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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Rivendare-US Achievement Points
1Dkingit The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US19740Not updated
2Phusionm UnitedRivendare-US19555Not updated
3Saenko Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US19440
4Raeven  Rivendare-US19430Not updated
5Pachinko UnitedRivendare-US19255Not updated
6Folrig Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US18970
7Dóóm AbsolutionRivendare-US18725Not updated
8Yaryia  Rivendare-US18705Not updated
9Manaeldar Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US18545
10Demowolf  Rivendare-US18450
11Firestaryvfd  Rivendare-US18305Not updated
12Graveheartt Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US18245
13Tommas  Rivendare-US18095Not updated
14Llydian Amateur HourRivendare-US17980Not updated
15Soulwitch The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US17800Not updated
16Darkxshadow The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US17630Not updated
17Eilonwy The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US17615Not updated
18Macetodaface  Rivendare-US17605Not updated
19Nosnowballs  Rivendare-US17380Not updated
20Steadfast The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US17355Not updated
21Carenss The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US17140Not updated
22Turdy  Rivendare-US17130Not updated
23Abyssaldemon  Rivendare-US17100Not updated
24Chemicalburn  Rivendare-US16865
25Sini Wub One OutRivendare-US16855Not updated
26Fuzzykins WickedRivendare-US16565Not updated
27Galapagos Phoenix LegionRivendare-US16340Not updated
28Llevian The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US16245Not updated
29Peonhero MisfitsRivendare-US16235Not updated
30Samurijon  Rivendare-US16215Not updated
31Bluegreenguy MisfitsRivendare-US16155Not updated
32Devinebch LightofAllianceRivendare-US16125Not updated
33Barkley RehabRivendare-US16120Not updated
34Synjah Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US15980
35Suixide  Rivendare-US15960Not updated
36Terdez CP WednesdayRivendare-US15865Not updated
37Quarkk The WildlingsRivendare-US15835
38Sanitus The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US15775Not updated
39Grikar  Rivendare-US15710Not updated
40Oldirtypanda UnitedRivendare-US15635Not updated
41Cheesegurger  Rivendare-US15550Not updated
42Shreddër Malus DeiRivendare-US15480
43Lukahn DrinksOnUsRivendare-US15455
44Ephitaph  Rivendare-US15365Not updated
45Movere Young GunsRivendare-US15355Not updated
46Elm  Rivendare-US15270Not updated
47Blabbit BnBRivendare-US15255Not updated
48Redknight BnBRivendare-US15245Not updated
49Lewt WHARRGARBLRivendare-US15225Not updated
50Jelel The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US15170Not updated
51Karmabeach  Rivendare-US15165Not updated
52Mearae  Rivendare-US15160Not updated
53Gobdork League of LegendsRivendare-US15120Not updated
54Arilas ArkaneRivendare-US15115Not updated
55Holysilvana Ninjas Vs PiratesRivendare-US15075Not updated
56Soulsnatcher The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US15050Not updated
57Thelaw Bad HabitsRivendare-US15040Not updated
58Zeparous Undeads Ate My NeighborsRivendare-US15010Not updated
59Sainthunter Alliance Funeral CompanyRivendare-US15000Not updated
60Definite Bad HabitsRivendare-US14990Not updated
61Greenfiêld  Rivendare-US14930Not updated
62Ammily OverRaidedRivendare-US14835
63Xkarma stay thirsty my friendsRivendare-US14830Not updated
64Sylandria Wub One OutRivendare-US14805Not updated
65Lõve WHARRGARBLRivendare-US14755Not updated
66Boxxy The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US14705Not updated
67Tomes  Rivendare-US14670Not updated
68Ehai Wub One OutRivendare-US14665Not updated
69Rinoa The Lollipop GuildRivendare-US14655Not updated
70Bëarackobama OverRaidedRivendare-US14535
71Runningbull G O D L I K ERivendare-US14490Not updated
72Bodyhigh stay thirsty my friendsRivendare-US14475Not updated
73Alsunstrider The Dark ResistanceRivendare-US14290Not updated
74Kaemlas ShinsengumìRivendare-US14270Not updated
75Aeleya  Rivendare-US14245Not updated
76Yooki  Rivendare-US14175Not updated
77Shayolin Amateur HourRivendare-US14145Not updated
77Pyrellis Amateur HourRivendare-US14145Not updated
79Kyndris  Rivendare-US14135Not updated
80Yraine Moving TargetRivendare-US14095Not updated
80Ryner Wub One OutRivendare-US14095Not updated
82Iffy  Rivendare-US14060Not updated
82Aprileena Silverdragon ClanRivendare-US14060Not updated
84Renzokuken Ashes to AshesRivendare-US14045Not updated
85Panduhbare BannedRivendare-US14035Not updated
85Scheiße  Rivendare-US14035Not updated
87Maldeth Cult of DiscordRivendare-US13960Not updated
88Staladento  Rivendare-US13955Not updated
89Vínçent  Rivendare-US13950Not updated
90Benzin Order of WarRivendare-US13865
90Ekira  Rivendare-US13865Not updated
90Ahrashi League of LegendsRivendare-US13865Not updated
90Corvair  Rivendare-US13865Not updated
94Qulk  Rivendare-US13855Not updated
95Tungol  Rivendare-US13790Not updated
96Myroladis Southsea StrongarmsRivendare-US13785
97Froststyle Final Fantasy LegacyRivendare-US13765Not updated
98Aguacero  Rivendare-US13760

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