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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormscale-EU Achievement Points
1Lockslapper Nothing is PossibleStormscale-EU21925Not updated
2Zonnestraal  Stormscale-EU21865Not updated
3Uesugi  Stormscale-EU21850Not updated
4Vimy YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU21845Not updated
5Zkíll  Stormscale-EU21815Not updated
6Incredmage PandurumStormscale-EU21770Not updated
7Zaramatix Shadow AuraStormscale-EU21705Not updated
8Bawabawawa IntrinsicStormscale-EU21355Not updated
9Kaeris  Stormscale-EU21245Not updated
10Wishque WipephobiaStormscale-EU21160Not updated
11Leksaksmôbil  Stormscale-EU21145Not updated
12Shewz MonsterStormscale-EU21140Not updated
13Ðrogo Raiders of the HordeStormscale-EU21095Not updated
14Umpahpala Back In BusinessStormscale-EU21090Not updated
15Rukènau WTF PvPStormscale-EU21085Not updated
16Vilky ShadowLegionStormscale-EU21030Not updated
17Incredibade I N F A M O U SStormscale-EU21015Not updated
18Superbiffy MONSTERSStormscale-EU20970Not updated
19Abyssál  Stormscale-EU20915Not updated
20Ebayde CøntærStormscale-EU20910Not updated
21Ivimila hey im avgStormscale-EU20900Not updated
22Saintsynergy  Stormscale-EU20895Not updated
23Maaskantje AwoLStormscale-EU20880Not updated
24Wrêck EchoStormscale-EU20830Not updated
25Minervadin  Stormscale-EU20810Not updated
25Konjo Wonderful WeatherStormscale-EU20810Not updated
27Maybeh Close upStormscale-EU20780Not updated
28Spodermann HONESTLY WHO THREW SALADStormscale-EU20725Not updated
29Ashandre Darkness RevealedStormscale-EU20685Not updated
30Skrzetuski  Stormscale-EU20650Not updated
31Nyxel Z A OStormscale-EU20625Not updated
32Hembre PvP RatedStormscale-EU20590Not updated
33Vuldran Wife Aggro BrbStormscale-EU20580Not updated
34Yosap  Stormscale-EU20575Not updated
35Trifixion Psycho Pea ArmyStormscale-EU20540Not updated
36Hellsheriff RipSpawnStormscale-EU20510Not updated
36Laralya Not Cool BroStormscale-EU20510Not updated
38Neverseen OríginStormscale-EU20500Not updated
39Nirvalel  Stormscale-EU20490Not updated
40Monstercook The DictatorsStormscale-EU20460Not updated
41Poziomka Shadow AuraStormscale-EU20455Not updated
41Conanraulbro  Stormscale-EU20455Not updated
41Descolada MLSFOTMLOLStormscale-EU20455Not updated
44Dramaqúeen  Stormscale-EU20450Not updated
45Liroo EnslavedStormscale-EU20445Not updated
45Macio  Stormscale-EU20445Not updated
47Vuruk Hybrid GamingStormscale-EU20425Not updated
48Tirya Mind EraserStormscale-EU20420Not updated
49Ratatatatatá Legends of ApocalypseStormscale-EU20400Not updated
50Bootlace Psycho Pea ArmyStormscale-EU20395Not updated
51Robertlol  Stormscale-EU20385Not updated
52Harmune The Iron CouncilStormscale-EU20380Not updated
53Betshiba B A L K A N E L I T EStormscale-EU20370Not updated
54Cyberbengan Per AsperaStormscale-EU20355Not updated
54Aflow Dawn of the NorthStormscale-EU20355Not updated
54Stronkhoof I Demand Trial By CombatStormscale-EU20355Not updated
57Doge  Stormscale-EU20345Not updated
58Pyqt YäspresentsStormscale-EU20305Not updated
59Playpalosaur  Stormscale-EU20300Not updated
60Selyan Canus MaximusStormscale-EU20275Not updated
61Zwhsemas SarexStormscale-EU20270Not updated
62Aneroid  Stormscale-EU20265Not updated
63Aethynn Serious BusinessStormscale-EU20260Not updated
64Bv Canus MaximusStormscale-EU20255Not updated
64Röcknar  Stormscale-EU20255Not updated
66Dêmotivation B Å N KStormscale-EU20250Not updated
67Sjoemek Immortal SunriseStormscale-EU20240Not updated
68Knaifu no gear no girls ggStormscale-EU20220Not updated
69Peiltaga  Stormscale-EU20180Not updated
70Tyfous  Stormscale-EU20175Not updated
71Fermeknaap AwoLStormscale-EU20145Not updated
72Gãb Earthbound EaglesStormscale-EU20140Not updated
73Cjzz Beyond BrokenStormscale-EU20135Not updated
74Øä Divinity GamingStormscale-EU20125Not updated
75Meleeoff CøntærStormscale-EU20105Not updated
76Vyth OrionStormscale-EU20095Not updated
77Mementho Just go BearStormscale-EU20080Not updated
78Abyssàl PsychologicalStormscale-EU20055Not updated
79Kizmodo  Stormscale-EU20045Not updated
79Puggled  Stormscale-EU20045Not updated
81Thomir  Stormscale-EU20040Not updated
82Killparis DystopiaStormscale-EU20010Not updated
83Sly MLSFOTMLOLStormscale-EU19990Not updated
84Turboskløtta YoloGaming IncStormscale-EU19980Not updated
85Deathgnus  Stormscale-EU19960Not updated
86Gorig  Stormscale-EU19955Not updated
86Dorå ReboundStormscale-EU19955Not updated
88Märtamus ElusiveStormscale-EU19945Not updated
89Interitum R e v o l u t i o nStormscale-EU19940Not updated
89Urcagan iLevelUpStormscale-EU19940Not updated
91Gabriellafox InfortuniumStormscale-EU19925Not updated
92Saronah MiseryStormscale-EU19920Not updated
93Frîta Brotherhood Of DeathStormscale-EU19915Not updated
94Minaah  Stormscale-EU19905Not updated
95Kaffeministr The BreadStormscale-EU19895Not updated
96Szafri InsatiableStormscale-EU19885Not updated
97Immortãl ExhaleStormscale-EU19865Not updated
98Buddhistic Game OvêrStormscale-EU19855Not updated
99Medousá BooterangStormscale-EU19825Not updated
100Soono WHAT USAYIN BOLTStormscale-EU19775Not updated

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