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Terenas-EU Achievement Points
1Meléna ParadeuxTerenas-EU21150
2Lurna Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU20660Not updated
3Naidaris ParadeuxTerenas-EU20640
4Lyndia Sons of AnarchyTerenas-EU20355
5Arvizun VíciTerenas-EU20275
5Nuzivra VíciTerenas-EU20275Not updated
7Bekstab Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU20200
8Övernaturlig ArchlightTerenas-EU19750Not updated
9Kigdom HeadhuntersTerenas-EU19740
10Versing Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU19680
11Coxxi VíciTerenas-EU19650
12Lavaspawn ExodusTerenas-EU19585Not updated
13Deathbringer Night WatchTerenas-EU19570
14Myhæ The RecklessTerenas-EU19525Not updated
15Brawn Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU19440
16Maeve Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU19340
17Bonefish ParadeuxTerenas-EU19265
18Torbica Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU19255
19Rubadukazila TriforceTerenas-EU19210Not updated
20Gooddaymage Dutch AllianceTerenas-EU19140Not updated
21Ekyl  Terenas-EU19125Not updated
22Nefar VíciTerenas-EU19030
23Alera SingularisTerenas-EU18975
24Cheev Messy but EffectiveTerenas-EU18940
25Artock ExodusTerenas-EU18925
26Anthonlee VíciTerenas-EU18830
27Bizon WolverineTerenas-EU18825Not updated
28Turalnabit BloodlinesTerenas-EU18795
29Vackie AetherTerenas-EU18790Not updated
30Loody VíciTerenas-EU18750
31Randomised  Terenas-EU18740
32Balarak The VikingsTerenas-EU18725
32Odìn MalevolenceTerenas-EU18725
34Giovanniam  Terenas-EU18630Not updated
35Meeth Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU18605Not updated
36Atredies Sons of AnarchyTerenas-EU18555
37Kallistos VíciTerenas-EU18520
37Scimen  Terenas-EU18520Not updated
39Celias Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU18500
40Alienates HeadhuntersTerenas-EU18480
41Viwien Big BooteyTerenas-EU18455Not updated
42Kinnkan Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU18400
43Ornitorinco ExodusTerenas-EU18395Not updated
44Kuren HeadhuntersTerenas-EU18355
45Tureil Heroic OutcastsTerenas-EU18350Not updated
46Båtsman Murlocs stole my socksTerenas-EU18335
47Zozokill VíciTerenas-EU18320Not updated
48Truttine No Life PosseTerenas-EU18315
49Bootsman De Ronde TafelTerenas-EU18160
50Dynamicz Poetic JusticeTerenas-EU18135
51Credbattler Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU18130
52Chekk Unforeseen ConsequencesTerenas-EU18105
53Drborodude ExodusTerenas-EU18100Not updated
54Sedaie YorkshireTerenas-EU18050
55Noomey CrescendoTerenas-EU18030Not updated
56Lecky Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU18025Not updated
57Alethys Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU17995Not updated
58Ansekh InpaktTerenas-EU17965
58Tavanar ZenithTerenas-EU17965
60Pepdashaman HeadhuntersTerenas-EU17950
61Aeshan  Terenas-EU17945Not updated
62Sozolid Graveyard DancingTerenas-EU17895Not updated
63Bréwslee BanishedTerenas-EU17890Not updated
64Bossmer Slackers IncTerenas-EU17880Not updated
64Tielle The Army of Darkness IITerenas-EU17880Not updated
66Wekufe LoneWolfTerenas-EU17875
67Lyric Unlikely Group of HeroesTerenas-EU17870
68Hockerkebab HeadhuntersTerenas-EU17860Not updated
69Lhm Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU17825
70Lumikor Praetorian GuardsTerenas-EU17815
70Zelerian VíciTerenas-EU17815
70Eppon InpaktTerenas-EU17815
70Iozopo RuinTerenas-EU17815Not updated
74Jizol Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU17800
75Horrorpops Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU17780
76Coalesce Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU17735
77Tigu Fluffybunny DeathsquadTerenas-EU17710Not updated
78Peaceheal Dragoon EvolutionTerenas-EU17695Not updated
79Lorain LoneWolfTerenas-EU17660
79Dagzter HeadhuntersTerenas-EU17660
79Khardinal InpaktTerenas-EU17660
79Bjòrne NotoriousTerenas-EU17660Not updated
83Vizmara Spirit of AlarTerenas-EU17655Not updated

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