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Staghelm-US Achievement Points
1Casivhuntard SunderStaghelm-US20810Not updated
2Adydar Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US20350
3Swiftmend IgniteStaghelm-US20150
4Kassundra SansDramaStaghelm-US19570
5Sylvas  Staghelm-US19325Not updated
6Magicknight Adult SwimStaghelm-US19255Not updated
7Liane Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US18880
8Elsa Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US18870
9Liimitbreak Frozen DoomStaghelm-US18640
10Supersniper VeritasStaghelm-US18620Not updated
11Moochanter Frozen DoomStaghelm-US18530
12Thymaulis Adult SwimStaghelm-US18510
13Rhllor Frozen DoomStaghelm-US18505
14Ushdidit SansDramaStaghelm-US18480
15Minimelt SansDramaStaghelm-US18460
16Roseita  Staghelm-US17950Not updated
17Lilronger Darkness EternalStaghelm-US17925
18Antigen Southern Alliance TeamStaghelm-US17840
19Airyale Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US17820
20Melosia Frozen DoomStaghelm-US17760
21Nelphi Knightz Of HonorStaghelm-US17745Not updated
22Dravidia Rated M For MatureStaghelm-US17605
23Bhu FTMStaghelm-US17580
24Dhaerow Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US17560
25Uhlar Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US17530
26Eirote Insanity IncStaghelm-US17515
27Aylaa SansDramaStaghelm-US17480
28Alteisen Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US17475
29Michikohime Gnomeland SecurityStaghelm-US17465
30Leeroyy Clan PlaidStaghelm-US17445
31Airrow Southern Alliance TeamStaghelm-US17440
32Thunderjuggs Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US17435
33Coiin Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US17360
34Dyonge Storm of LightStaghelm-US17320
35Bulrat Frozen DoomStaghelm-US17230
36Bbqrdyshammy The Six PathsStaghelm-US17225Not updated
37Kikiboo Turtle HerdersStaghelm-US17215
37Grimbane Band of PiratesStaghelm-US17215Not updated
39Sics  Staghelm-US17145
40Zel Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US17130
41Relarka Storm of LightStaghelm-US17020Not updated
41Mordeena TotenkopfStaghelm-US17020
43Huntmore Frozen DoomStaghelm-US17015
44Dentulmoka Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US16990
45Mullet Dark and Stormy KnightsStaghelm-US16985Not updated
46Vette Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US16965
47Antoniolo Insanity IncStaghelm-US16950
48Vegetta Frozen DoomStaghelm-US16930
49Abumim Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US16900
49Targetdog Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US16900Not updated
51Aquaticca Adult SwimStaghelm-US16750
52Astrotrain Band of PiratesStaghelm-US16740Not updated
53Sellena Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US16735
53Branchout Insanity IncStaghelm-US16735
55Sicktite Savage ImpulsesStaghelm-US16680
56Pádruig Wicked MindsStaghelm-US16665
57Hotshocks RNG and GearStaghelm-US16645
58Adorah Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US16625
59Vanshishtine UnboundStaghelm-US16575Not updated
60Hoosta Uncommon ValorStaghelm-US16475
61Arodael UnboundStaghelm-US16460Not updated
62Xazzi Frozen DoomStaghelm-US16455
63Apraxia Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US16400
64Happyfox Tell Us A StoryStaghelm-US16370
64Pattycake  Staghelm-US16370
66Tanklndunkil Shenanigans DeclaredStaghelm-US16360

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