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Terenas-US Achievement Points
1Rosie VortexTerenas-US21155
2Lysi Gnome RavagersTerenas-US20885
3Aéro FateTerenas-US20780Not updated
4Vathy The UnresolvedTerenas-US20690
5Rana VortexTerenas-US20495
6Randomno VortexTerenas-US20065
7Shamadros Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US19975
8Alessandro VortexTerenas-US19820
9Crystotheny Opera non VerbaTerenas-US19725
10Codez Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US19665
11Pharune Opera non VerbaTerenas-US19500Not updated
12Hadrill Jade FistTerenas-US19320
13Crowan The UnresolvedTerenas-US19100
14Zasja Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US19095
15Vargen Gladius de DeusTerenas-US19050
16Starscreamer Gnome RavagersTerenas-US18810
17Novere The UnresolvedTerenas-US18800
18Cd  Terenas-US18780Not updated
19Ruder Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US18735
19Grenmoor Victoria non PraedaTerenas-US18735
19Igotheadshot Warlords of DraenorTerenas-US18735Not updated
22Webin Opera non VerbaTerenas-US18675
23Vula Keepers of the DuskTerenas-US18660
24Shadorian Gladius de DeusTerenas-US18645
25Fireboy DarkWatchers LegionTerenas-US18625Not updated
26Missmarsha No Gold For YouTerenas-US18605Not updated
27Archaon Zombie Ant UprisingTerenas-US18520
28Meresitina Opera non VerbaTerenas-US18480Not updated
29Boonnie bowsmineTerenas-US18445Not updated
30Orlandeau SkyShatterTerenas-US18425
31Illpalazzo SkyShatterTerenas-US18295Not updated
32Balst Opera non VerbaTerenas-US18250
33Qai Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US18245
34Yoürwowisfat Opera non VerbaTerenas-US18235
35Wongnumber The UnresolvedTerenas-US18080
35Darsen Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US18080
37Lawlypop Crooked XTerenas-US18025Not updated
38Rubius Gladius de DeusTerenas-US17985Not updated
39Magikjohnson Really Bad PlayersTerenas-US17945
40Crowngarde Order of the Ebon HandTerenas-US17915Not updated
41Wafflecrew Lost InsanityTerenas-US17875Not updated
42Kisümé Trade SpammersTerenas-US17775Not updated
43Faeliana  Terenas-US17770
44Gobligamishi HordestarzTerenas-US17730Not updated
45Holyjoe Opera non VerbaTerenas-US17710
46Deathtalon Giddy Up And GoTerenas-US17695Not updated
47Khayde Opera non VerbaTerenas-US17690
48Ravic VortexTerenas-US17680Not updated
49Mordin BiGnomial GnomenclatureTerenas-US17650Not updated
50Abrakadabra Gnome RavagersTerenas-US17600Not updated
51Màgñètò Crimson RetributionTerenas-US17545
52Banegrowth Jade FistTerenas-US17530
53Dragondeath  Terenas-US17520Not updated
54Totemsrgyeh Opera non VerbaTerenas-US17460Not updated
55Jumbaliah Shadow SquirrelsTerenas-US17435
56Tehproofter  Terenas-US17425Not updated
57Fírebolt Eternal KeggersTerenas-US17410Not updated
58Fatherdougal Phoenix FuryTerenas-US17320Not updated
59Hod  Terenas-US17305Not updated
60Volden Surgeon Generals WarningTerenas-US17300Not updated
61Amity Gladius de DeusTerenas-US17295
62Lothrik The UnresolvedTerenas-US17210
63Bacura SkyShatterTerenas-US17205
64Acrylic Opera non VerbaTerenas-US17170
65Dominatus Opera non VerbaTerenas-US17035Not updated
66Lolpanda Completely DifferentTerenas-US17030Not updated
67Belmaris Opera non VerbaTerenas-US17015
68Blameseanna Eternal KeggersTerenas-US17010
69Oakridge SkyShatterTerenas-US16955
70Moomilk SkyShatterTerenas-US16910
71Titanofchaos Blood CultTerenas-US16880Not updated
72Lime Dire LegionTerenas-US16875
73Fatkid LegendTerenas-US16855
74Lucidian  Terenas-US16850
74Philosofist Gnome RavagersTerenas-US16850Not updated
76Swamprabbit Opera non VerbaTerenas-US16845Not updated
77Streex VortexTerenas-US16835
78Kamia Thats How We RollTerenas-US16830Not updated

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