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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shattered Halls-US Achievement Points
1Rayyan The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US20165Not updated
2Ayora Red BranchShattered Halls-US20105Not updated
3Rankoneirl SnäppedShattered Halls-US19545Not updated
4Colosea  Shattered Halls-US19230Not updated
5Jujuism  Shattered Halls-US18765Not updated
6Urkarma Knight TemplarsShattered Halls-US17985Not updated
7Zashule Red BranchShattered Halls-US17590Not updated
8Happyfury Red BranchShattered Halls-US17525Not updated
9Neilers  Shattered Halls-US17435Not updated
10Synnove Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US17400Not updated
11Rokoki Red BranchShattered Halls-US17340Not updated
12Banjikor  Shattered Halls-US17085Not updated
12Fluffycat Happy Happy Joy joyShattered Halls-US17085Not updated
14Trebal Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US17080Not updated
15Willowynd Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US17045Not updated
16Halfshadow Knight of LordearonShattered Halls-US16910Not updated
16Huntbeast Red BranchShattered Halls-US16910Not updated
18Thundermon Ominous Latin NounShattered Halls-US16850Not updated
19Ayiane Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US16785Not updated
20Astreya Profundae ObscuritatisShattered Halls-US16705Not updated
21Infintality KJS EVERY THURSDAYShattered Halls-US16690Not updated
22Kolosuss BloodseekersShattered Halls-US16630Not updated
23Nuadonra OOSShattered Halls-US16615Not updated
24Vajazzle WalkersofTimeShattered Halls-US16585Not updated
25Nelasha VelocityShattered Halls-US16540Not updated
26Lottiedottie Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US16510Not updated
27Danieljmw Whîte PhoenîxShattered Halls-US16370Not updated
28Børialis Ørgânîzed ÇhâøsShattered Halls-US16290Not updated
29Justagrrl AvalinaShattered Halls-US16280Not updated
29Apandaiam  Shattered Halls-US16280Not updated
31Immortal The ReincarnationShattered Halls-US16235Not updated
32Tamerlan Booty Bay Yacht ClubShattered Halls-US16225Not updated
33Krellsin DYNÂSTYShattered Halls-US16185Not updated
34Thegraydeath Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US16145Not updated
35Elementdark Red BranchShattered Halls-US16040Not updated
36Katheia  Shattered Halls-US16015Not updated
37Colosie  Shattered Halls-US15955Not updated
38Flash  Shattered Halls-US15895Not updated
39Quisse EclïpseShattered Halls-US15885Not updated
40Mistweaver ShadowsShattered Halls-US15850Not updated
41Mistÿ The CompanyShattered Halls-US15835Not updated
42Lucidityg Stormwinds GuardiansShattered Halls-US15795Not updated
43Sanâki  Shattered Halls-US15735Not updated
44Prayforsleep Bloodlust of ArmageddonShattered Halls-US15610Not updated
45Shahirah Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US15580Not updated
46Shankeisha Red BranchShattered Halls-US15500Not updated
47Kukiel Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US15495Not updated
48Daktari Vinii Vidi ViciShattered Halls-US15485Not updated
49Skycast SynergyShattered Halls-US15480Not updated
50Ishty The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US15465Not updated
51Shocknload FogOfWarShattered Halls-US15420Not updated
52Tailei Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US15410Not updated
52Divagate Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US15410Not updated
54Ironclaws Bând of BrothersShattered Halls-US15390Not updated
55Kronkulus Fighting MongoosesShattered Halls-US15370Not updated
56Zôe BloodseekersShattered Halls-US15300Not updated
57Linith The New Earth ArmyShattered Halls-US15285Not updated
58Dashadow Family of HonorShattered Halls-US15275Not updated
59Lightfíngers Swift JusticeShattered Halls-US15265Not updated
60Ehrol  Shattered Halls-US15220Not updated
61Nictavar Red BranchShattered Halls-US15210Not updated
62Reglan  Shattered Halls-US15195Not updated
63Turkowski Light of Shattered HallsShattered Halls-US15175Not updated
64Jagcan EclïpseShattered Halls-US15155Not updated
65Karl FogOfWarShattered Halls-US15110Not updated
66Bootbuss EclïpseShattered Halls-US15105Not updated
67Dione The Wolf PackShattered Halls-US15100Not updated
68Bethany Light of Shattered HallsShattered Halls-US15080Not updated
69Dangerçriter Order of the Sacred WindShattered Halls-US15050Not updated
70Tsübaki Cheese VendorShattered Halls-US15010Not updated
71Skippythedk  Shattered Halls-US14975Not updated
72Faol Meat VendorsShattered Halls-US14970Not updated
73Chronoloco EclïpseShattered Halls-US14900Not updated
74Giwis EclïpseShattered Halls-US14860Not updated
74Maceinurface  Shattered Halls-US14860Not updated
76Jaeharys  Shattered Halls-US14835Not updated
77Piticu EclïpseShattered Halls-US14765Not updated
78Crimsonfury  Shattered Halls-US14735Not updated
79Zarrissah Vive Memor LetiShattered Halls-US14680Not updated
80Foxlust AvalinaShattered Halls-US14660Not updated
81Nilda GetMadYouBadShattered Halls-US14605Not updated
82Modifyre ASSAULTShattered Halls-US14600Not updated
82Foxslayer AvalinaShattered Halls-US14600Not updated
84Cachette  Shattered Halls-US14565Not updated
85Stubborn Red BranchShattered Halls-US14540Not updated
86Bladewalker Golden QuestShattered Halls-US14520Not updated
87Gilanthetas The Wolf PackShattered Halls-US14435Not updated

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