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Thrall-EU Achievement Points
1Northernlite NeroThrall-EU21965
2Lýk TouchThrall-EU21865
3Humongolous TouchThrall-EU21720
4Avadakedavra ConvocaThrall-EU21715
5Quxlîke FrequencyThrall-EU21685
6Meridus DEVICEThrall-EU21615
7Pantheropis NaitomeaThrall-EU21570
8Justmoor  Thrall-EU21560Not updated
9Dschingiz  Thrall-EU21515
10Breshnosh NeroThrall-EU21465
11Leger W H FThrall-EU21410
12Holychris TouchThrall-EU21365
12Tensugar  Thrall-EU21365Not updated
14Julîax NaitomeaThrall-EU21350
15Feimata  Thrall-EU21330
16Lillehoff DREAM phYsiCalThrall-EU21295
17Monksn FrequencyThrall-EU21270
18Shurrek NeroThrall-EU21185
19Purgatorio L a s T r yThrall-EU21165
20Kerli ExoThrall-EU21060
20Honeybee  Thrall-EU21060
22Denilson Vanilla CupcakesThrall-EU21050
23Seelenwînter DEVICEThrall-EU20955
23Sííx  Thrall-EU20955Not updated
25Reih  Thrall-EU20900Not updated
25Mêzcal  Thrall-EU20900Not updated
27Catharios Two and a half MainThrall-EU20865Not updated
28Rainbowrose CookieMonsterzThrall-EU20850
29Veganerorc FrequencyThrall-EU20835
30Sarcó Umbrella CorporationsThrall-EU20825Not updated
31Tâubchen FOXThrall-EU20805Not updated
32Sog I Hirntot IThrall-EU20800
33Lôve Armee des blutigen KodexThrall-EU20770
34Eilantha W H FThrall-EU20735
35Remús FrequencyThrall-EU20710
36Gayâ BEEP BEEP IMA JEEPThrall-EU20705Not updated
37Nio FrequencyThrall-EU20680
38Rakâsh DEVICEThrall-EU20670
38Myrahz  Thrall-EU20670Not updated
40Tríxsí DEVICEThrall-EU20665
41Bellonâ  Thrall-EU20650
42Tarkor ConvocaThrall-EU20620
42Denko TaoThrall-EU20620
44Draco NeroThrall-EU20610
44Saenná W H FThrall-EU20610Not updated
46Teliana KyrillThrall-EU20605
47Wiwoawahi NaitomeaThrall-EU20590
47Tanates CommilitiumThrall-EU20590
49Valamar NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU20550
49Haibara  Thrall-EU20550Not updated
51Narli FOXThrall-EU20525Not updated
51Mögli  Thrall-EU20525Not updated
53Lisera Masters of WarThrall-EU20500Not updated
54Galactur TimelostThrall-EU20495Not updated
55Mahkah Sweet and EasyThrall-EU20450
56Blackstár Seven Layer CakeThrall-EU20445
56Medjamonk Twinks IncThrall-EU20445Not updated
58Iskariott KyrillThrall-EU20430
59Lyzidas NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU20415
60Yusuria RaidclanThrall-EU20405
61Morphea Pokemon Gym LeadersThrall-EU20370
62Anniroc W H FThrall-EU20365Not updated
63Slynk HideThrall-EU20360
63Sakunn Inferno of DarknessThrall-EU20360
65Fâmous RaidclanThrall-EU20330
66Tamí Cliff DiverThrall-EU20315
67Topo  Thrall-EU20310Not updated
68Ollø  Thrall-EU20300
69Cashbär Umbrella CorporationsThrall-EU20250
70Gharion W H FThrall-EU20220
70Lumidia who caresThrall-EU20220
72Loran FrequencyThrall-EU20215
73Unstyle NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU20210
73Bellevue NoobConnÄctionThrall-EU20210Not updated
75Falanyel NaitomeaThrall-EU20205
76Numidion ZerstörungswahnThrall-EU20190
77Tela NaitomeaThrall-EU20185
78Arthori  Thrall-EU20175
79Milenia BeInsaneThrall-EU20130
79Nandâria Tick Trick und TraakThrall-EU20130
81Skÿlÿ  Thrall-EU20120Not updated
82Celiña ConvocaThrall-EU20105
82Fumikø  Thrall-EU20105
84Ûlfsaar Twinks IncThrall-EU20095Not updated
85Alyciá Wombat CombatThrall-EU20085
86Lacrimadea excítareThrall-EU20060Not updated
87Bhael FrequencyThrall-EU20040
88Masatra  Thrall-EU20035

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