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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nathrezim-EU Achievement Points
1Gorgog pantheraNathrezim-EU21140Not updated
2Nyrvis  Nathrezim-EU20905Not updated
3Leilaní AvoidNathrezim-EU20740Not updated
4Aíyana Coyote UglyNathrezim-EU20370Not updated
5Zavebe SingularisNathrezim-EU20265Not updated
6Cubâ Choas aus BayernNathrezim-EU20245Not updated
7Elagoeson set sail for failNathrezim-EU20195Not updated
8Shiho EliteNathrezim-EU20140Not updated
9Cankered  Nathrezim-EU19885Not updated
10Drstormbolt set sail for failNathrezim-EU19830Not updated
11Pühppy Siquest Parcèm ParabelumNathrezim-EU19800Not updated
12Cenaria EliteNathrezim-EU19750Not updated
13Nachtigaller Farmers Of DeathNathrezim-EU19740Not updated
14Vinzent relaXedNathrezim-EU19695Not updated
15Xoiar set sail for failNathrezim-EU19650Not updated
16Xeek set sail for failNathrezim-EU19630Not updated
17Lûcy RoyalNathrezim-EU19620Not updated
18Xanthîas DiscordiaNathrezim-EU19595Not updated
19Sesostris KingsizeNathrezim-EU19505Not updated
20Sastron set sail for failNathrezim-EU19405Not updated
21Torlokk  Nathrezim-EU19380Not updated
22Taschenhans relaXedNathrezim-EU19335Not updated
23Vere Solis DefectíoNathrezim-EU19325Not updated
24Quendo FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU19260Not updated
25Plagueql  Nathrezim-EU19250Not updated
26Fayala set sail for failNathrezim-EU19195Not updated
27Brolax AvoidNathrezim-EU19145Not updated
27Jannew Suche GildeNathrezim-EU19145Not updated
29Zamonin Arathi HighlanderNathrezim-EU19120Not updated
30Zirah  Nathrezim-EU19105Not updated
31Möttze InmortalisNathrezim-EU19045Not updated
32Nulaya Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU19000Not updated
33Telpchen AbsinthNathrezim-EU18960Not updated
34Valerie  Nathrezim-EU18945Not updated
35Stubsii  Nathrezim-EU18925Not updated
36Scotnéy  Nathrezim-EU18835Not updated
37Macgyvêr  Nathrezim-EU18805Not updated
38Xerxas  Nathrezim-EU18785Not updated
39Yashai  Nathrezim-EU18755Not updated
40Zobo Level UPNathrezim-EU18750Not updated
41Asahy BootcampNathrezim-EU18720Not updated
42Pánem  Nathrezim-EU18710Not updated
43Togi set sail for failNathrezim-EU18660Not updated
43Amaa ImpavidumNathrezim-EU18660Not updated
45Vracas SingularisNathrezim-EU18590Not updated
46Kaldurahn Plan BNathrezim-EU18585Not updated
46Hûfflepuff  Nathrezim-EU18585Not updated
48Pándábär Die Hüter des LebensNathrezim-EU18555Not updated
49Nylina DeathguardNathrezim-EU18550Not updated
50Jordanis AnastariNathrezim-EU18525Not updated
51Akhad noneNathrezim-EU18515Not updated
52Tille in PanicNathrezim-EU18475Not updated
53Killswitch PalaHunterZNathrezim-EU18405Not updated
54Grindhouse  Nathrezim-EU18350Not updated
55Herbî set sail for noobiesNathrezim-EU18295Not updated
56Squáll The Core TeamNathrezim-EU18265Not updated
57Signum atashi wa shimobeNathrezim-EU18260Not updated
58Zuvieldmg EliteNathrezim-EU18255Not updated
59Crushmonk Fail EpicNathrezim-EU18200Not updated
60Nisor set sail for failNathrezim-EU18165Not updated
61Terrix Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU18145Not updated
61Razraen WantedNathrezim-EU18145Not updated
63Niker makes you an offerNathrezim-EU18115Not updated
64Sarasa FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU18100Not updated
65Lerial Lost and FoundNathrezim-EU18095Not updated
66Gichtdarm WantedNathrezim-EU18085Not updated
67Ferades Das B TeamNathrezim-EU18075Not updated
68Enolìa Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU18020Not updated
69Qintus UnoNathrezim-EU18015Not updated
70Zephalon EliteNathrezim-EU18010Not updated
71Horatios Tazz DingoNathrezim-EU18000Not updated
72Kvirana EliteNathrezim-EU17980Not updated
73Iehkuh Never EverNathrezim-EU17910Not updated
74Blinkboy WantedNathrezim-EU17880Not updated
75Língling VagusNathrezim-EU17870Not updated
76Combicritter set sail for failNathrezim-EU17845Not updated
77Ishadiel Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU17840Not updated
78Marva Eure LieblingsgildeNathrezim-EU17835Not updated
79Væirus Justice and MightNathrezim-EU17830Not updated
80Bertrix FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU17825Not updated
81Knochensack KaosNathrezim-EU17820Not updated
82Housecat set sail for failNathrezim-EU17805Not updated
83Hadres Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU17730Not updated
84Tetania set sail for failNathrezim-EU17720Not updated
85Bueraner in PanicNathrezim-EU17705Not updated
86Leome verwirrtNathrezim-EU17700Not updated
87Morgana AbsinthNathrezim-EU17690Not updated
88Talamasca set sail for failNathrezim-EU17665Not updated
89Foxo  Nathrezim-EU17650Not updated
90Laims Say GoodnightNathrezim-EU17645Not updated

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