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Scilla-US Achievement Points
1Bobleeswager We Wipe On TrashScilla-US20460Not updated
2Ibubbleforu We Wipe On TrashScilla-US20000
3Soulpyre VirtueScilla-US19640Not updated
4Uzichike RootScilla-US19450Not updated
5Wellofsouls We Wipe On TrashScilla-US19340
6Warranret RedemptíonScilla-US19270Not updated
7Galven Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US19235Not updated
8Dísturbed G R I N DScilla-US19155Not updated
9Oblixion Red ArmyScilla-US19035
10Ifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US19020
11Demonifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US19000
12Phoenyxx Oh My DayumScilla-US18480Not updated
13Selendis  Scilla-US18430Not updated
14Kinigit VirtueScilla-US18175Not updated
15Chilax Critical MassScilla-US17805
16Qualinas CasualScilla-US17590Not updated
17Crablegs  Scilla-US17455Not updated
18Cloudstar RememberanceScilla-US17300
19Vengfullady AnachronismScilla-US17250Not updated
20Sairafen ExoScilla-US17200Not updated
21Pelucheux We Wipe On TrashScilla-US17005
22Kaiforlon  Scilla-US16985Not updated
23Boao Red ArmyScilla-US16935
24Tupapi The French ConnectionScilla-US16910
25Faithrevived We Wipe On TrashScilla-US16775
26Fizzail ExoScilla-US16755Not updated
27Scottie  Scilla-US16510Not updated
28Tablewater Naked AssassinsScilla-US16285Not updated
29Valarr  Scilla-US16240Not updated
30Blathers  Scilla-US16175Not updated
31Velhart WraithScilla-US16170Not updated
32Sisterray Buffalo ChipsScilla-US15905
33Nerfmeh We Wipe On TrashScilla-US15890Not updated
34Zado We Wipe On TrashScilla-US15860
35Upside RememberanceScilla-US15645
36Dreamshadow Critical MassScilla-US15615
37Animûs  Scilla-US15595Not updated
38Fordelf EdenScilla-US15585Not updated
38Auderek HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US15585Not updated
40Kyrii NOT SUQY PPLsScilla-US15555
41Cield BrethrenScilla-US15535Not updated
42Trueknight HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US15525
43Pawnster We Wipe On TrashScilla-US15490
43Sweetmelon Red ArmyScilla-US15490Not updated
45Anipious  Scilla-US15485Not updated
46Hahnnielol VirtueScilla-US15335
47Domosnake Red ArmyScilla-US15245Not updated
48Dinrova HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US15195Not updated
49Aeuss outlawsScilla-US15100Not updated
50Murder Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US15075Not updated
51Ashër ExoScilla-US15065
52Conleth Raid WarningScilla-US15015Not updated
53Holyundawear HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US15000
54Nurimew CasualScilla-US14935Not updated
55Sevensins Heal The MagesScilla-US14930
56Xaven Vandelay IndustriesScilla-US14925Not updated
57Pumpkinspice Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US14895Not updated
58Rawboinkin HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US14875Not updated
59Lexicon WraithScilla-US14830Not updated
60Geibwyn RedemptíonScilla-US14825Not updated
61Peterbilt RedemptíonScilla-US14775
62Mbizzle We Wipe On TrashScilla-US14770Not updated
63Blueshards RedemptíonScilla-US14720Not updated
64Tumoria We Wipe On TrashScilla-US14710
65Silverwill Red ArmyScilla-US14695
66Aiar  Scilla-US14680Not updated
67Andrew We Wipe On TrashScilla-US14675
68Faimano Disciples of RedemptionScilla-US14655Not updated
69Whither VirtueScilla-US14635Not updated
70Revedup RememberanceScilla-US14535
70Deheune CasualScilla-US14535Not updated
70Mournthedead  Scilla-US14535
73Mikrouli  Scilla-US14520Not updated
74Wildream  Scilla-US14510
74Tzatziki Plan RuseScilla-US14510Not updated
76Theloneus Disciples of RedemptionScilla-US14435Not updated
77Blaack CasualScilla-US14430Not updated
78Renii WraithScilla-US14410Not updated
79Sheehunts Blood BrothersScilla-US14400
80Gadondre  Scilla-US14375Not updated
81Zandus HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US14355
82Afghancush NOT SUQY PPLsScilla-US14350
83Anoor  Scilla-US14225Not updated
84Zaxes HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US14205
85Zboao Red ArmyScilla-US14170Not updated
86Kunfu AuspicionScilla-US14150Not updated
87Everstill Critical MassScilla-US14130
88Kaztrika We Wipe On TrashScilla-US14110
89Toofierce ResurrectionScilla-US14100Not updated
90Korialstraza HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US14075
91Antioxidant Red ArmyScilla-US14045
92Grumpasaurus Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US14030Not updated
93Cheesebrglar RememberanceScilla-US14015
94Fudgymilk  Scilla-US14010Not updated
95Scybad  Scilla-US13985Not updated
95Scyform  Scilla-US13985Not updated
97Alandraa Mutinous ActsScilla-US13980Not updated
98Olympusmons Buffalo ChipsScilla-US13970
99Tarlyna HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US13940
100Grethor Forbidden DisciplesScilla-US13930Not updated

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