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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Shen'dralar-EU Achievement Points
1Mmx  Shen'dralar-EU21755Not updated
2Eldrraiser  Shen'dralar-EU21610Not updated
3Flystra DementiaShen'dralar-EU21155Not updated
4Lilianne Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU20625Not updated
5Darshu SøurceShen'dralar-EU20235Not updated
5Yir SøurceShen'dralar-EU20235Not updated
7Anzustorm  Shen'dralar-EU19920Not updated
8Gonahlol  Shen'dralar-EU19865Not updated
9Morphea Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU19790
10Psicodelya  Shen'dralar-EU19750Not updated
11Ranesuxfour Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU19685Not updated
11Raegahr  Shen'dralar-EU19685Not updated
13Tewi  Shen'dralar-EU19595Not updated
14Rantaroth  Shen'dralar-EU19220Not updated
15Katyusha  Shen'dralar-EU18965Not updated
16Tallarín Last StandShen'dralar-EU18960Not updated
17Aeroxis DementiaShen'dralar-EU18825Not updated
18Nette Martillos de FuegoShen'dralar-EU18810Not updated
19Yousuke Elitist JerksShen'dralar-EU18740Not updated
20Heteferes VâlhâllâShen'dralar-EU18625Not updated
21Cigala SøurceShen'dralar-EU18445Not updated
22Mäthew Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU18435Not updated
23Cutie Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU18345Not updated
24Phantomka Le daremos hasta morirShen'dralar-EU18320Not updated
25Obscuresence  Shen'dralar-EU18290Not updated
26Akïma República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU18240Not updated
27Almarea Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU18210
28Lorkia Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU18205Not updated
29Totanero Estrella polarShen'dralar-EU18170Not updated
30Lunko Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU18145
31Danubius  Shen'dralar-EU18135Not updated
32Twann Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU18030Not updated
33Döctörmuërtë De la casa TARGARYENShen'dralar-EU17955Not updated
34Nowheremän Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU17945
35Niesche SøurceShen'dralar-EU17815Not updated
36Cerdota  Shen'dralar-EU17790Not updated
37Shaghan  Shen'dralar-EU17750
38Urio  Shen'dralar-EU17725Not updated
39Karkus Estrella polarShen'dralar-EU17635Not updated
40Sabirexin Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU17500Not updated
41Orejøtas EESShen'dralar-EU17410Not updated
42Dualin Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU17340
43Piccota For the HordeShen'dralar-EU17330Not updated
44Istar OdiseaShen'dralar-EU17300Not updated
45Shöûn  Shen'dralar-EU17280Not updated
46Kattibrie República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU17195Not updated
47Ronnerwind  Shen'dralar-EU17110Not updated
47Morrighan VâlhâllâShen'dralar-EU17110Not updated
49Fignar  Shen'dralar-EU17065Not updated
50Chem  Shen'dralar-EU16980Not updated
51Meredîth SøurceShen'dralar-EU16970Not updated
52Toxolo Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU16960Not updated
52Vindicatem  Shen'dralar-EU16960Not updated
54Netuflillo Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU16745Not updated
55Steelhammer Proelium SerpensShen'dralar-EU16730
56Kiskillas Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU16710Not updated
57Wolfmanx Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU16655Not updated
57Dunnolol AsesinosShen'dralar-EU16655Not updated
59Nekkar  Shen'dralar-EU16625Not updated
60Veea AmargorShen'dralar-EU16595Not updated
61Khuzdk HELLDOORShen'dralar-EU16570Not updated
62Chiquete HERP DERPShen'dralar-EU16535Not updated
63Krascul Amigos de la FandobirraShen'dralar-EU16420Not updated
64Näymä SøurceShen'dralar-EU16405Not updated
65Suikan  Shen'dralar-EU16390Not updated
66Dayrane Hijos de LilithShen'dralar-EU16355Not updated
67Chocu Caballeros CruzadosShen'dralar-EU16315Not updated
68Räven SøurceShen'dralar-EU16310Not updated
69Jefemaestro Caballeros del AbismoShen'dralar-EU16290Not updated
70Gezi AkelarreShen'dralar-EU16285Not updated
71Vashiron Proelium SerpensShen'dralar-EU16255Not updated
71Rokna Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU16255Not updated
73Jetu Caballeros CruzadosShen'dralar-EU16180Not updated
74Licantropia  Shen'dralar-EU16150Not updated
75Enganchado Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU16065Not updated
76Rainboww República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU16055
77Darkzambo Dark WebsShen'dralar-EU16050
78Lissbell República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU16025Not updated
79Astroduck Caballeros CruzadosShen'dralar-EU15960Not updated
79Rumßa PandemóniumShen'dralar-EU15960Not updated
81Neilly Eternal ShadowShen'dralar-EU15940Not updated
82Jodol Amigos de la FandobirraShen'dralar-EU15935Not updated
83Piliarin  Shen'dralar-EU15865
84Ankkaa República de AzerothShen'dralar-EU15820
85Februus  Shen'dralar-EU15815Not updated
86Jainurus Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU15780Not updated
87Dakarai  Shen'dralar-EU15720Not updated
88Amarantta Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU15715Not updated
89Fiola  Shen'dralar-EU15670Not updated
90Piltrague Guardianes de EluneShen'dralar-EU15640Not updated
90Lyllyth AddictionShen'dralar-EU15640Not updated
92Dieveinticua Adeptvs ExterminatvsShen'dralar-EU15625Not updated
93Koravel FamilyShen'dralar-EU15585Not updated

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