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Thaurissan-US Achievement Points
1Malerogue LucidityThaurissan-US21755Not updated
2Chakrafool Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US21695
3Knobgoblin  Thaurissan-US21650Not updated
4Chuxxy One ShotThaurissan-US21625
5Cannicus Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US21130
6Altax  Thaurissan-US21095
7Avátar One ShotThaurissan-US20800
8Sunlounger OriginsThaurissan-US20710Not updated
9Wolf Last AttemptThaurissan-US20645Not updated
10Zeebubs One ShotThaurissan-US20315
11Kevebeve One ShotThaurissan-US20220
12Supacharge Dwarf ShortageThaurissan-US20140
13Salacia Last AttemptThaurissan-US19910
14Reredrumm Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US19865
15Woluf AwakenedThaurissan-US19835
16Melonschick Just Chillin IncThaurissan-US19830
17Disrupt  Thaurissan-US19795
18Majinator HojuThaurissan-US19735
19Luekø  Thaurissan-US19700Not updated
20Freshqt  Thaurissan-US19655Not updated
21Excerion Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US19485
22Oceanlabb One ShotThaurissan-US19470
23Mist Last AttemptThaurissan-US19385
23Cherise  Thaurissan-US19385
25Fei HojuThaurissan-US19355
26Syrendra One ShotThaurissan-US19310
27Angelist Traitorous DogsThaurissan-US19245
28Nadzie Last AttemptThaurissan-US19240
29Griever Last AttemptThaurissan-US19205
30Tankñspank  Thaurissan-US19150
30Imbèhindyou MercilessThaurissan-US19150Not updated
32Sonya  Thaurissan-US19135Not updated
33Sephér IlluminationThaurissan-US19125
33Sälem IlluminationThaurissan-US19125
35Dnamie Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US19085Not updated
36Tatum HojuThaurissan-US19035
36Footprints Aussie OiThaurissan-US19035Not updated
38Deiis QuantumThaurissan-US18970
39Parralaladin  Thaurissan-US18920Not updated
40Müllhaufen Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US18905Not updated
41Phasonix OMG ULEHThaurissan-US18875Not updated
42Zaduke The ELITEZThaurissan-US18855
43Teaki Last AttemptThaurissan-US18785
44Chäq Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US18725
45Athic Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US18715
46Graeskull AwakenedThaurissan-US18695
47Tindaellyn Smokin AcesThaurissan-US18685
48Honeyshot The Reclusive OrderThaurissan-US18650
49Orians  Thaurissan-US18645Not updated
50Aarg ExhumedThaurissan-US18640
51Crandor The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US18630
52Qzz PremonitionThaurissan-US18590Not updated
53Joons Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US18515Not updated
54Judicas Last AttemptThaurissan-US18395
55Emptie XcelsiorThaurissan-US18355
56Dralmar Fluffy UnicornsThaurissan-US18225
57Fleshhold Fear and LoathingThaurissan-US18130
58Danbillinn One ShotThaurissan-US18100
59Kaithalas Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US18025
59Dyonddori Merely a SetbackThaurissan-US18025
59Swi Last AttemptThaurissan-US18025Not updated
62Ragranos Mutinous UprisingThaurissan-US17975
63Necroraven The Thirteen ApostlesThaurissan-US17960
64Reggulator ExhumedThaurissan-US17895
65Xudas Like ClockworkThaurissan-US17865
66Dotdotmoo  Thaurissan-US17850Not updated
67Bruajorn  Thaurissan-US17840Not updated
68Uglykal Last AttemptThaurissan-US17745
69Ohki Last AttemptThaurissan-US17730Not updated
70Vapz Last AttemptThaurissan-US17695
71Gnipsoft AwakenedThaurissan-US17685Not updated
72Tryp Last AttemptThaurissan-US17675
73Spiras Celestial InterferenceThaurissan-US17660
74Kiingg KingdomThaurissan-US17615Not updated
75Smackyofase The ELITEZThaurissan-US17605

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