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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Stormrage-US Achievement Points
1Gathertime  Stormrage-US21535Not updated
2Nymphodora  Stormrage-US21480Not updated
3Entropqt  Stormrage-US21440Not updated
4Sabody  Stormrage-US21430Not updated
5Songotron  Stormrage-US21380Not updated
6Egotism  Stormrage-US21235Not updated
7Drakoozie Southern ComfortStormrage-US21180Not updated
8Fortch  Stormrage-US21170Not updated
9Klassaye Penance RebornStormrage-US21150Not updated
10Soulsacra vodkaStormrage-US21145Not updated
11Fitaid  Stormrage-US21085Not updated
12Dotzhurt Stimulate My EconomyStormrage-US21005Not updated
13Cupofsoupx vodkaStormrage-US20995Not updated
14Melyloss Alt TabbedStormrage-US20960Not updated
15Marteno FlipadelphiaStormrage-US20950Not updated
16Artiepie Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US20870Not updated
17Rainbowmezx CandylandStormrage-US20865Not updated
18Berk Undying LegendsStormrage-US20850Not updated
19Fourteen Miami HeatStormrage-US20840Not updated
20Kentonn Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US20830Not updated
21Axon  Stormrage-US20820Not updated
22Blindlabel  Stormrage-US20805Not updated
23Lymitid vodkaStormrage-US20800Not updated
24Dekomori The Gotham KnightsStormrage-US20790Not updated
25Lavagurl ProgressionStormrage-US20770Not updated
26Natima  Stormrage-US20655Not updated
27Vivere  Stormrage-US20650Not updated
28Pfft New Model ArmyStormrage-US20615Not updated
29Konan Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US20610Not updated
30Malow RagebornStormrage-US20595Not updated
31Ingweh DissonanceStormrage-US20565Not updated
31Smeggle ProgressionStormrage-US20565Not updated
33Rorschãch Orcland RaidersStormrage-US20535Not updated
34Matuszak MelioraStormrage-US20495Not updated
34Mellabella InvictusStormrage-US20495Not updated
36Kittn Hit It Like You Mean ItStormrage-US20475Not updated
36Khalyonar No DiceStormrage-US20475Not updated
38Aûnix ForgedStormrage-US20450Not updated
39Starbride  Stormrage-US20425Not updated
40Anarchix  Stormrage-US20395Not updated
41Senthra PeregrineStormrage-US20385Not updated
42Cóland Family FundzStormrage-US20370Not updated
43Neuter Ante MeridiemStormrage-US20330Not updated
44Ðreamland  Stormrage-US20315Not updated
45Frozenhope The InfinitiesStormrage-US20285Not updated
46Polyxenia Before The FallStormrage-US20280Not updated
47Boltholomew LurkersStormrage-US20275Not updated
48Starskream Starks of WinterfellStormrage-US20260Not updated
49Soulgqt Before The FallStormrage-US20230Not updated
50Snubbins ProgressionStormrage-US20210Not updated
51Fluzwi Beaks and FeathersStormrage-US20195Not updated
52Orangeplum  Stormrage-US20190Not updated
52Antigone Red SkittlesStormrage-US20190Not updated
54Tamalthor Legends of PandariaStormrage-US20185Not updated
55Slck IntolerantStormrage-US20165Not updated
56Garrwyn ProgressionStormrage-US20155Not updated
57Junipir Searching for SanityStormrage-US20145Not updated
58Browniè  Stormrage-US20115Not updated
59Heavendawn Heroes of ValhallaStormrage-US20095Not updated
60Cinnabunny  Stormrage-US20065Not updated
61Serephem Eternal AfflictionStormrage-US20040Not updated
62Rechts Death JestersStormrage-US19995Not updated
62Tempo LAStormrage-US19995Not updated
64Jedway  Stormrage-US19925Not updated
65Hölyhëll VøidStormrage-US19920Not updated
66Ipsii Select FewStormrage-US19855Not updated
66Ashendria Elegant NightmaresStormrage-US19855Not updated
68Ketsii Casually AddictedStormrage-US19830Not updated
69Sengsan  Stormrage-US19825Not updated
70Thebiggman  Stormrage-US19815Not updated
70Keilien  Stormrage-US19815Not updated
72Koorban Midnight SanctuaryStormrage-US19785Not updated
72Fällynn Elite SquadStormrage-US19785Not updated
74Righteoùs  Stormrage-US19780Not updated
74Zoorgath  Stormrage-US19780Not updated
76Nibble SuitUpStormrage-US19770Not updated
77Avengedk Searching for SanityStormrage-US19755Not updated
78Vaeil vodkaStormrage-US19735Not updated
78Divada  Stormrage-US19735Not updated
78Carillorik Crits and GigglesStormrage-US19735Not updated
81Anarches  Stormrage-US19730Not updated
81Irondisc  Stormrage-US19730Not updated
83Danshotjones  Stormrage-US19715Not updated
84Vainamóinen MetroStormrage-US19710Not updated
85Koilie vodkaStormrage-US19695Not updated
86Aphasía FreelancesStormrage-US19690Not updated
87Morzal  Stormrage-US19655Not updated
88Arisia Blood Runs ColdStormrage-US19650Not updated
89Nethrizul HypnotoadStormrage-US19640Not updated
90Chrykoolaid Adult SupervisionStormrage-US19630Not updated
90Kiralyna  Stormrage-US19630Not updated
90Sripp Critical MassStormrage-US19630Not updated
90Zbolt GimpStormrage-US19630Not updated
94Judie  Stormrage-US19580Not updated
95Ganondalf RagebornStormrage-US19575Not updated
95Sendelle DissonanceStormrage-US19575Not updated
95Killueh  Stormrage-US19575Not updated

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