EU19440Not updated
46Levixus NovaTuralyon-EU19395
47Cuddlekitty Asherons ExilesTuralyon-EU19365
48Qnyx PureTuralyon-EU19345
48Túralyon NovaTuralyon-EU19345Not updated
50Nitra Fighters ReturnTuralyon-EU19315
51Luenas The Devils BackboneTuralyon-EU19290
52Evergrow Challenge AcceptedTuralyon-EU19195
53Snakeplisken DevotedTuralyon-EU19155
54Kainein  Turalyon-EU19080
55Starpawn The Dark DragonsTuralyon-EU19075Not updated
56Benjámín E Q U I N O XTuralyon-EU19010
57Tehcnoloc The ShadowlordsTuralyon-EU18990
58Luscique The Last WatchTuralyon-EU18970
59Runedeath AscensionTuralyon-EU18935
59Dartan Dark Passion PlayTuralyon-EU18935
61Uliak House of ProudmooreTuralyon-EU18920
62Martzy Deaths Per SecondTuralyon-EU18885
63Menya The NephilimTuralyon-EU18880
64Nosnogard The NephilimTuralyon-EU18860
65Mathematics  Turalyon-EU18760Not updated
66Jito TranscendentTuralyon-EU18755

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