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Sen'jin-US Achievement Points
1Aldariclol PremonitionSen'jin-US21365
2Nobody Imminent FailureSen'jin-US21160Not updated
3Appwarrior DeadOnArrivalSen'jin-US21035Not updated
4Jigsawqt  Sen'jin-US20680Not updated
5Oldguybad ReclamationSen'jin-US20655
6Kitysoftpaws Warning Adult ContentSen'jin-US20315
7Dabigspirit Big CritsSen'jin-US20085Not updated
8Furystrikez Big CritsSen'jin-US20065Not updated
9Kebechet PremonitionSen'jin-US20000Not updated
10Rashnau Big CritsSen'jin-US19785
11Darkenderjr Easy ModeSen'jin-US19770
12Priests  Sen'jin-US19540
13Abelcrusnik  Sen'jin-US19260Not updated
14Hemotept Big CritsSen'jin-US19200Not updated
15Pinksprinkle Big CritsSen'jin-US19185Not updated
16Octâvian ReformedSen'jin-US19145Not updated
17Noirdesmort ZhentarimSen'jin-US19095
18Withoutmana Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US19085
19Twopaws LukewarmSen'jin-US19080
20Michichael Big CritsSen'jin-US19060
21Karunè Minus FifteenSen'jin-US19055
22Cynth PremonitionSen'jin-US19025Not updated
23Chickenlegs ReformedSen'jin-US19010
24Magerix The DragonsSen'jin-US18920Not updated
25Rarin Last AttemptSen'jin-US18905
26Gurtix DedicatedSen'jin-US18870
27Frostbox A Perfect CircleSen'jin-US18805
28Tinyllama May the RNG be With YouSen'jin-US18775
29Madren Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US18770
30Finn Imminent FailureSen'jin-US18760
31Velantha DARK REIGNSen'jin-US18735Not updated
32Tact Big CritsSen'jin-US18705
33Leilwin Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US18640
34Zamiir Baker Street IrregularsSen'jin-US18620
35Kosong ReformedSen'jin-US18610
36Jaslyn Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US18600
36Ozki Immortal UprisingSen'jin-US18600
38Antheya HypnosisSen'jin-US18550
38Mezen A p e xSen'jin-US18550Not updated
40Yldturkey FellowShip Of The BousesSen'jin-US18495Not updated
41Aftertaste Forty SevenSen'jin-US18445
42Mcvanquish Big CritsSen'jin-US18410
42Fragne TorrentSen'jin-US18410Not updated
44Toav VindictiveSen'jin-US18390Not updated
45Allería Big CritsSen'jin-US18305
45Kismet Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US18305
47Zarifruh The War CouncilSen'jin-US18180
48Attrox Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US18145
49Rowlia Stronger than AllSen'jin-US18140
50Lovlee  Sen'jin-US18135Not updated
51Nicyla The DragonsSen'jin-US18130
52Amaheya  Sen'jin-US18100Not updated
53Yamihikari Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US18090
53Psyclops Scum of the EarthSen'jin-US18090Not updated
55Druidah TitanSen'jin-US18015Not updated
56Zerafa WAR PIGZSen'jin-US18005Not updated
57Megatròn  Sen'jin-US17965Not updated
58Lorquist SummuSSen'jin-US17840
59Balfastan RequìemSen'jin-US17825Not updated
60Trespando SummuSSen'jin-US17820
60Demonickitty Island of MisfitsSen'jin-US17820Not updated
62Kroft Rain of ChaosSen'jin-US17780
62Serwar SummuSSen'jin-US17780
64Addlevi  Sen'jin-US17750Not updated
65Akeysamae  Sen'jin-US17725Not updated
66Xéssty ReclamationSen'jin-US17720
67Zangulus ConquestSen'jin-US17700Not updated
68Rajir HelixSen'jin-US17690
69Jorrd  Sen'jin-US17665
69Fanatics  Sen'jin-US17665Not updated
71Auntlou Warning Adult ContentSen'jin-US17575
72Xenjoza Twisted SanitySen'jin-US17560Not updated
72Elsiana Casual EncountersSen'jin-US17560Not updated
74Ranoa Shake dat Laffy TaffySen'jin-US17535
75Dragule Imminent FailureSen'jin-US17520
76Kungpaoz  Sen'jin-US17430Not updated
77Nezarrah Unconditional HatredSen'jin-US17400Not updated
78Tunari Palladium KnightsSen'jin-US17370
79Delirîum ReformedSen'jin-US17350Not updated
79Tinkanta NamastèSen'jin-US17350
81Marrei AegisSen'jin-US17320
82Jakor MatahariSen'jin-US17310
83Doppsy Midnights CallSen'jin-US17290
84Aroundthefur Minus FifteenSen'jin-US17285
85Zumwansi ReclamationSen'jin-US17280
86Zichunsu Pick em UpSen'jin-US17240Not updated

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