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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravenholdt-US Achievement Points
1Smidgett  Ravenholdt-US21240Not updated
2Projecplv  Ravenholdt-US21070Not updated
3Wylithelyn The Dirty Underwear GangRavenholdt-US20610Not updated
4Zeldoris Universal OrderRavenholdt-US20575Not updated
5Beaufort Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US20045Not updated
6Dazzak Eight BitRavenholdt-US19920Not updated
7Tacksi  Ravenholdt-US19915Not updated
8Noxire Topical AnesthesiaRavenholdt-US19875Not updated
9Tharaknight Artisans of WarRavenholdt-US19765Not updated
10Salex The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US19715Not updated
11Cadavros Coup de GrâceRavenholdt-US19675Not updated
12Haukkah Universal OrderRavenholdt-US19645Not updated
13Reddrake Bone CollectorsRavenholdt-US19530Not updated
14Woogling  Ravenholdt-US19460Not updated
15Alcinoe OffensiveRavenholdt-US19450Not updated
16Palix Lorem IpsumRavenholdt-US19440Not updated
17Rogru DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US19365Not updated
18Chixnu NephilimRavenholdt-US19360Not updated
19Ekleipsis That GuildRavenholdt-US19335Not updated
20Aslena Anatomically VogueRavenholdt-US19315Not updated
21Yacoub Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US19295Not updated
22Tygrey ReprisalRavenholdt-US19280Not updated
23Tekton Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US19160Not updated
24Malinde Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US19135Not updated
25Chestter DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US19100Not updated
26Halvin  Ravenholdt-US19065Not updated
27Dovi Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US18960Not updated
28Vorc Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US18955Not updated
29Aziel Universal OrderRavenholdt-US18905Not updated
30Hegel The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US18890Not updated
31Sanguinosis  Ravenholdt-US18850Not updated
32Helmholtz RiskbreakersRavenholdt-US18815Not updated
33Silanna  Ravenholdt-US18735Not updated
34Chassy NephilimRavenholdt-US18680Not updated
35Seathe IntentRavenholdt-US18610Not updated
36Squishable DepricatedRavenholdt-US18585Not updated
37Caikirn Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US18495Not updated
38Balthusar SolsticeRavenholdt-US18485Not updated
39Alastare  Ravenholdt-US18410Not updated
40Loki Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US18380Not updated
41Ailchú Rise of the Night MoonRavenholdt-US18375Not updated
42Inadel Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US18240Not updated
43Kiwiboo BlutengelRavenholdt-US18185Not updated
44Alaurel NephilimRavenholdt-US18160Not updated
45Aradune NephilimRavenholdt-US18145Not updated
46Arkadiusz  Ravenholdt-US18120Not updated
47Õnikriss RenaissanceRavenholdt-US18095Not updated
47Dovo  Ravenholdt-US18095Not updated
49Agnellus Pax UmbrisRavenholdt-US18025Not updated
50Zylaen DepricatedRavenholdt-US18020Not updated
51Juvy Sneaky Bunny Death SquadRavenholdt-US18010Not updated
52Cayreth The IndeliblesRavenholdt-US17955Not updated
53Burai That GuildRavenholdt-US17930Not updated
54Archasta PandemicRavenholdt-US17900Not updated
55Xaura CerberusRavenholdt-US17875Not updated
56Këgger IntentRavenholdt-US17850Not updated
57Jiyo  Ravenholdt-US17835Not updated
58Cleanze Anarchy RisingRavenholdt-US17830Not updated
59Capclaws  Ravenholdt-US17780Not updated
60Oishi DepricatedRavenholdt-US17775Not updated
61Xendreal NephilimRavenholdt-US17760Not updated
62Zèphyris Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US17745Not updated
63Scheaden  Ravenholdt-US17710Not updated
64Skyjade Disorganized CrimeRavenholdt-US17700Not updated
65Versy  Ravenholdt-US17650Not updated
66Darquis No FearRavenholdt-US17615Not updated
67Ironhungus Fallen HeroesRavenholdt-US17605Not updated
68Shethor Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US17495Not updated
69Nínkasí The SentinelsRavenholdt-US17485Not updated
70Solaís Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US17460Not updated
71Ventblaze  Ravenholdt-US17450Not updated
72Apostallion Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US17415Not updated
73Nolas RiskbreakersRavenholdt-US17405Not updated
74Dasani  Ravenholdt-US17395Not updated
75Hybrys GastropodRavenholdt-US17365Not updated
76Anshu AudacityRavenholdt-US17345Not updated
77Torgal Bloodfury ClanRavenholdt-US17320Not updated
78Theià Dark DragonsRavenholdt-US17315Not updated
79Astraea Wave Of MutilationRavenholdt-US17290Not updated
80Noncess  Ravenholdt-US17260Not updated
81Ezbattlepets The Crimson PhoenixRavenholdt-US17250Not updated
82Boslend DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US17240Not updated
83Kloxx IntentRavenholdt-US17185Not updated
84Anatu The UnwantedRavenholdt-US17120Not updated
85Abysia That GuildRavenholdt-US17080Not updated
86Rhaiah Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US17075Not updated
87Zuflik DreadnaughtRavenholdt-US17055Not updated
88Tapewormicus Wave Of MutilationRavenholdt-US17045Not updated
89Estreya Universal OrderRavenholdt-US17040Not updated
90Dromian Decisively IndecisiveRavenholdt-US17015Not updated
91Leaania ReprisalRavenholdt-US16985Not updated
92Arodon ExtirpationRavenholdt-US16945Not updated
93Hazefire  Ravenholdt-US16940Not updated
94Orctalray The Hordes HooligansRavenholdt-US16895Not updated
95Bábbaganoosh The SentinelsRavenholdt-US16865Not updated
96Maledicam Legion of the HordeRavenholdt-US16825Not updated
97Dancingdk  Ravenholdt-US16820Not updated
98Bombar No FearRavenholdt-US16785Not updated
99Satyrixx Systematic FailureRavenholdt-US16750Not updated
100Deerez Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-US16715Not updated

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