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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Silvermoon-EU Achievement Points
1Santoryu ДоминантаSilvermoon-EU21970Not updated
2Sanberion ДоминантаSilvermoon-EU21960Not updated
3Mefuso SoonGrandMarshaLSilvermoon-EU21775Not updated
4Petbattler Cant Have Nice ThingsSilvermoon-EU21760Not updated
5Ceekc Blood LegionSilvermoon-EU21700Not updated
6Issuess Unseen UniversítySilvermoon-EU21690Not updated
7Mycota  Silvermoon-EU21595Not updated
8Josipmage  Silvermoon-EU21590Not updated
9Incarnadyne  Silvermoon-EU21490Not updated
10Heriberto Defiance of deathSilvermoon-EU21455Not updated
11Rìggz Wélsh and ProudSilvermoon-EU21425Not updated
12Darkchaz  Silvermoon-EU21400Not updated
13Heimao  Silvermoon-EU21305Not updated
14Misswindy Time Will TellSilvermoon-EU21270Not updated
15Saiteous  Silvermoon-EU21265Not updated
16Plaguedust SilenceSilvermoon-EU21255Not updated
17Ribar  Silvermoon-EU21210Not updated
18Mârvel Praise The SunSilvermoon-EU21190Not updated
19Xialing  Silvermoon-EU21175Not updated
20Kindri Gorilla WarfareSilvermoon-EU21150Not updated
21Azzinothine AshkandiSilvermoon-EU21145Not updated
22Glitterpoes DragoncoreSilvermoon-EU21130Not updated
23Zarhon  Silvermoon-EU21120Not updated
24Onemoredk S p a r t a n SSilvermoon-EU21105Not updated
25Hootérz SublimeSilvermoon-EU21090Not updated
26ßállz  Silvermoon-EU21065Not updated
27Sínn Danish TemplarsSilvermoon-EU21050Not updated
27Anchorite NeverwinterSilvermoon-EU21050Not updated
29Vòstok Faded DreamsSilvermoon-EU21045Not updated
30Nagata GenesisSilvermoon-EU21040Not updated
31Gourd  Silvermoon-EU20990Not updated
32Twofootwall  Silvermoon-EU20985Not updated
33Layonjams  Silvermoon-EU20980Not updated
34Ingileif Inner SanctumSilvermoon-EU20970Not updated
35Palazep  Silvermoon-EU20885Not updated
36Varells  Silvermoon-EU20810Not updated
37Gingerdavid SilenceSilvermoon-EU20800Not updated
38Jagonn OffspringSilvermoon-EU20795Not updated
39Headsmasher After HoursSilvermoon-EU20770Not updated
39Autchy Angel of FurySilvermoon-EU20770Not updated
41Zÿph The Private InitiativeSilvermoon-EU20765Not updated
42Snowlights Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU20760Not updated
43Gdot  Silvermoon-EU20740Not updated
44Ashàra PhoenixSilvermoon-EU20735Not updated
45Sofiq Shadow in the darkSilvermoon-EU20720Not updated
46Donum  Silvermoon-EU20705Not updated
47Bellmére  Silvermoon-EU20700Not updated
48Jeniawarlord AnathemaSilvermoon-EU20695Not updated
49Pàts PhoenixSilvermoon-EU20675Not updated
50Ravernett OffspringSilvermoon-EU20670Not updated
51Chilai  Silvermoon-EU20645Not updated
52Furfighter the Heroes of KalimdorSilvermoon-EU20640Not updated
53Bartek SilenceSilvermoon-EU20630Not updated
54Valdron  Silvermoon-EU20595Not updated
54Elementails  Silvermoon-EU20595Not updated
56Notmoi Warrior LegionSilvermoon-EU20590Not updated
57Lekte  Silvermoon-EU20575Not updated
58Sukiqt SilenceSilvermoon-EU20570Not updated
59Dobonard AnarchySilvermoon-EU20565Not updated
60Nabki QQSilvermoon-EU20535Not updated
61Sheepbiter OffspringSilvermoon-EU20525Not updated
61Controvento Recipe of HateSilvermoon-EU20525Not updated
63Bladerush WarcraftPetsSilvermoon-EU20475Not updated
64Tomla  Silvermoon-EU20470Not updated
64Mehraban Knights of the CyrusSilvermoon-EU20470Not updated
66Serpx DecadenceSilvermoon-EU20465Not updated
67Nirjil International KillersSilvermoon-EU20455Not updated
68Jendleh  Silvermoon-EU20430Not updated
69Týn SmouloveSilvermoon-EU20425Not updated
70Giostougoshu  Silvermoon-EU20415Not updated
70Multimaster ChokeSilvermoon-EU20415Not updated
70Littlehunter  Silvermoon-EU20415Not updated
73Kretias LucentSilvermoon-EU20385Not updated
74Zigzac The HighbornsSilvermoon-EU20375Not updated
75Bloodstain JudgeSilvermoon-EU20365Not updated
75Rolniknei ROLNIKSilvermoon-EU20365Not updated
77Miidraxx  Silvermoon-EU20355Not updated
78Iowenx WarsongSilvermoon-EU20340Not updated
79Geif  Silvermoon-EU20335Not updated
80Grímaldus Horizons EndSilvermoon-EU20320Not updated
81Bùg  Silvermoon-EU20305Not updated
82Aeriela Money On My MindSilvermoon-EU20290Not updated
83Winterwarmth GuiltySilvermoon-EU20280Not updated
84Tarnie Keepers of the OathSilvermoon-EU20270Not updated
85Raginx GenesisSilvermoon-EU20265Not updated
85Ahaaferos Forgotten WarriorsSilvermoon-EU20265Not updated
87Arktikken GenesisSilvermoon-EU20255Not updated
88Asurobi DragonlightSilvermoon-EU20245Not updated
89Tammera FalseSilvermoon-EU20235Not updated
89Roxsy OverratedSilvermoon-EU20235Not updated
91Vugladk PVP Advanced LeagueSilvermoon-EU20230Not updated
92Ykaris  Silvermoon-EU20225Not updated
92Shariq Doom SquadSilvermoon-EU20225Not updated
94Syeníte Carpe NoctemSilvermoon-EU20220Not updated
95Specmonk SublimeSilvermoon-EU20215Not updated
96Narrae AshkandiSilvermoon-EU20200Not updated
97Somand LucentSilvermoon-EU20195Not updated
97Deseri VoidhammerSilvermoon-EU20195Not updated

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