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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

The Forgotten Coast-US Achievement Points
1Windstrom Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US20630Not updated
2Xo SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US19850Not updated
2Xl SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US19850Not updated
4Pewninator Fatum ImperiumThe Forgotten Coast-US19530Not updated
5Moonnasion  The Forgotten Coast-US19470Not updated
6Azurfel Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US18805Not updated
7Oozaru Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US18545Not updated
8Komoe BadThe Forgotten Coast-US18405Not updated
9Songare  The Forgotten Coast-US18360Not updated
10Ricardogomez  The Forgotten Coast-US18275Not updated
11Ivya Into Hell and BackThe Forgotten Coast-US18210Not updated
12Qiqq XTuTuThe Forgotten Coast-US18160Not updated
13Katsup Barretts PrivateersThe Forgotten Coast-US18095Not updated
14Pandahunter Red CliffThe Forgotten Coast-US18060Not updated
15Lunacia Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US17825Not updated
16Jokernose SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US17565Not updated
17Rikku Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US17450Not updated
18Vilkins  The Forgotten Coast-US17435Not updated
18Simplelight TacoThe Forgotten Coast-US17435Not updated
20Lapis SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US17355Not updated
21Nephríte DelusionThe Forgotten Coast-US17115Not updated
22Bearlylegul PixxelsThe Forgotten Coast-US17010Not updated
23Simois Impossible Mission ForceThe Forgotten Coast-US16970Not updated
23Dreamuni SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US16970Not updated
25Blackveil Rainbow PoniesThe Forgotten Coast-US16745Not updated
26Flatlined PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US16695Not updated
27Vylaneus  The Forgotten Coast-US16505Not updated
28Joev Order of ChaosThe Forgotten Coast-US16370Not updated
28Priestliee SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US16370Not updated
30Mford At least we have stablesThe Forgotten Coast-US16350Not updated
31Belford ArcaneThe Forgotten Coast-US16295Not updated
32Smugjaw PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US16285Not updated
33Darkfang Glorious Of KingdomThe Forgotten Coast-US16260Not updated
34Juleya AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US16245Not updated
35Beardpelt  The Forgotten Coast-US16230Not updated
36Snake Cuniculi CavumThe Forgotten Coast-US16210Not updated
37Etimgorf Blood IncThe Forgotten Coast-US16185Not updated
38Kavyah MacabreThe Forgotten Coast-US16150Not updated
39Critmypantzz Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US16065Not updated
40Glassuricane  The Forgotten Coast-US16000Not updated
41Spilledmilk SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US15980Not updated
42Jljl SynergyMEOWThe Forgotten Coast-US15975Not updated
43Crazyshotsz PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15790Not updated
44Oddhunter The Cereal KillersThe Forgotten Coast-US15785Not updated
45Zxmage VoxxThe Forgotten Coast-US15760Not updated
46Sìlhouette SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US15755Not updated
47Lumtharion AvatarThe Forgotten Coast-US15675Not updated
47Peragus We Got ThisThe Forgotten Coast-US15675Not updated
49Orcanium The Knights who Say NeedThe Forgotten Coast-US15640Not updated
50Sgtblade  The Forgotten Coast-US15635Not updated
51Nemesispl PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15605Not updated
52Hadric Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US15570Not updated
52Yhatzee TacoThe Forgotten Coast-US15570Not updated
54Manajatwa Psychiatric WardThe Forgotten Coast-US15545Not updated
55Nemesisprime PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15535Not updated
55Mêowmix  The Forgotten Coast-US15535Not updated
57Parlakarp Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US15490Not updated
57Ninba GRUDGE BEARERSThe Forgotten Coast-US15490Not updated
59Forsakenss Red CliffThe Forgotten Coast-US15375Not updated
60Phoenixdots PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15325Not updated
60Schmutz The Romper StompersThe Forgotten Coast-US15325Not updated
62Aviendhâ SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US15315Not updated
63Keynas Shadow Ops GamingThe Forgotten Coast-US15275Not updated
64Dârqüënës  The Forgotten Coast-US15270Not updated
65Karmacharger InsomniaThe Forgotten Coast-US15265Not updated
65Bhikkhuni SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US15265Not updated
67Resurrecting Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US15255Not updated
68Tenasee Knights of AzerothThe Forgotten Coast-US15250Not updated
69Violin ArcaneThe Forgotten Coast-US15235Not updated
70Warez Full Frontal NerdityThe Forgotten Coast-US15230Not updated
70Jasmynn skulheadsThe Forgotten Coast-US15230Not updated
72Freezè GSO IncThe Forgotten Coast-US15175Not updated
73Gudox Furious NapkinsThe Forgotten Coast-US15165Not updated
73Sharlausia  The Forgotten Coast-US15165Not updated
75Aetha PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15130Not updated
76Asajj Machete SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US15125Not updated
77Gaugee PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15105Not updated
78Stringz GRUDGE BEARERSThe Forgotten Coast-US15095Not updated
79Daishann Hello Kitty Death SquadThe Forgotten Coast-US15065Not updated
80Uchihásasuké Champions of ConquestThe Forgotten Coast-US15050Not updated
81Peachpeach Glorious Of KingdomThe Forgotten Coast-US15030Not updated
82Sweethunt  The Forgotten Coast-US15010Not updated
83Garogg PhoenixThe Forgotten Coast-US15005Not updated
84Rhoxxlee EpilogueThe Forgotten Coast-US14985Not updated
85Møjojojo Friends of OldThe Forgotten Coast-US14955Not updated
86Meir SeraphimThe Forgotten Coast-US14945Not updated
87Sanskrit  The Forgotten Coast-US14940Not updated
88Antera SigmaThe Forgotten Coast-US14915Not updated
89Infanatym ArcaneThe Forgotten Coast-US14910Not updated

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