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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

The Maelstrom-EU Achievement Points
1Lánmi  The Maelstrom-EU21330Not updated
2Ossirian HellionThe Maelstrom-EU21325Not updated
3Feeladin YugenThe Maelstrom-EU21290Not updated
4Livedili  The Maelstrom-EU21185Not updated
5Bluebox  The Maelstrom-EU21070Not updated
6Hypfury ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU21005Not updated
7Deiutza HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU21000Not updated
8Hyztyo Guided By ChaosThe Maelstrom-EU20940Not updated
9Sìd  The Maelstrom-EU20905Not updated
10Ungarmax Dream SocietyThe Maelstrom-EU20835Not updated
11Jamesmarcus ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU20800Not updated
12Minervanoob InfidelisThe Maelstrom-EU20770Not updated
13Fernab Gloria FinisThe Maelstrom-EU20765Not updated
14Nirinho  The Maelstrom-EU20760Not updated
15Kiane Pure EvilThe Maelstrom-EU20755Not updated
16Josiphunter  The Maelstrom-EU20730Not updated
17Hinare  The Maelstrom-EU20705Not updated
18Applepí SatnijaThe Maelstrom-EU20670Not updated
19Candeo AshbringersThe Maelstrom-EU20655Not updated
20Nancysinatra  The Maelstrom-EU20630Not updated
21Apnthrwpos O v e r r a t e dThe Maelstrom-EU20620Not updated
22Badrock Covered In BeesThe Maelstrom-EU20615Not updated
23Malibu Molten Core Swim TeamThe Maelstrom-EU20600Not updated
24Webspider Voice of ReasonThe Maelstrom-EU20575Not updated
25Miba The EmpyreanThe Maelstrom-EU20530Not updated
26Xaphie Dark ExilesThe Maelstrom-EU20510Not updated
27Rozec  The Maelstrom-EU20430Not updated
28Dylte Dragon OathThe Maelstrom-EU20405Not updated
29Valstag Killing TimeThe Maelstrom-EU20380Not updated
30Simplyclean  The Maelstrom-EU20220Not updated
31Missymops EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU20150Not updated
32Arria HorizonsThe Maelstrom-EU20135Not updated
33Gopexus Risky GamingThe Maelstrom-EU20130Not updated
34Altalexprt ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU20045Not updated
35Amouny DesertionThe Maelstrom-EU20040Not updated
36Carm Storm PiratesThe Maelstrom-EU19985Not updated
37Shockzillaa The Inner CircleThe Maelstrom-EU19975Not updated
38Slarith BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU19960Not updated
39Gohi ForteThe Maelstrom-EU19945Not updated
40Nazhgul  The Maelstrom-EU19935Not updated
41Manito ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU19885Not updated
42Njaff Haunted HeavensThe Maelstrom-EU19840Not updated
43Frankstêr ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU19815Not updated
43Shadewind Covered In BeesThe Maelstrom-EU19815Not updated
45Steelbreaker Mojo MadnessThe Maelstrom-EU19775Not updated
46Xíoo MidnightThe Maelstrom-EU19765Not updated
46Nairamel BA UnitedThe Maelstrom-EU19765Not updated
48Michall ZenfamilyThe Maelstrom-EU19715Not updated
49Kickasspaly Groo GamingThe Maelstrom-EU19710Not updated
50Arriform Gold RushThe Maelstrom-EU19655Not updated
51Trad Gloria FinisThe Maelstrom-EU19640Not updated
51Captnsafenet  The Maelstrom-EU19640Not updated
53Sevillia ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU19610Not updated
53Daylis Grim HarvestThe Maelstrom-EU19610Not updated
55Ranleth Noobs from ProlandThe Maelstrom-EU19565Not updated
56Holyspec SparksThe Maelstrom-EU19560Not updated
57Rakka ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU19555Not updated
58Nejí The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU19535Not updated
59Kalogria SparksThe Maelstrom-EU19525Not updated
60Vladno ForteThe Maelstrom-EU19515Not updated
60Rewolwerka ReplicantThe Maelstrom-EU19515Not updated
62Blastof Mojo MadnessThe Maelstrom-EU19495Not updated
63Drama EmbersThe Maelstrom-EU19490Not updated
64Angêlus BAFFOThe Maelstrom-EU19480Not updated
65Figielek  The Maelstrom-EU19475Not updated
66Squìrt Methods of MadnessThe Maelstrom-EU19465Not updated
67Abusednun Dawn of DarknessThe Maelstrom-EU19440Not updated
68Zenadra The OutcastThe Maelstrom-EU19430Not updated
69Elbryan RisKThe Maelstrom-EU19405Not updated
70Jago ForteThe Maelstrom-EU19400Not updated
70Yalon Haunted HeavensThe Maelstrom-EU19400Not updated
72Springsteen Blood RequiemThe Maelstrom-EU19390Not updated
73Pygmyburd Fanatical InsanityThe Maelstrom-EU19385Not updated
74Am Methods of MadnessThe Maelstrom-EU19365Not updated
75Kenra  The Maelstrom-EU19325Not updated
76Soncore  The Maelstrom-EU19280Not updated
77Qlor  The Maelstrom-EU19275Not updated
78Davidius The BrigadeThe Maelstrom-EU19270Not updated
78Zarthran  The Maelstrom-EU19270Not updated
80Dkstar The PandemoniumThe Maelstrom-EU19265Not updated
81Ballball ScrubBustersThe Maelstrom-EU19260Not updated
81Britneyheals The Drunk HorseThe Maelstrom-EU19260Not updated
83Vote Haunted HeavensThe Maelstrom-EU19250Not updated
84Hordelover Mithril FistThe Maelstrom-EU19240Not updated
85Weirwood DyslxeiaThe Maelstrom-EU19235Not updated
86Stepp  The Maelstrom-EU19225Not updated
86Makara  The Maelstrom-EU19225Not updated

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