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Tanaris-US Achievement Points
1Remedie The UnnamedTanaris-US20740
2Turbinasan Cold ReignTanaris-US20645Not updated
3Zascha The UnnamedTanaris-US20395
4Aalicya JadedTanaris-US20335
5Sermaim SlainteTanaris-US19805
6Toastette Rubber Room PsychosTanaris-US19665Not updated
7Meps The UnnamedTanaris-US19590
8Missbessie JadedTanaris-US18980
9Zeryph Edge of MadnessTanaris-US18945
10Belenai Eighty SixTanaris-US18930
10Mak The UnnamedTanaris-US18930
12Bozm JadedTanaris-US18815
13Iøl Burning RageTanaris-US18710Not updated
14Caladain The UnnamedTanaris-US18515
14Touli Enduring VisionTanaris-US18515
14Hardtack Enduring VisionTanaris-US18515Not updated
17Zarla  Tanaris-US18510Not updated
18Averageheals Eighty SixTanaris-US18395
19Velrim Enduring VisionTanaris-US18375
20Sydeous Enduring VisionTanaris-US18365
21Xiohiohina The UnnamedTanaris-US18280
22Xemik The UnnamedTanaris-US18215
23Loras JadedTanaris-US18210Not updated
24Calundrus The UnnamedTanaris-US18120
25Dedguy JadedTanaris-US18105
25Evaedathir The UnnamedTanaris-US18105Not updated
27Ankoi Eighty SixTanaris-US17960
28Shaleel DRTWTanaris-US17920Not updated
29Mirosa Get Off My LawnTanaris-US17900Not updated
30Krónic Eighty SixTanaris-US17850
31Rayyn The UnnamedTanaris-US17810
32Zerus TitanTanaris-US17800
33Iatrogenic Wave of MutilationTanaris-US17780
34Zeråtul  Tanaris-US17760Not updated
35Tariopia AbsolutionTanaris-US17755
36Psykopat Enduring VisionTanaris-US17725
37Ranic HulkamaniacsTanaris-US17695Not updated
38Decimate AnubisTanaris-US17640
39Runesparrow Righteous and WickedTanaris-US17630
40Fenrìr The Exiled SentinelsTanaris-US17605Not updated
41Clipe The UnnamedTanaris-US17595
42Rævyn  Tanaris-US17550Not updated
43Duracellrat Enduring VisionTanaris-US17380
44Kotrak OVER NINE THOUSANDTanaris-US17350Not updated
45Buztacap Ceaselessly ViolentTanaris-US17345Not updated
46Frostedshade  Tanaris-US17280Not updated
47Veveren Eighty SixTanaris-US17240
48Timison DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US17170
49Adeathrine The UnnamedTanaris-US17110
50Charmkin HulkamaniacsTanaris-US17065Not updated
51Maps The UnnamedTanaris-US17055
52Atöli Descendants of FiannaTanaris-US17045Not updated
53Valdorr Eighty SixTanaris-US16980
54Grammelf Sua SponteTanaris-US16920
55Shadowburger The Chosen OnesTanaris-US16910Not updated
56Aitas Sanctus VoragoTanaris-US16890Not updated
57Valret The OutcastsTanaris-US16880
58Nórui DHARMA InitiativeTanaris-US16865
59Mecha  Tanaris-US16835Not updated
60Smellycatz The UnnamedTanaris-US16820
61Vindictively iPutOnMyRobeAndWizardHatTanaris-US16730Not updated
62Setras The UnnamedTanaris-US16705
63Gokussj JadedTanaris-US16695
63Junwi OVER NINE THOUSANDTanaris-US16695Not updated
65Wolfrik Keep What You KillTanaris-US16690
66Ametharia Enduring VisionTanaris-US16675
67Ðårkseïd Scooter StoneTanaris-US16665
68Déborah Keep What You KillTanaris-US16655Not updated
69Hotpepe Tao of OdinTanaris-US16645Not updated

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