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Sargeras-US Achievement Points
1Hewty MidwinterSargeras-US21925
2Erõs RiotSargeras-US21895
3Pennyweis  Sargeras-US21885Not updated
4Arrowqt MidwinterSargeras-US21810
5Kegskrieg RIP in PeaceSargeras-US21755
6Ivanetta Bot to GladSargeras-US21750
7Sanctuaryxo MidwinterSargeras-US21670
8Tinyhotdot Zodiac BravesSargeras-US21620
8Hoboss Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US21620
10Lethoian Nothing PersonalSargeras-US21595
11Latigra MidwinterSargeras-US21555
12Murac stalk and killSargeras-US21545
13Rhandal MidwinterSargeras-US21540
14Glitter The Dream TeamSargeras-US21535
15Jobie MaliceSargeras-US21490
16Ignitetus ImperviousSargeras-US21460
17Kisses  Sargeras-US21380Not updated
18Skatejawn Seriously CasualSargeras-US21365
19Midgetpower Kill OrderSargeras-US21260
20Fisken MidwinterSargeras-US21175
21Roc Noodle FactorySargeras-US21165
22Zadora Manbearpig AwarenessSargeras-US21150
22Appdruid Not Lookin GoodSargeras-US21150Not updated
24Haldes TaoSargeras-US21095Not updated
25Xenthori Large DoveSargeras-US21080
26Xenthiras Large DoveSargeras-US21065Not updated
27Rankedlol  Sargeras-US21035
28Organizm Seriously CasualSargeras-US20930
29Compromise VulgarSargeras-US20900
30Dragonturd Large DoveSargeras-US20895
31Shufflelol MossadSargeras-US20885
32Sÿd SlackerSargeras-US20860
33Warwonka Bear Retirement HomeSargeras-US20845
34Tyleigh Ours is the FurySargeras-US20835
35Memoboy EvenfallSargeras-US20810
36Shamarez Seriously CasualSargeras-US20800
37Bstunningu Noodle FactorySargeras-US20795
38Triginhil Kill OrderSargeras-US20735
39Smartiepantz Well PlayedSargeras-US20725
40Arrachnid Obscene JestersSargeras-US20705Not updated
41Peepjynx MossadSargeras-US20700Not updated
42Darktool SymbiosisSargeras-US20690
43Cyndabean SymbiosisSargeras-US20660
43Vexpa EchelónSargeras-US20660Not updated
45Anarteq Stack and DieSargeras-US20615
46Tonìc Smitus and FriendsSargeras-US20580
47Hobar ClockworkSargeras-US20575
47Dockers AirSargeras-US20575
49Madawk VulgarSargeras-US20520
50Soulfuse Seriously CasualSargeras-US20500
51Sensse MidwinterSargeras-US20490Not updated
52Sopa VulgarSargeras-US20480
53Galistuh MediocreSargeras-US20475
54Cheezitzer chalky rice brown heartSargeras-US20470Not updated
55Baird Get Well SoonSargeras-US20465
56Ðevana  Sargeras-US20455
57Sytam Delicate SensibilitiesSargeras-US20445
58Emîdron ResurrectedSargeras-US20420
59Idotsheep Couldnt Be WorseSargeras-US20400
60Kissandtell TaoSargeras-US20395Not updated
61Antimaerlim Illidan PensadorSargeras-US20380Not updated
62Jaxx Noodle FactorySargeras-US20360
62Tessorak Adult EntertainmentSargeras-US20360
64Digerati Seriously CasualSargeras-US20350
65Dad MidwinterSargeras-US20345
65Shotsnstings Business ClassSargeras-US20345
67Joline DefiantSargeras-US20340
68Refugios stalk and killSargeras-US20320
69Llednar Last RequestSargeras-US20310
70Pouncecinius  Sargeras-US20305Not updated
71Hornnopolis Seriously CasualSargeras-US20295
72Jagwar Vs The UniverseSargeras-US20285
73Tirina Raging MisfitsSargeras-US20270
73Apyôn Yolo to GladSargeras-US20270
75Anaxie MidwinterSargeras-US20255
76Maely  Sargeras-US20250
77Korrah Bear Retirement HomeSargeras-US20220
78Finkployd Get Well SoonSargeras-US20210Not updated
79Stab Delicate SensibilitiesSargeras-US20200
80Noremorseqt The Family BusinessSargeras-US20175
81Graycenxoxo War StormSargeras-US20135
82Tryss Pure AgonySargeras-US20130
82Marsold  Sargeras-US20130
82Wenll Seriously CasualSargeras-US20130
85Adamlol MidwinterSargeras-US20125Not updated
86Walmarthas  Sargeras-US20120
87Jabthis OmnicideSargeras-US20110

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