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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Achievement Points
1Lullejhc  Ravencrest-EU21940Not updated
2Thekalin The FellowshipRavencrest-EU21865Not updated
3Lanaðelreÿ  Ravencrest-EU21810Not updated
4Ludvice Nuke FTWRavencrest-EU21730Not updated
5Dethron  Ravencrest-EU21625Not updated
6Midgetmadnes  Ravencrest-EU21605Not updated
7Draemína  Ravencrest-EU21585Not updated
8Dimholdt The Dark TitanRavencrest-EU21525Not updated
9Interpolic Unity HeroRavencrest-EU21510Not updated
10Cratenpriest  Ravencrest-EU21450Not updated
11Lokster DaudaRavencrest-EU21440Not updated
12Doshii  Ravencrest-EU21395Not updated
13Tsjorkki The Northern KingdomRavencrest-EU21350Not updated
14Yoor Hero of the AllianceRavencrest-EU21265Not updated
15Curufinwëtwo  Ravencrest-EU21255Not updated
16Rebellos Ancient DefilersRavencrest-EU21105Not updated
16Anakîin Veni Vidi ViciRavencrest-EU21105Not updated
18Aunriet Combat EvolvedRavencrest-EU21040Not updated
19Kakis  Ravencrest-EU21005Not updated
20Saakyo Winter is ComingRavencrest-EU20995Not updated
21Scatalite  Ravencrest-EU20980Not updated
22Velluxoxo  Ravencrest-EU20960Not updated
23Valerya  Ravencrest-EU20910Not updated
24Swemonkx  Ravencrest-EU20895Not updated
25Nelle Group TherapyRavencrest-EU20875Not updated
25Devod  Ravencrest-EU20875Not updated
27Ranyr RLoARavencrest-EU20865Not updated
28Satamorgana Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU20855Not updated
28Evdokiya  Ravencrest-EU20855Not updated
30Jackbøss yaspresentsRavencrest-EU20850Not updated
31Árthor PrevailRavencrest-EU20830Not updated
31Hippolytus  Ravencrest-EU20830Not updated
33Samaél Pwn StarRavencrest-EU20820Not updated
34Jackkie  Ravencrest-EU20805Not updated
35Legadema Raiders of the Lost AchRavencrest-EU20800Not updated
36Olika TakenRavencrest-EU20790Not updated
37Digimørtal CivitasRavencrest-EU20775Not updated
37Shiduna HypothermiaRavencrest-EU20775Not updated
39Galdirtwo KarolinkaRavencrest-EU20745Not updated
40Disq Deathsworn VerdictRavencrest-EU20735Not updated
40Carquez Effective ActionRavencrest-EU20735Not updated
42Autchy  Ravencrest-EU20720Not updated
42Rasoràth JynxRavencrest-EU20720Not updated
44Taurohtar ImmortaliumRavencrest-EU20705Not updated
44Faldoman  Ravencrest-EU20705Not updated
46Fattys Ducks and DogsRavencrest-EU20700Not updated
47Jagged EthicRavencrest-EU20690Not updated
48Snoopjitsu RefrigeraidersRavencrest-EU20680Not updated
48Earthnuts TakenRavencrest-EU20680Not updated
50Durinko  Ravencrest-EU20675Not updated
51Ronya  Ravencrest-EU20670Not updated
52Connaro One Percent WipeRavencrest-EU20645Not updated
53Shâr Art Of SacrificeRavencrest-EU20640Not updated
53Jarmo  Ravencrest-EU20640Not updated
55Anteaus StasisRavencrest-EU20630Not updated
56Mammahunter PriméRavencrest-EU20600Not updated
57Luxxord CivitasRavencrest-EU20595Not updated
57Destãrd What did you sayRavencrest-EU20595Not updated
57Cj  Ravencrest-EU20595Not updated
60Elastar The Great DanesRavencrest-EU20590Not updated
60Devoluzion Aim HighRavencrest-EU20590Not updated
62Vanddynen Dont Break THE CCRavencrest-EU20585Not updated
63Anuyut Cryptic AnnihilationRavencrest-EU20575Not updated
64Eminemn  Ravencrest-EU20570Not updated
65Biffyz eXampleRavencrest-EU20560Not updated
65Messere IlluminatiRavencrest-EU20560Not updated
67Lökdipp Deathsworn VerdictRavencrest-EU20515Not updated
67Nashyl Huk Huk Im a TalbukRavencrest-EU20515Not updated
69Legionarul Frozen NibblesRavencrest-EU20505Not updated
70Bieber  Ravencrest-EU20480Not updated
71Adiieu RushRavencrest-EU20475Not updated
71Peperkloten Sworn VengeanceRavencrest-EU20475Not updated
73Imagenatîon HypothermiaRavencrest-EU20470Not updated
73Darkroots LatenightRavencrest-EU20470Not updated
75Kraanlol  Ravencrest-EU20465Not updated
76Shinobij Nuke FTWRavencrest-EU20455Not updated
77Fatsu  Ravencrest-EU20440Not updated
78Tuccîî Slow DownRavencrest-EU20430Not updated
79Dude Exalted With Pizza HutRavencrest-EU20425Not updated
80Skuggspel  Ravencrest-EU20420Not updated
81Sînnabrus EXRavencrest-EU20405Not updated
82Skegget  Ravencrest-EU20385Not updated
82Haschwalth Deathsworn VerdictRavencrest-EU20385Not updated
84Noirinan  Ravencrest-EU20380Not updated
85Xavon Muffins Of MayhemRavencrest-EU20375Not updated
86Élmuerto  Ravencrest-EU20370Not updated
87Grindo  Ravencrest-EU20365Not updated
88Bær DawnstarRavencrest-EU20310Not updated
89Nodept Loot FTWRavencrest-EU20305Not updated
90Annaskipper DRAGON POLAND WARRIORZRavencrest-EU20300Not updated
91Teslara Elitist JerksRavencrest-EU20285Not updated
92Krafnica ImpurityRavencrest-EU20280Not updated

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