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Rexxar-US Achievement Points
1Lokgar CensoredRexxar-US20710
2Diaf The ExiledRexxar-US20690
3Stormcoil The ExiledRexxar-US20200
4Dymetrius supr magik dargon slayazRexxar-US20155Not updated
5Caedhros just bloodlustRexxar-US20090
6Ranzou DetoxRexxar-US20040
7Analar  Rexxar-US19640
7Howls AX CorpsRexxar-US19640Not updated
9Akuria Advanced CampfireRexxar-US19445
10Trautman  Rexxar-US19380Not updated
11Mokona AX CorpsRexxar-US19230Not updated
12Timmaytiny The ExiledRexxar-US19190
13Sarai just bloodlustRexxar-US19045Not updated
14Sasquatsh Greed is GoodRexxar-US19000Not updated
15Ruutfifth RaptureRexxar-US18960Not updated
16Kandorian  Rexxar-US18815Not updated
17Serei  Rexxar-US18780
18Octâvian NightbaneRexxar-US18695
19Cocoaivory  Rexxar-US18660Not updated
20Perrìn Advanced CampfireRexxar-US18635Not updated
21Deathkloc InertiaRexxar-US18600
22Hemokatsu By the Night AngelsRexxar-US18550
23Zenobiia Dragons AeryRexxar-US18450Not updated
24Whooshie The Galactic EmpireRexxar-US18430Not updated
25Huggabear  Rexxar-US18425Not updated
26Chartkiyan  Rexxar-US18380Not updated
27Tikklez Empire of DirtRexxar-US18155
28Vex InertiaRexxar-US18140
29Azamar Legendary ExilesRexxar-US18110
30Dendron The ExiledRexxar-US18105
31Spookydeath just bloodlustRexxar-US17995
32Tirpitz just bloodlustRexxar-US17935
33Saandi DesecrationRexxar-US17880
34Foleydin just bloodlustRexxar-US17855
35Cadejos InLovingMemoryRexxar-US17850
36Azulina The ExiledRexxar-US17845
36Havén NightbaneRexxar-US17845
38Coraspernan  Rexxar-US17825Not updated
39Pawless ProgressionRexxar-US17785Not updated
40Chumpette NightbaneRexxar-US17690Not updated
41Muschroom just bloodlustRexxar-US17635Not updated
42Silchas just bloodlustRexxar-US17620
43Smúrfette Ninja Hit SquadRexxar-US17590
44Jäsmine Gale ForceRexxar-US17550
45Ellebee Sons of TroyRexxar-US17520
46Naei  Rexxar-US17515Not updated
46Staple just bloodlustRexxar-US17515
48Drowgon Darkness RisingRexxar-US17495
49Atàlanta Golden Apple CorpsRexxar-US17310
50Malfuran Afk PowernapRexxar-US17300
51Scathios Hells MinionsRexxar-US17285
52Soulrapierqt  Rexxar-US17275Not updated
53Coell Coupe De GraceRexxar-US17225
54Lothrîk The ExiledRexxar-US17210Not updated
55Velkreg InertiaRexxar-US17195Not updated
56Incentia The Promised KingdomRexxar-US17190Not updated
57Elahisma Legendary ExilesRexxar-US17185
58Teenah Golden Apple CorpsRexxar-US17175Not updated
59Hoarath Advanced CampfireRexxar-US17160
60Razebrah Cupcake MafiaRexxar-US17155Not updated
61Trevlei ProphecyRexxar-US17085
62Macfly just bloodlustRexxar-US17070
63Subeta  Rexxar-US17065Not updated
64Panick Red Light DistrictRexxar-US17040Not updated
65Tiira The Motion PictureRexxar-US17005
66Aniwaya IntentRexxar-US16900Not updated
67Rhuan Stands in BadRexxar-US16885
67Thorinkiller Crit HappensRexxar-US16885Not updated
69Ruinashun Darkblood CovenRexxar-US16860Not updated
70Phibarundian Legendary ExilesRexxar-US16855Not updated
71Thuro Forget Your SanityRexxar-US16835Not updated
72Esmerallda One Step FurtherRexxar-US16825

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