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Shadow Council-US Achievement Points
1Daenerys Light BrigadeShadow Council-US21350
2Prödigious Light BrigadeShadow Council-US21060
3Hobbitses Digital AddictionShadow Council-US20840
4Comatos Digital AddictionShadow Council-US20795
5Lukicewalkr BlissShadow Council-US20545Not updated
6Tairo ExiledShadow Council-US20205
7Verta ExiledShadow Council-US20100Not updated
8Pakur Lords Of SalemShadow Council-US19695
9Einazurvein Light BrigadeShadow Council-US19230
10Lamps Digital AddictionShadow Council-US19220
11Yoshimitsu The Southern CrossShadow Council-US19140
12Natheren Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US19060
13Pôrgy Digital AddictionShadow Council-US19020
14Rhonus Twisted NerveShadow Council-US18970
15Caracharoth Safe WordShadow Council-US18880Not updated
15Suzakã The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US18880Not updated
17Kranok The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US18810Not updated
18Shannoa Light BrigadeShadow Council-US18790
19Daygard Beautiful DeathShadow Council-US18785
20Sunwhísper Eternal ShadowsShadow Council-US18685
21Felfallen Eternal ShadowsShadow Council-US18655
22Ayka Eternal ShadowsShadow Council-US18605
23Nimius The City IgnitesShadow Council-US18580Not updated
24Quinky  Shadow Council-US18410
25Duo For the ShiniesShadow Council-US18400
26Tiella Digital AddictionShadow Council-US18315
27Pandarella League of OceaniaShadow Council-US18190
27Boomwally  Shadow Council-US18190Not updated
29Holice Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US18180
30Bellaswans Digital AddictionShadow Council-US18160
31Geminei Light BrigadeShadow Council-US18090Not updated
32Daggor Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US18075Not updated
33Zelenin  Shadow Council-US18000Not updated
34Rykar Digital AddictionShadow Council-US17990
35Norrahk VanguardShadow Council-US17945
36Tarmo Twisted NerveShadow Council-US17855
37Carmais Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US17825
38Xiandeng Epic After DarkShadow Council-US17795
39Firie The MeddlersShadow Council-US17775
40Sylvella Light BrigadeShadow Council-US17770
41Catadina Light BrigadeShadow Council-US17675
41Ephemia Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US17675Not updated
43Kija Wolves of the GodswoodShadow Council-US17655
44Alasander MaelstromShadow Council-US17565
44Lughnasadh Team WhiskersShadow Council-US17565
46Tigragon Light BrigadeShadow Council-US17545
47Grilelan  Shadow Council-US17510
48Ryc Southern Water TribeShadow Council-US17450
49Clarke Digital AddictionShadow Council-US17430
50Thorec Twisted NerveShadow Council-US17415Not updated
51Demintorr Digital AddictionShadow Council-US17405
52Cynamon  Shadow Council-US17370Not updated
52Dobbie RepriseShadow Council-US17370Not updated
54Gwaeniiha Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US17340
55Swiftfeet Death UnlimitedShadow Council-US17255
56Palebrew Full DisclosureShadow Council-US17200
57Memnøn Digital AddictionShadow Council-US17185
58Elasper  Shadow Council-US17155
59Saiorse Wolves of the GodswoodShadow Council-US17150Not updated
60Keralla League of OceaniaShadow Council-US17140
61Jutic KaizenShadow Council-US17135
62Nissel Digital AddictionShadow Council-US17125Not updated
63Deathos into the LimelightShadow Council-US17120Not updated
64Teirana Titans JudgmentShadow Council-US17100Not updated
65Chriselblood Infinite ZergShadow Council-US17060Not updated
66Fallenhoof CataclysmicShadow Council-US17050
67Dalidrae Team WhiskersShadow Council-US17040
67Satsuma BrïmstoneShadow Council-US17040
69Mitasca BlissShadow Council-US17000Not updated
70Totalrecall Light BrigadeShadow Council-US16990Not updated
71Rezzyk The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US16970Not updated
72Myrenne Fights In The ShadeShadow Council-US16960
73Seizan Death UnlimitedShadow Council-US16935
74Cargimix Lakeshire Dredging CoShadow Council-US16915
75Dumbledora RetributionShadow Council-US16815Not updated
76Koalabi And My Amazing FriendsShadow Council-US16780

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