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Shattered Hand-US Achievement Points
1Rezii VindicationShattered Hand-US21470Not updated
2Poisonidea  Shattered Hand-US21365Not updated
3Killerdots EvadeShattered Hand-US21360
4Farok RelentlessShattered Hand-US20870Not updated
5Foolish TyrannyShattered Hand-US20735Not updated
6Protostout TyrannyShattered Hand-US20650
7Greatfoxx Civil WarcraftShattered Hand-US20295Not updated
8Trixxy  Shattered Hand-US20290Not updated
9Deychi TyrannyShattered Hand-US20205
10Bulletproof TyrannyShattered Hand-US20110Not updated
11Jarlich Disciples of the BladeShattered Hand-US20090Not updated
12Dabigdeekay TyrannyShattered Hand-US20085Not updated
13Zulyin TyrannyShattered Hand-US20035Not updated
14Spirillum TyrannyShattered Hand-US19950
15Laodead TyrannyShattered Hand-US19900Not updated
16Shôckwave TyrannyShattered Hand-US19850
17Greenie Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US19810
18Ruhnaycake TyrannyShattered Hand-US19805Not updated
19Icyblood Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US19800Not updated
20Kràtos EnclaveShattered Hand-US19785Not updated
21Kurahk EnclaveShattered Hand-US19780Not updated
22Totemdance TyrannyShattered Hand-US19755
23Stickynote EvadeShattered Hand-US19685Not updated
24Joobie Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US19610Not updated
25Nytsua TyrannyShattered Hand-US19595Not updated
26Mistmoore DeceptionShattered Hand-US19545Not updated
27Divinely Pacte Des LoupsShattered Hand-US19520Not updated
28Pyrís TyrannyShattered Hand-US19425
29Fernleaf  Shattered Hand-US19355Not updated
30Elethea TyrannyShattered Hand-US19310
31Fumbley Sparkle MotionShattered Hand-US19245
32Strike TyrannyShattered Hand-US19130Not updated
33Moirain EnclaveShattered Hand-US19010
34Palarij TyrannyShattered Hand-US18985Not updated
35Dannybear  Shattered Hand-US18890Not updated
36Josh TyrannyShattered Hand-US18805
37Charlymurphy EvadeShattered Hand-US18705Not updated
37Purged Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US18705
39Isaî EnclaveShattered Hand-US18625
40Stabutodeath EnclaveShattered Hand-US18505Not updated
41Hawtdog Prophets Of DestinyShattered Hand-US18345
42Erona Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US18315
43Errancawz TyrannyShattered Hand-US18310
43Emptypurse Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US18310Not updated
43Isuckatwow  Shattered Hand-US18310Not updated
46Felindraeda  Shattered Hand-US18270Not updated
47Fathersteve VindicatiönShattered Hand-US18150Not updated
48Krauvin EnclaveShattered Hand-US18140Not updated
49Banli Civil WarcraftShattered Hand-US18100Not updated
50Festivalgirl  Shattered Hand-US18080Not updated
50Coldsnaps VindicatiönShattered Hand-US18080Not updated
52Dusterne  Shattered Hand-US18055Not updated
53Rouhwin Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US17970Not updated
54Archdrood Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US17930
55Tallacia Civil WarcraftShattered Hand-US17920Not updated
56Disciprine EvadeShattered Hand-US17870Not updated
57Aelementia ArmageddonsShattered Hand-US17830Not updated
58Pônpon TyrannyShattered Hand-US17825Not updated
59Ochunks TyrannyShattered Hand-US17820Not updated
60Bokassa  Shattered Hand-US17765Not updated
61Mcfizzlewix EnclaveShattered Hand-US17730Not updated
62Gallaxie  Shattered Hand-US17700Not updated
63Prödigy AnatidaephobiaShattered Hand-US17685Not updated
64Misetoo EvadeShattered Hand-US17590Not updated
65Selaphiel Bad TasteShattered Hand-US17535Not updated
66Shankyoface Harvesters of SorrowShattered Hand-US17500Not updated
67Cheaterr EvadeShattered Hand-US17495Not updated
68Glimps ChimeraShattered Hand-US17485Not updated
69Threeve  Shattered Hand-US17445Not updated
70Keybindz  Shattered Hand-US17440Not updated
71Andreith Mystic ProphetsShattered Hand-US17430
72Ifly EvadeShattered Hand-US17410
73Rayzorblade EnclaveShattered Hand-US17405Not updated
74Sayj Whack a GnomeShattered Hand-US17395
75Yoshikuni Stats PleaseShattered Hand-US17350Not updated
76Snuggiebear RenegadeShattered Hand-US17345Not updated
77Magetrainer Sparkle MotionShattered Hand-US17340Not updated
78Smøke EvadeShattered Hand-US17320Not updated
79Hugsankisses TyrannyShattered Hand-US17295
80Ravèn Mystic ProphetsShattered Hand-US17285Not updated
81Sharana Penguin Liberation FrontShattered Hand-US17260Not updated
82Irowerth Raiding RobotsShattered Hand-US17215Not updated
83Archidore XpiredShattered Hand-US17160Not updated
84Ricket TyrannyShattered Hand-US17145
85Spörk  Shattered Hand-US17140Not updated
86Cupcake TyrannyShattered Hand-US17130Not updated
87Juggoh TyrannyShattered Hand-US17120Not updated
88Qizzie ApophasisShattered Hand-US16990Not updated
89Derax VindicationShattered Hand-US16920Not updated
90Yourhealer ShamelessShattered Hand-US16895Not updated
91Caramell  Shattered Hand-US16870Not updated
92Foxxtail EnclaveShattered Hand-US16860Not updated
93Nawor  Shattered Hand-US16800Not updated
94Mulberry EvadeShattered Hand-US16795Not updated

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