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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Tarren Mill-EU Achievement Points
1Kaalith PAPAPAPAPAPAPOWERTarren Mill-EU21760Not updated
2Deadlights pwnshopTarren Mill-EU21450Not updated
3Shinaa  Tarren Mill-EU21385Not updated
4Lanmix  Tarren Mill-EU21365Not updated
5Attira Pwn RealityTarren Mill-EU21295Not updated
6Dayfall MontecitoTarren Mill-EU21260Not updated
7Pegazus HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU21185Not updated
8Darksorser Bees in a JarTarren Mill-EU21180Not updated
9Whiplasher MontecitoTarren Mill-EU21160Not updated
10Boomboxer  Tarren Mill-EU21155Not updated
11Shew SublimeTarren Mill-EU21145Not updated
12Demec EminenceTarren Mill-EU21140Not updated
12ßbßbßbßbßbßb Bad ExampleTarren Mill-EU21140Not updated
12Lulleh Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU21140Not updated
15Nemaya ÐawnTarren Mill-EU21120Not updated
16Beyo BATTLECORETarren Mill-EU21110Not updated
17Jáy Solidarity EUTarren Mill-EU21080Not updated
18Logix DracoTarren Mill-EU21055Not updated
19Kostolom LitmusTarren Mill-EU21020Not updated
19Prinsn Stark IndustriesTarren Mill-EU21020Not updated
21Chillton PrimeTarren Mill-EU21010Not updated
22Pringli Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU20965Not updated
23Dïane  Tarren Mill-EU20960Not updated
24Zaino FalloutTarren Mill-EU20945Not updated
25Gressidakken WEST COAST REPRESENTTarren Mill-EU20935Not updated
26Ishamuhale FalloutTarren Mill-EU20930Not updated
27Penguinxx ReflexTarren Mill-EU20925Not updated
27Tirrei Call of CthulhuTarren Mill-EU20925Not updated
29Kronatan RäddníngspatrullenTarren Mill-EU20920Not updated
30Ithran  Tarren Mill-EU20895Not updated
30Zarbos ArgoTarren Mill-EU20895Not updated
30Grønningen Defenders of the CrownTarren Mill-EU20895Not updated
33Corbíx You Got FarmedTarren Mill-EU20885Not updated
34Hyztyo  Tarren Mill-EU20870Not updated
35Drunkywoman LitmusTarren Mill-EU20855Not updated
36Jaendle PrimeTarren Mill-EU20835Not updated
37Gimpp The New JotunTarren Mill-EU20820Not updated
38Socialhealer HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU20810Not updated
39Irscary Sanctus ImmortalisTarren Mill-EU20785Not updated
40Mooncat Defenders of the CrownTarren Mill-EU20775Not updated
41Terane Social Leveling GuildTarren Mill-EU20755Not updated
42Noxth NihilumTarren Mill-EU20740Not updated
43Bankszelda Century GamingTarren Mill-EU20715Not updated
44Muháy CursedTarren Mill-EU20680Not updated
45Yeboah  Tarren Mill-EU20655Not updated
46Maabcow The Otakus DojoTarren Mill-EU20635Not updated
47Snowwhitie Plateste impozitileTarren Mill-EU20625Not updated
48Shooesflyyo FalloutTarren Mill-EU20620Not updated
49Bintar RelaxTarren Mill-EU20605Not updated
49Pressfive SeishinTarren Mill-EU20605Not updated
51Mystiks Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU20595Not updated
52Hellner Legio ExcisioTarren Mill-EU20570Not updated
52Jobizo  Tarren Mill-EU20570Not updated
54Pauwer FenimoTarren Mill-EU20565Not updated
55Iyashi DracoTarren Mill-EU20560Not updated
56Rarity Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU20505Not updated
57Abibow Deus ExTarren Mill-EU20495Not updated
58Swagmachine EmergenceTarren Mill-EU20485Not updated
59Ogoun Lost SocietyTarren Mill-EU20470Not updated
59Damnery  Tarren Mill-EU20470Not updated
61Metaphore ForgottenTarren Mill-EU20440Not updated
62Esterias  Tarren Mill-EU20435Not updated
63Mcwiggles PrimeTarren Mill-EU20420Not updated
64Wasji SoulboundsTarren Mill-EU20415Not updated
65Cowdrood MontecitoTarren Mill-EU20400Not updated
65Hirudora Mors MortisTarren Mill-EU20400Not updated
67Bumtzibumtzi DracoTarren Mill-EU20380Not updated
68Vamii Rapid Eye MovementTarren Mill-EU20355Not updated
69Yinchan UnityTarren Mill-EU20325Not updated
70Alangasar CBEPXHOBATarren Mill-EU20305Not updated
71Boomkah ParantolaTarren Mill-EU20295Not updated
72Callyga  Tarren Mill-EU20285Not updated
73Ardux DiViNoSTarren Mill-EU20280Not updated
74Delinquence EpiphanyTarren Mill-EU20275Not updated
75Lightbarrier ParadigmTarren Mill-EU20255Not updated
76Heathercow  Tarren Mill-EU20225Not updated
77Bloodinferno VitalTarren Mill-EU20220Not updated
78Rexing  Tarren Mill-EU20215Not updated
79Dotjpeg  Tarren Mill-EU20210Not updated
80Blackterror EmergenceTarren Mill-EU20205Not updated
81Chokella RegimeTarren Mill-EU20200Not updated
82Pwnzercow We Hate Fat PandasTarren Mill-EU20195Not updated
83Jiea Solidarity EUTarren Mill-EU20175Not updated
84Castilya  Tarren Mill-EU20170Not updated
85Quelgore  Tarren Mill-EU20140Not updated
86Allstar  Tarren Mill-EU20125Not updated
87Raspberrý The Galactic EmpireTarren Mill-EU20115Not updated
88Faelysyolo  Tarren Mill-EU20100Not updated
89Genzor HuhuholicsTarren Mill-EU20095Not updated
89Xatrios AwakenTarren Mill-EU20095Not updated
91Xektop Fantastic TenTarren Mill-EU20090Not updated
92Xììmíí MetaphorTarren Mill-EU20085Not updated

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