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Spirestone-US Achievement Points
1Aeriane Keep CalmSpirestone-US21425
2Murilo AdaptSpirestone-US20705Not updated
3Flëxo AdaptSpirestone-US20700
4Runeytoon AdaptSpirestone-US20595
5Zerofaith AddictionSpirestone-US20100
6Mongolian ConfluxSpirestone-US20040
7Assyn AddictionSpirestone-US20010Not updated
8Willybob ConfluxSpirestone-US19910
9Danaowns Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US19780
10Allegory  Spirestone-US19580Not updated
11Sorrck IlluminousSpirestone-US19560
12Slashstyle AdaptSpirestone-US19340
13Rothspriest Keep CalmSpirestone-US19220
13Taldarimx  Spirestone-US19220
15Ceewhya InevitableSpirestone-US19140
16Tialanna AddictionSpirestone-US19120
17Terab ConfluxSpirestone-US19080
18Músazz InevitableSpirestone-US19055
19Joeljoel Myth of the CeltsSpirestone-US18915
20Willimon Of Forgotten ShadowsSpirestone-US18875Not updated
21Trrone e x i l eSpirestone-US18855
22Dracuz IlluminousSpirestone-US18825
23Irenside  Spirestone-US18815Not updated
24Jesirawr FracturedSpirestone-US18740
25Devos Keep CalmSpirestone-US18715
26Chute e x i l eSpirestone-US18680Not updated
27Crusheem AdaptSpirestone-US18600
28Asami Three Stars and A SunSpirestone-US18565
29Hardcore Imperium Neptuni RegisSpirestone-US18550Not updated
30Lexarious OmisSpirestone-US18520
31Shoter  Spirestone-US18430Not updated
32Darrnous  Spirestone-US18280Not updated
33Ladiistrider KBM CarriesSpirestone-US18270Not updated
34Nightsecho InevitableSpirestone-US18250
35Loosh AdaptSpirestone-US18245
36Matheal Keep CalmSpirestone-US18210
37Gilon  Spirestone-US18185Not updated
38Malinore IlluminousSpirestone-US18160
39Elaaj Keep CalmSpirestone-US18115
40Hannafrid The Aggro CragSpirestone-US18035
41Evil Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US18025Not updated
41Frizzlock e x i l eSpirestone-US18025
43Hemarizy EpitoméSpirestone-US17960Not updated
44Vaneke AddictionSpirestone-US17905Not updated
45Tyrania e x i l eSpirestone-US17885
46Freezingcold  Spirestone-US17820Not updated
47Demonicchoas  Spirestone-US17760Not updated
48Seras Keep CalmSpirestone-US17680
49Erttroz Mongolian Chop SquadSpirestone-US17670
50Damero Casual EncountersSpirestone-US17650
51Thiamat The NightshiftSpirestone-US17645
52Aiizen ReaversSpirestone-US17585
53Mêowmïx Max PowerSpirestone-US17575Not updated
54Ranto OmisSpirestone-US17555
55Nexemis Keep CalmSpirestone-US17535
55Darkenedsoul The DepartedSpirestone-US17535Not updated
57Aleecia RemorseSpirestone-US17490Not updated
58Zahyr AdaptSpirestone-US17400
59Oprawinfuryy Arabian KnightsSpirestone-US17380
60Irti e x i l eSpirestone-US17365
61Threepwood AgonySpirestone-US17335
61Jmcrepn Jamaican me crazySpirestone-US17335Not updated
63Kimsey AdaptSpirestone-US17300
64Iamachick Mongolian Chop SquadSpirestone-US17260
65Flyfisher  Spirestone-US17215Not updated
66Yayfire Arabian KnightsSpirestone-US17160
67Datajinx ReaversSpirestone-US17120
68Tangotails ReaversSpirestone-US17110Not updated
69Flabbicus Edge of InsanitySpirestone-US17070Not updated
70Nycelia AdaptSpirestone-US17060
71Vongimi Crown of KingsSpirestone-US17050Not updated
72Tailalas Furious Kittens of DoomSpirestone-US17040
73Jarah I Love CakeSpirestone-US17025Not updated
74Cruortus The Aggro CragSpirestone-US17015
74Xavier Heros of the HordeSpirestone-US17015Not updated
76Hordeluve t e m p e s tSpirestone-US16985Not updated
77Denatanis Keep CalmSpirestone-US16945
77Rit The Aggro CragSpirestone-US16945Not updated
79Draiel Arabian KnightsSpirestone-US16940
80Framboise  Spirestone-US16935
81Choicecuts Pretentious Latin NameSpirestone-US16915Not updated
82Velithia No Quarter No MercySpirestone-US16900Not updated
83Spitfire Keep CalmSpirestone-US16885
83Tÿga FracturedSpirestone-US16885Not updated
85Layzie  Spirestone-US16875Not updated
86Jaestas AdaptSpirestone-US16860Not updated
87Sindilou InevitableSpirestone-US16780

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