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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nethersturm-EU Achievement Points
1Eowy InfinityNethersturm-EU21950Not updated
2Lync Shadows of the DayNethersturm-EU21510Not updated
3Flauscheburn All InNethersturm-EU21485Not updated
4Kàte  Nethersturm-EU20660Not updated
5Marttin WanteÐNethersturm-EU20305Not updated
6Ênergyzer Legend of Good TimesNethersturm-EU20000Not updated
7Brut RAIDZNethersturm-EU19925Not updated
8Chandarà All InNethersturm-EU19900Not updated
9Crìxus Der Ossi ClanNethersturm-EU19890Not updated
10Zusu NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU19835Not updated
11Susaku Lux AeternaNethersturm-EU19745Not updated
12Cysguran ChiwapchichiNethersturm-EU19720Not updated
13Kazumy Avignon CrusadesNethersturm-EU19560Not updated
14Oldshatter AbsoluteNethersturm-EU19525Not updated
15Leesintroll DielNorAnduNethersturm-EU19505Not updated
16Belicitas NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU19390Not updated
17Hôrizon Die letzte LegionNethersturm-EU19380Not updated
18Benscher StressfreiNethersturm-EU19350Not updated
19Bößeelfe  Nethersturm-EU19280Not updated
20Alondil Wipe to WinNethersturm-EU19225Not updated
21Goldbardt Remember the NameNethersturm-EU19210Not updated
22Dalvan  Nethersturm-EU19155Not updated
23Overtwink Nerds IncNethersturm-EU19105Not updated
24Gunnel Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU19015Not updated
25Dywana Royal FlushNethersturm-EU18925Not updated
26Todesfall Krieger von ATAL HAKKARNethersturm-EU18895Not updated
27Shîtface  Nethersturm-EU18840Not updated
28Nâoya InfinityNethersturm-EU18690Not updated
29Puik Chaos BandeNethersturm-EU18670Not updated
30Shadoria Nerds IncNethersturm-EU18640Not updated
31Nîghtfall Prophets of BrutalityNethersturm-EU18590Not updated
32Sneipi Blâck KnightsNethersturm-EU18555Not updated
33Cleyera  Nethersturm-EU18530Not updated
34Tutori  Nethersturm-EU18495Not updated
35Arwenelf NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU18490Not updated
36Rôxz R E DNethersturm-EU18460Not updated
37Feéy Noggenfoggers FreshForceNethersturm-EU18425Not updated
38Maru Prophets of BrutalityNethersturm-EU18415Not updated
39Pepps MUHtanten im KARAwahnNethersturm-EU18375Not updated
40Odahviing Helden des MondesNethersturm-EU18370Not updated
41Cheyssa Keen of WarNethersturm-EU18365Not updated
42Kuraikø Lux AeternaNethersturm-EU18340Not updated
43Dysox StigmataNethersturm-EU18335Not updated
44Maximol Avignon CrusadesNethersturm-EU18325Not updated
45Rayadz PredoxNethersturm-EU18315Not updated
45Dyor Royal FlushNethersturm-EU18315Not updated
47Shadowon  Nethersturm-EU18300Not updated
48Hutzelin Venimos venceremosNethersturm-EU18220Not updated
49Xiranora WanteÐNethersturm-EU18215Not updated
50Epiphany  Nethersturm-EU18190Not updated
51Lilanê RAIDZNethersturm-EU18170Not updated
52Tsala All InNethersturm-EU18150Not updated
53Créam  Nethersturm-EU18130Not updated
54Murasaki  Nethersturm-EU18080Not updated
55Valpolicella covenantNethersturm-EU18070Not updated
56Miracuthor NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU18065Not updated
57Bandíta procrastinationNethersturm-EU18035Not updated
58Sandmännchen covenantNethersturm-EU18030Not updated
59Myladymoon Corleone ClanNethersturm-EU18025Not updated
60Caitlintodd Die letzte LegionNethersturm-EU18015Not updated
61Lörle All InNethersturm-EU17980Not updated
62Strêunêr Erben der KönigeNethersturm-EU17945Not updated
63Rónja Venimos venceremosNethersturm-EU17920Not updated
64Hodûr Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU17910Not updated
65Shadówmán Lux AeternaNethersturm-EU17900Not updated
66Prinzessa Nerds IncNethersturm-EU17895Not updated
66Prîs Zirkel des LichtsNethersturm-EU17895Not updated
68Zagor Nightmare WarriorsNethersturm-EU17890Not updated
69Mîssgunst  Nethersturm-EU17825Not updated
70Buenaventura GameOverNethersturm-EU17805Not updated
71Kimara  Nethersturm-EU17800Not updated
72Natusia MiracleNethersturm-EU17795Not updated
73Gréénarrow DOWNNethersturm-EU17785Not updated
74Mumford Venimos venceremosNethersturm-EU17770Not updated
74Luthicia  Nethersturm-EU17770Not updated
76Wîldchîld  Nethersturm-EU17755Not updated
77Bluebell Nerds IncNethersturm-EU17735Not updated
78Ayi NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU17730Not updated
79Lûnah DOWNNethersturm-EU17690Not updated
80Mcgéé Die letzte LegionNethersturm-EU17615Not updated
81Nycassa InglouriousBasterdsNethersturm-EU17605Not updated
82Roobird SternenklingenNethersturm-EU17600Not updated
82Michâel La FamílíaNethersturm-EU17600Not updated
84Infinitas  Nethersturm-EU17595Not updated
85Sarki All InNethersturm-EU17570Not updated
86Aldrin Good TimesNethersturm-EU17545Not updated
87Temarii AtemlosNethersturm-EU17525Not updated
88Achluophobia Erben der KönigeNethersturm-EU17490Not updated
89Dustwave Sheer InsanityNethersturm-EU17485Not updated
90Arkànja  Nethersturm-EU17480Not updated
91Sequani Royal FlushNethersturm-EU17410Not updated

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