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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Norgannon-EU Achievement Points
1Ekrucs  Norgannon-EU20920Not updated
2Nopal UnderdogZNorgannon-EU20565Not updated
3Dããr WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU20435Not updated
4Keltan MisanthropNorgannon-EU20255Not updated
5Mordrath Notre VoieNorgannon-EU19975Not updated
6Feeling SanctuaryNorgannon-EU19945Not updated
7Merîan feelz the LoveNorgannon-EU19880Not updated
8Derhansi DignitasNorgannon-EU19835Not updated
9Midorî AncientNorgannon-EU19820Not updated
10Albiantaria DignitasNorgannon-EU19800Not updated
11Èlsi Secret of UúhkNorgannon-EU19760Not updated
12Potestatem SanctuaryNorgannon-EU19410Not updated
13Furon  Norgannon-EU19405Not updated
14Nitilas Circle of LightNorgannon-EU19305Not updated
15Erduisó Circle of LightNorgannon-EU19225Not updated
16Zappafrank ÇhroniçleNorgannon-EU19185Not updated
17Anamora DignitasNorgannon-EU19175Not updated
18Hörscht ÍmmortalNorgannon-EU19115Not updated
19Annutka Hammer of DarknessNorgannon-EU19070Not updated
20Terodíl Mental OverloadNorgannon-EU19035Not updated
20Morthak Blood for BloodNorgannon-EU19035Not updated
22Bohne  Norgannon-EU19030Not updated
23Lynnì Murloc AcademyNorgannon-EU19015Not updated
24Darmkeim AbsoluteNorgannon-EU18965Not updated
25Shizuro Unborn RageNorgannon-EU18930Not updated
26Chenwu KreuzritterNorgannon-EU18890Not updated
27Yura  Norgannon-EU18880Not updated
28Scøtchy Dunkle WandererNorgannon-EU18875Not updated
29Morialqua Dunkle WandererNorgannon-EU18865Not updated
30Síx AbsoluteNorgannon-EU18745Not updated
31Gilaro Die Imperiale GardeNorgannon-EU18720Not updated
32Feról Mental OverloadNorgannon-EU18715Not updated
33Mayabaum  Norgannon-EU18595Not updated
34Mirisade Circle of LightNorgannon-EU18580Not updated
34Macia Semper FidesNorgannon-EU18580Not updated
36Devotion Blood for BloodNorgannon-EU18505Not updated
37Ensíferum  Norgannon-EU18435Not updated
38Ondarius Blood CircleNorgannon-EU18405Not updated
39Krautî Die GefährtenNorgannon-EU18395Not updated
40Pakia Caballero de la LuzNorgannon-EU18385Not updated
41Hadha  Norgannon-EU18325Not updated
42Fletlia Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU18315Not updated
42Alphatier  Norgannon-EU18315Not updated
44Teemazack Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU18310Not updated
45Cherostian DignitasNorgannon-EU18260Not updated
46Mistweaver Hellfire ClanNorgannon-EU18255Not updated
47Kokonoe DignitasNorgannon-EU18240Not updated
47Helgeswelt InfinityNorgannon-EU18240Not updated
49Ayraia Orden der WeisheitNorgannon-EU18220Not updated
49Phezulu EmphyreumNorgannon-EU18220Not updated
51Cárdman  Norgannon-EU18210Not updated
52Allesschreck CosmicosNorgannon-EU18195Not updated
53Dresbart Circle of LightNorgannon-EU18135Not updated
54Lorinu Der Clan der BlutfalkenNorgannon-EU18065Not updated
55Imdead Klein aber OhoNorgannon-EU17965Not updated
56Arwèn Wächter der FinsternisNorgannon-EU17945Not updated
57Deliciôus The Two BrothersNorgannon-EU17900Not updated
58Xyrasz HellDogZNorgannon-EU17880Not updated
59Gogloth Wächter der SäulenNorgannon-EU17875Not updated
60Bluelîght Hellfire ClanNorgannon-EU17865Not updated
61Zornrõschen  Norgannon-EU17840Not updated
62Daokker DignitasNorgannon-EU17830Not updated
62Spacewarriør WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU17830Not updated
62Vídar Die Imperiale GardeNorgannon-EU17830Not updated
65Kariphea DignitasNorgannon-EU17810Not updated
66Rîn AbsoluteNorgannon-EU17770Not updated
67Sarima DarklegionNorgannon-EU17760Not updated
67Valanari Die GefährtenNorgannon-EU17760Not updated
67Frix Wächter der FinsternisNorgannon-EU17760Not updated
70Sylphe Thunder PhoenixNorgannon-EU17755Not updated
71Naora Die Imperiale GardeNorgannon-EU17750Not updated
72Asalla Die Imperiale GardeNorgannon-EU17735Not updated
73Sicklarry Legends of KalimdorNorgannon-EU17730Not updated
74Ríncewind  Norgannon-EU17725Not updated
75Tòxíc Orden der WeisheitNorgannon-EU17715Not updated
76Ghanir Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU17705Not updated
77Thalajun  Norgannon-EU17695Not updated
77Beeveu  Norgannon-EU17695Not updated
79Kruse Die Erben der AllianzNorgannon-EU17685Not updated
80Mineko Swiss PrimeNorgannon-EU17665Not updated
81Illyrria Bláck DragonNorgannon-EU17645Not updated
82Hunøger ImentoNorgannon-EU17640Not updated
83Manorius DignitasNorgannon-EU17630Not updated
83Schalartan Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU17630Not updated
85Bixx KreuzritterNorgannon-EU17625Not updated
86Sarungal  Norgannon-EU17620Not updated
87Bloodymarry Wächter der FinsternisNorgannon-EU17610Not updated
88Libely Circle of LightNorgannon-EU17600Not updated
89Donbergbau Defenders of GrayskullNorgannon-EU17595Not updated
90Rilyna MisanthropNorgannon-EU17585Not updated
91Aramide GhostunitNorgannon-EU17555Not updated
92Sauerbruch  Norgannon-EU17535Not updated
93Charez WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU17515Not updated
94Streifchen BestattungsinstitutNorgannon-EU17465Not updated
95Darya nil desperandumNorgannon-EU17460Not updated

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