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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Achievement Points
1Nocturnall Weapon XOutland-EU21985Not updated
2Saakia Bringing the PainOutland-EU21875Not updated
3Petialøl  Outland-EU21835Not updated
4Anjapowa  Outland-EU21735Not updated
5Sumek Sapped Cows Cant MooOutland-EU21695Not updated
6João DragonslayersOutland-EU21605Not updated
6Devilsecho Diem PerdidiOutland-EU21605Not updated
8Bufy Outlandish HordeOutland-EU21600Not updated
9Amethyne  Outland-EU21535Not updated
10Exploited IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAHOutland-EU21515Not updated
11Zaylithia BloodswornOutland-EU21365Not updated
12Chamtot  Outland-EU21335Not updated
13Huntersafe Reign Of BloodOutland-EU21275Not updated
14Nykie PerfectíonOutland-EU21250Not updated
15Beaverknight  Outland-EU21215Not updated
16Akvik SKILLED CAPPEDOutland-EU21190Not updated
17Sinsing  Outland-EU21170Not updated
18Gøthiques Nafig from the BeachOutland-EU21130Not updated
19Rivière HelionOutland-EU21125Not updated
20Kaómi ToxicOutland-EU21090Not updated
21Deafhavana D A R K S I D EOutland-EU21085Not updated
22Sänch OD GamingOutland-EU21060Not updated
23Gnoomka Avengers of FaithOutland-EU21055Not updated
24Nyphitys Néo SekhmetOutland-EU21005Not updated
25Xrulol GPCIOutland-EU20995Not updated
26Athrôn Wheelchair HijackersOutland-EU20975Not updated
27Adej GET REKT BROOutland-EU20950Not updated
28Nightquest  Outland-EU20935Not updated
29Geeki  Outland-EU20895Not updated
30Turályon Polymorphic BehaviourOutland-EU20880Not updated
31Realgmork summer INC DØG CØÜNTEROutland-EU20870Not updated
32Fuchsia AbyssOutland-EU20855Not updated
33Muhay SimplisticOutland-EU20815Not updated
34Baldazars Iceclown CitadelOutland-EU20800Not updated
35Yovvie  Outland-EU20780Not updated
36Rowin AnthillOutland-EU20755Not updated
37Ìl A gnome ate my fudgeOutland-EU20745Not updated
38Kisjetti Honor CappedOutland-EU20730Not updated
39Catchmeow PeeVeePeeOutland-EU20720Not updated
40Lëmmiwinks  Outland-EU20715Not updated
41Moonshyne MD GamingOutland-EU20675Not updated
42Zarà  Outland-EU20645Not updated
43Muhaii AmnesiaOutland-EU20620Not updated
44Holyreturns  Outland-EU20615Not updated
45Ðefile  Outland-EU20600Not updated
46Weatherbird HAZELOutland-EU20580Not updated
47Fîdget Held Into DarknessOutland-EU20560Not updated
48Frénzy Defender of the AncientsOutland-EU20555Not updated
49Ghostsong SourceOutland-EU20545Not updated
50Rozora derplingOutland-EU20525Not updated
51Netherx Knew You Were TroubleOutland-EU20500Not updated
52Sigex IM A WHALE RUAHUAHUAHUAHOutland-EU20495Not updated
53Klams AskOutland-EU20490Not updated
54Pallach  Outland-EU20475Not updated
55Sorreja  Outland-EU20465Not updated
56Thoraso  Outland-EU20435Not updated
57Sabreena  Outland-EU20415Not updated
58Nezzix  Outland-EU20395Not updated
58Zerya guildfulOutland-EU20395Not updated
60Xíímìì  Outland-EU20375Not updated
60Eucleidas Warriors of the ExileOutland-EU20375Not updated
62Raventhrone  Outland-EU20365Not updated
62Foxqatar  Outland-EU20365Not updated
62Apòcalypse DeviousOutland-EU20365Not updated
65Zimpelthen Wheelchair HijackersOutland-EU20350Not updated
65Canoni  Outland-EU20350Not updated
67Polamarke Malformed BrethrenOutland-EU20345Not updated
67Brutalizar NightwatchersOutland-EU20345Not updated
69Realjimlahey summer INC DØG CØÜNTEROutland-EU20340Not updated
70Melkash MD GamingOutland-EU20325Not updated
71Imakeusweat Disney MadnessOutland-EU20305Not updated
72Felflare  Outland-EU20285Not updated
73Crabachan LOW MANA NVM DRINK ABUSEOutland-EU20280Not updated
74Gobzilla  Outland-EU20270Not updated
75Darkkaos hey im avgOutland-EU20250Not updated
76Canined NightwatchersOutland-EU20215Not updated
77Krwâwy  Outland-EU20210Not updated
78Shadowah GET REKT SONOutland-EU20205Not updated
79Koteek InvitroOutland-EU20200Not updated
80Skóldén FatalisOutland-EU20195Not updated
81Mak A New BeginningOutland-EU20190Not updated
82Eppal  Outland-EU20165Not updated
83Noskillatall DIN MOROutland-EU20135Not updated
84Schrotpung  Outland-EU20125Not updated
84Sensatíon  Outland-EU20125Not updated
84Mewtwo Elite SquadOutland-EU20125Not updated
87Mijorc InfamousOutland-EU20100Not updated
88Gazox InnervateOutland-EU20065Not updated
89Gängsturr  Outland-EU20050Not updated
90Shïnø Loyal to GarroshOutland-EU20045Not updated
91Lêathriel  Outland-EU20030Not updated
92Incessant ReignOutland-EU20025Not updated
93Ewahn Like We TriedOutland-EU20020Not updated
94Eggsxyz Zylos HandOutland-EU20015Not updated
95Kittenhugz FatalisOutland-EU20000Not updated
96Hathphog The ShadowbladesOutland-EU19990Not updated
96Takën BEAST irlOutland-EU19990Not updated
98Rubberlipz Titters Yoga ClassOutland-EU19985Not updated
99Redfoxxy AnnihilateOutland-EU19980Not updated
100Leechii Arkham AsylumOutland-EU19970Not updated

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