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Rexxar-US Achievement Points
1Rakgor just bloodlustRexxar-US20465
2Akihisa The ExiledRexxar-US20230
3Caedhros just bloodlustRexxar-US20090
4Thundaxx just bloodlustRexxar-US20050Not updated
5Stormcoil The ExiledRexxar-US19940
6Karasuba DetoxRexxar-US19895
7Howls AX CorpsRexxar-US19640Not updated
8Analar DesecrationRexxar-US19505
9Rikapi AX CorpsRexxar-US19210Not updated
10Sarai just bloodlustRexxar-US19045Not updated
11Timmaytiny The ExiledRexxar-US18975
12Ruutfifth RaptureRexxar-US18960Not updated
13Akuria Advanced CampfireRexxar-US18735
14Perrìn Advanced CampfireRexxar-US18635Not updated
15Serei  Rexxar-US18620
16Huggabear  Rexxar-US18425
17Chartkiyan The ExiledRexxar-US18380Not updated
18Sasquatsh Greed is GoodRexxar-US18350
19Whooshie The Galactic EmpireRexxar-US18240Not updated
20Vex InertiaRexxar-US18140
21Tikklez Empire of DirtRexxar-US18125
22Azamar Legendary ExilesRexxar-US18090
23Deathkloc InertiaRexxar-US18065
24Sahtra The ExiledRexxar-US17965
25Foleydin just bloodlustRexxar-US17855
26Bowden Crit HappensRexxar-US17785Not updated
27Zulina The ExiledRexxar-US17775
28Saandi DesecrationRexxar-US17770
29Spookydeath just bloodlustRexxar-US17715
30Octâvian NightbaneRexxar-US17700
31Chumpette NightbaneRexxar-US17690
32Muiya Forsaken HopeRexxar-US17640Not updated
33Muschroom just bloodlustRexxar-US17635Not updated
34Cadejos InLovingMemoryRexxar-US17615
35Naei  Rexxar-US17515Not updated
36Drowgon Darkness RisingRexxar-US17475
36Zurdann just bloodlustRexxar-US17475Not updated
38Malfuran Afk PowernapRexxar-US17300
39Atàlanta Golden Apple CorpsRexxar-US17290
40Soulrapierqt  Rexxar-US17275Not updated
41Lothrîk The ExiledRexxar-US17210Not updated
42Velkreg InertiaRexxar-US17195
43Teenah Golden Apple CorpsRexxar-US17175
44Rheavin NightbaneRexxar-US17170
45Beetlejuce Gale ForceRexxar-US17160
46Razebrah Cupcake MafiaRexxar-US17155
47Hotsam EtherealRexxar-US17095
48Subeta  Rexxar-US17065Not updated
49Amannas just bloodlustRexxar-US17050
50Saintsam  Rexxar-US17045Not updated
51Coraspernan ItRexxar-US17000Not updated
52Macfly just bloodlustRexxar-US16960
53Jollakeratu Advanced CampfireRexxar-US16885
54Elahisma Legendary ExilesRexxar-US16875
54Panick Red Light DistrictRexxar-US16875Not updated
56Demetèr Coupe De GraceRexxar-US16870
57Ruinashun Darkblood CovenRexxar-US16860Not updated
58Phibarundian Legendary ExilesRexxar-US16855
59Thuro Forget Your SanityRexxar-US16835
60Aliciakeys  Rexxar-US16750Not updated
61Thorinkiller Crit HappensRexxar-US16735Not updated
62Râcerx  Rexxar-US16690Not updated
63Darkshadoww Templars Of DarknessRexxar-US16680
64Trixsen NightbaneRexxar-US16665
65Mithrios NightbaneRexxar-US16660
66Scathios  Rexxar-US16640Not updated
67Wahalla just bloodlustRexxar-US16635
68Subt Attorney At LawRexxar-US16630
69Ozerin DeliriumRexxar-US16625

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