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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravenholdt-EU Achievement Points
1Bláze RR IncRavenholdt-EU21480Not updated
2Fläsk Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU20380Not updated
3Zeechet RR IncRavenholdt-EU20370Not updated
4Lerish  Ravenholdt-EU20220Not updated
5Rosshunt ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU20215Not updated
6Nuked Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU20205Not updated
7Kann RR IncRavenholdt-EU20035Not updated
8Zoid It came from StratholmeRavenholdt-EU19955Not updated
9Dignition Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU19950Not updated
10Sciandrys Ðeus lo vultRavenholdt-EU19940Not updated
11Deepfell MementoRavenholdt-EU19900Not updated
12Wargun Ladybugs and DragonfliesRavenholdt-EU19785Not updated
13Blam  Ravenholdt-EU19755Not updated
14Demonicangel RR IncRavenholdt-EU19585Not updated
14Zeraphim Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU19585Not updated
16Newsom  Ravenholdt-EU19540Not updated
17Orchune ExplícítRavenholdt-EU19380Not updated
18Waydead Carlitos WayRavenholdt-EU19370Not updated
19Tynid MukRavenholdt-EU19345Not updated
20Amaranthiné Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU19320Not updated
21Spinners  Ravenholdt-EU19315Not updated
22Krest PhoenixRavenholdt-EU19215Not updated
23Edzha Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU19210Not updated
24Moriarty AvalanchéRavenholdt-EU19145Not updated
25Celione RR IncRavenholdt-EU19125Not updated
26Zecora ExplícítRavenholdt-EU19010Not updated
27Commadore Nether HooligansRavenholdt-EU18950Not updated
28Pawesome RR IncRavenholdt-EU18945Not updated
29Athalanta Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU18935Not updated
30Erniejr Elwynn Cub ScoutsRavenholdt-EU18825Not updated
31Turbopatte  Ravenholdt-EU18685Not updated
32Bagatelle RR IncRavenholdt-EU18660Not updated
33Mirel  Ravenholdt-EU18630Not updated
34Doubleagent ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU18585Not updated
35Maniie RR IncRavenholdt-EU18545Not updated
36Pekkoperkule KukkorengasRavenholdt-EU18540Not updated
37Angelos Ku Uuruks FuryRavenholdt-EU18510Not updated
38Solarmond PhoenixRavenholdt-EU18395Not updated
39Soliras RR IncRavenholdt-EU18380Not updated
40Feuerfliege RR IncRavenholdt-EU18375Not updated
41Tagrid Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU18365Not updated
42Medala  Ravenholdt-EU18355Not updated
43Crags RR IncRavenholdt-EU18325Not updated
44Choochóó RR IncRavenholdt-EU18260Not updated
45Achillea  Ravenholdt-EU18205Not updated
46Battybwoy Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU18185Not updated
47Bujzel  Ravenholdt-EU18150Not updated
48Cybergig WildcardRavenholdt-EU18090Not updated
49Garthdon RR IncRavenholdt-EU18035Not updated
50Biskup  Ravenholdt-EU17975Not updated
51Mike Brains Are SoulboundRavenholdt-EU17945Not updated
52Elliana Dawn And DuskRavenholdt-EU17940Not updated
53Tourabregas PhoenixRavenholdt-EU17910Not updated
54Mekk RR IncRavenholdt-EU17875Not updated
55Nightwalks  Ravenholdt-EU17770Not updated
56Fáde RR IncRavenholdt-EU17670Not updated
57Kamaninja Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU17610Not updated
58Mornadan RR IncRavenholdt-EU17560Not updated
59Fuzzyfizzel Ladybugs and DragonfliesRavenholdt-EU17505Not updated
60Dîspatchîîx Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU17465Not updated
61Buda Battle ToadsRavenholdt-EU17460Not updated
61Chlóe RR IncRavenholdt-EU17460Not updated
63Exdiera Diem PerdidiRavenholdt-EU17430Not updated
64Dziggi Exploding Sheep incRavenholdt-EU17415Not updated
65Jolandra Telvarre NoeriRavenholdt-EU17400Not updated
66Azuhk Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU17390Not updated
67Morange  Ravenholdt-EU17385Not updated
68Arejs Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU17370Not updated
69Ezili RR IncRavenholdt-EU17340Not updated
70Valkirna RR IncRavenholdt-EU17260Not updated
70Showcow Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU17260Not updated
72Rakshou RenovoRavenholdt-EU17225Not updated
73Caltharn Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU17195Not updated
74Hoolyz RR IncRavenholdt-EU17125Not updated
75Twinxi Crimson CrusadersRavenholdt-EU17095Not updated
76Orwen  Ravenholdt-EU17020Not updated
76Histulat Balance of PowerRavenholdt-EU17020Not updated
78Ghelgath E Pluribus UnumRavenholdt-EU16995Not updated
79Fourcher RR IncRavenholdt-EU16930Not updated
80Rosaura  Ravenholdt-EU16855Not updated
81Kurcaci Pejantan TangguhRavenholdt-EU16835Not updated
82Morituri  Ravenholdt-EU16805Not updated
83Lizzykenzie  Ravenholdt-EU16790Not updated
84Cail RR IncRavenholdt-EU16700Not updated
85Mooivos RR IncRavenholdt-EU16645Not updated
86Aiame Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU16610Not updated
87Orçun Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU16575Not updated
88Cymbelline Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU16570Not updated
89Thorkell Ðeus lo vultRavenholdt-EU16560Not updated
90Ralathon RR IncRavenholdt-EU16510Not updated
91Adrala RR IncRavenholdt-EU16495Not updated
92Shift RR IncRavenholdt-EU16465Not updated
93Tygiel Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU16420Not updated
94Spoiler Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU16410Not updated
95Luminosity Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU16355Not updated

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