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Nera'thor-EU Achievement Points
1Nazhk  Nera'thor-EU21665Not updated
2Zarpa Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU20925
3Knochenasche itamíNera'thor-EU20845
4Vauzi  Nera'thor-EU20820
5Timangi Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU20740
6Chiwoo  Nera'thor-EU20550Not updated
7Daelin  Nera'thor-EU20485Not updated
8Aeris XombiumNera'thor-EU20140Not updated
9Kúron  Nera'thor-EU20125
10Sayia SinityNera'thor-EU20025Not updated
11Paxxy  Nera'thor-EU19920Not updated
12Kadaj  Nera'thor-EU19885
13Chacco  Nera'thor-EU19795Not updated
14Equinox  Nera'thor-EU19585Not updated
15Sarou XombiumNera'thor-EU19480
16Streetfighté  Nera'thor-EU19415Not updated
17Kaljin  Nera'thor-EU19275Not updated
18Adámas PunxsNera'thor-EU19180Not updated
19Macadam XombiumNera'thor-EU19085Not updated
20Goldensturm MurlocsNera'thor-EU19070
21Envôy DefianceNera'thor-EU19055Not updated
22Sturmwölfin  Nera'thor-EU19005
23Megrim itamíNera'thor-EU18890
24Dúnadan Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU18695Not updated
25Zamp  Nera'thor-EU18690Not updated
26Markeem MurlocsNera'thor-EU18670
27Ulatek  Nera'thor-EU18575Not updated
28Rândle Kranker StolzNera'thor-EU18505Not updated
29Morcar Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU18485
30Dui veni vidi williNera'thor-EU18460Not updated
31Ayman  Nera'thor-EU18440Not updated
32Voxcul XombiumNera'thor-EU18350
33Medîon winsNera'thor-EU18050Not updated
34Mixcoatl DefianceNera'thor-EU17955
34Mönchmal  Nera'thor-EU17955Not updated
36Kóllíe  Nera'thor-EU17705Not updated
37Tynisa SeeleNera'thor-EU17695Not updated
38Andariîel Imbalanced SquadNera'thor-EU17635
39Mel N E M E S I SNera'thor-EU17550Not updated
40Bestîe  Nera'thor-EU17500Not updated
41Brutos Legacy of LordaeronNera'thor-EU17490Not updated
42Cyril  Nera'thor-EU17450Not updated
42Knocko TempestNera'thor-EU17450Not updated
44Tijâni CursedNera'thor-EU17375Not updated
45Sarenai Zentral BankNera'thor-EU17370Not updated
46Alucard  Nera'thor-EU17345Not updated
47Waliska  Nera'thor-EU17310Not updated
48Ollehex Dark EternityNera'thor-EU17280Not updated
49Darion DefianceNera'thor-EU17275
50Aelia Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU17265Not updated
51Muuq  Nera'thor-EU17220Not updated
52Sykonos  Nera'thor-EU17185
53Eisenschraub winsNera'thor-EU17095Not updated
54Jaria outplayedNera'thor-EU17060Not updated
55Dynaletik Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU16940
56Súppliciúm  Nera'thor-EU16935Not updated
57Toraznar itamíNera'thor-EU16895Not updated
58Youlus Curtain fallsNera'thor-EU16885
59Eden itamíNera'thor-EU16870Not updated
60Virusbomb itamíNera'thor-EU16865
61Xenturio Kraft und EhreNera'thor-EU16855
62Deadmemory BlutracheNera'thor-EU16845
63Ridai Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU16805
64Blutteufel  Nera'thor-EU16800Not updated
65Ifriop Evil InsideNera'thor-EU16745Not updated
66Ironclaw  Nera'thor-EU16715Not updated
67Cosma Hugo Simon auf ETNera'thor-EU16705Not updated
68Jerîcho Dark EternityNera'thor-EU16700Not updated
69Chiana El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU16695Not updated
70Cláire  Nera'thor-EU16680Not updated
71Duggal PunxsNera'thor-EU16670
71Penicillîn MurlocsNera'thor-EU16670
73Vorchar Jung Und WilligNera'thor-EU16655
74Miaw  Nera'thor-EU16570Not updated
75Grántus For the WínNera'thor-EU16515
76Pippolini Old Boys ClanNera'thor-EU16495
77Megafrost The Sinister RevolutionNera'thor-EU16490
77Êllî Büttenwarders ErbenNera'thor-EU16490
79Rattenfänger Lux AeternaNera'thor-EU16475Not updated
80Tankrai OmNomNomNomNera'thor-EU16465Not updated
81Takvorian Blutige TemplerNera'thor-EU16435Not updated
82Mitros GenesîsNera'thor-EU16425Not updated
83Lannisters Blutlegion KalimdorsNera'thor-EU16410Not updated
84Nedor Thors ErbeNera'thor-EU16395
85Cocoona Old Boys ClanNera'thor-EU16380Not updated
86Murksy WechselstubeNera'thor-EU16370
87Cirujano Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU16365Not updated
88Thrix SinityNera'thor-EU16330Not updated
89Jámirá Dark EternityNera'thor-EU16320
90Láppen Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU16315Not updated
91Itasa  Nera'thor-EU16285Not updated
92Bigjoker outplayedNera'thor-EU16280

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