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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tichondrius-US Achievement Points
1Backkiller Death AngelsTichondrius-US21835Not updated
2Praypal  Tichondrius-US21805Not updated
3Proçlivity Warlords of TichondriusTichondrius-US21755Not updated
4Nezir Glads and BadsTichondrius-US21720Not updated
5Privity hey im potatoTichondrius-US21655Not updated
6Extall HarmoniumTichondrius-US21480Not updated
7Houndgath  Tichondrius-US21350Not updated
8Artnouveaux Wolf PackTichondrius-US21330Not updated
9Hamstew Coca ColaTichondrius-US21295Not updated
10Hewty  Tichondrius-US21135Not updated
11Xidri CadenzaTichondrius-US21130Not updated
12Ràinstar HordeCoreTichondrius-US21040Not updated
13Eròs  Tichondrius-US21005Not updated
14Snuug Something MaliciousTichondrius-US20990Not updated
15Nickdanger urfedTichondrius-US20880Not updated
16Scumdk NurfedTichondrius-US20790Not updated
17Confetti  Tichondrius-US20740Not updated
18Rabsamazing Fallen IITichondrius-US20720Not updated
19Doctran Fallen IITichondrius-US20690Not updated
20Agwyne CadenzaTichondrius-US20670Not updated
21Chewlack  Tichondrius-US20610Not updated
22Gerohunter Nefarious IntentTichondrius-US20600Not updated
23Tobiath Iron PriceTichondrius-US20590Not updated
24Novios Fallen IITichondrius-US20560Not updated
25Myroeniniel Big TimeTichondrius-US20550Not updated
26Niilo TopTichondrius-US20540Not updated
27Sarathian Midnight VanguardTichondrius-US20535Not updated
28Jebren cutebabyelephantsTichondrius-US20530Not updated
29Iroox American BallstarsTichondrius-US20525Not updated
30Curryboy Inspired by KittensTichondrius-US20515Not updated
31Atramp NocturnalTichondrius-US20485Not updated
32Aelektra  Tichondrius-US20480Not updated
33Rainbowmezsy SmilesTichondrius-US20460Not updated
33Wriker AvariceTichondrius-US20460Not updated
35Cindyraerae Crackers and RiceTichondrius-US20435Not updated
36Raccoon Damage per SecondTichondrius-US20425Not updated
37Omnia FoundationTichondrius-US20420Not updated
38Shrekt one lesson per dayTichondrius-US20355Not updated
39Aryastarkqt  Tichondrius-US20350Not updated
40Howtodougie  Tichondrius-US20330Not updated
41Daydreamerr AJTichondrius-US20305Not updated
42Kawaii  Tichondrius-US20300Not updated
43Rusp youre momTichondrius-US20270Not updated
44Aylaa AvariceTichondrius-US20260Not updated
45Offload DiceTichondrius-US20255Not updated
46Track Most dominant everTichondrius-US20250Not updated
47Kazmadon Feeling HordyTichondrius-US20235Not updated
48Chr InsomniaTichondrius-US20210Not updated
49Tialeigh  Tichondrius-US20195Not updated
49Gorefrost InfinitumTichondrius-US20195Not updated
51Rmr Inspired by KittensTichondrius-US20155Not updated
52Elinae Carpe NoctemTichondrius-US20145Not updated
53Comatos  Tichondrius-US20130Not updated
54Mukkalukka hustle gangTichondrius-US20125Not updated
55Twodads DiceTichondrius-US20120Not updated
56Darkduke SlackTichondrius-US20115Not updated
57Enzu Next Gen PvPTichondrius-US20105Not updated
58Numberjuan DiscreteTichondrius-US20100Not updated
59Warfuzed Ozzy BigboltsTichondrius-US20095Not updated
59Korazi War PaintTichondrius-US20095Not updated
61Mêntêss  Tichondrius-US20070Not updated
62Magicdevils StegosaurusTichondrius-US20060Not updated
63Novice ha HATichondrius-US20040Not updated
64Thuglifé A S Y L U MTichondrius-US20030Not updated
65Rubberduckys  Tichondrius-US20025Not updated
66Bshippo  Tichondrius-US20015Not updated
67Fongozi  Tichondrius-US20010Not updated
68Cerbyx Twilight KnightsTichondrius-US19995Not updated
69Phydra  Tichondrius-US19955Not updated
70Yaphlockirl  Tichondrius-US19950Not updated
71Shádõw StunningTichondrius-US19940Not updated
72Mappr NurfedTichondrius-US19930Not updated
73Trevock  Tichondrius-US19925Not updated
73Powersofboom whats your skypeTichondrius-US19925Not updated
75Tikkiti Lost LegendsTichondrius-US19920Not updated
75Hampee DamnationTichondrius-US19920Not updated
77Boodizzle Ariana GrandeTichondrius-US19915Not updated
78Zlayr ElysîumTichondrius-US19900Not updated
79Inskipp GenesìsTichondrius-US19895Not updated
80Songoyay Fighting SpiritTichondrius-US19880Not updated
81Huhsupomgosh Your DemiseTichondrius-US19855Not updated
82Roz firebrandTichondrius-US19830Not updated
83Erìn  Tichondrius-US19800Not updated
84Vish Old GuardTichondrius-US19790Not updated
85Uzakia Carpe NoctemTichondrius-US19785Not updated
86Babyygirl Big TimeTichondrius-US19755Not updated
87Yuk NurfedTichondrius-US19750Not updated
88Jhoey EvolutionTichondrius-US19740Not updated
89Babymonkz Forced EntryTichondrius-US19710Not updated
90Ningna firebrandTichondrius-US19700Not updated
90Gooddrick DiscreteTichondrius-US19700Not updated
92Vanpeltt  Tichondrius-US19695Not updated
93Zhvim SnazzyTichondrius-US19690Not updated
94Kaylaa InsomniaTichondrius-US19685Not updated
95Daoshi Old GuardTichondrius-US19660Not updated
96Purple InsomniaTichondrius-US19655Not updated
97Focusgirl  Tichondrius-US19650Not updated
98Xinuo hey im cuteTichondrius-US19635Not updated
99Yuhefftobmad Flawless VictoryTichondrius-US19625Not updated
100Seloh RoYaLFLuSHTichondrius-US19585Not updated

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