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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mug'thol-EU Achievement Points
1Narajin Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU21320Not updated
2Liemay  Mug'thol-EU20765Not updated
3Eisteé  Mug'thol-EU20425Not updated
4Feivandra  Mug'thol-EU20420Not updated
5Sunstroke Kraft der HordeMug'thol-EU20265Not updated
6Feivandril Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU20240Not updated
7Arclite horde insideMug'thol-EU19950Not updated
8Nordheim scavengerMug'thol-EU19375Not updated
9Sonnenuhr blightMug'thol-EU19365Not updated
10Pîska  Mug'thol-EU19290Not updated
11Anoba UndisputeDMug'thol-EU19280Not updated
12Amará MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU19260Not updated
13Latrun scavengerMug'thol-EU19250Not updated
14Ganesha wraîthMug'thol-EU19105Not updated
15Chaintrain The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU19045Not updated
16Sanft  Mug'thol-EU18985Not updated
17Dwoke Praise the SunMug'thol-EU18835Not updated
18Honest ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU18815Not updated
19Pusci I united IMug'thol-EU18805Not updated
20Spriesdeath AnomalieMug'thol-EU18580Not updated
21Mctank AbadiyaMug'thol-EU18560Not updated
22Strapsmaus  Mug'thol-EU18525Not updated
23Obelîx PandoraMug'thol-EU18440Not updated
24Mahli Tears of SunMug'thol-EU18390Not updated
25Sângâl  Mug'thol-EU18340Not updated
26Jodíe The PunishersMug'thol-EU18210Not updated
27Leeyla Kraft der HordeMug'thol-EU18095Not updated
28Formula CataclysmMug'thol-EU18040Not updated
29Zwergý Praise the SunMug'thol-EU17960Not updated
30Zinashari SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU17830Not updated
31Desibeta Irae AoDMug'thol-EU17820Not updated
32Gewaltsam Adrenalin IVMug'thol-EU17715Not updated
33Avêrý Its time to say GoodbyeMug'thol-EU17670Not updated
34Pfefferminza Die AltehrwürdigenMug'thol-EU17650Not updated
35Ràven KampfkeksgeschwaderMug'thol-EU17630Not updated
36Arkatera The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU17625Not updated
37Knâckêbrôt Hammer der GerechtigkeitMug'thol-EU17565Not updated
38Fearsome Tears of SunMug'thol-EU17440Not updated
39Rhømulus scavengerMug'thol-EU17420Not updated
40Korthan I united IMug'thol-EU17355Not updated
40Eclîpsê Irae AoDMug'thol-EU17355Not updated
42Virius illustriousMug'thol-EU17300Not updated
43Elfkacritz  Mug'thol-EU17265Not updated
44Ârcanne  Mug'thol-EU17240Not updated
45Styram Eternâl EvolutiônMug'thol-EU17180Not updated
46Warstrong  Mug'thol-EU17080Not updated
47Yazmin  Mug'thol-EU17005Not updated
48Feardottdown Signed by ThrallMug'thol-EU16950Not updated
49Zyla KontraMug'thol-EU16945Not updated
50Mazara SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU16940Not updated
51Zelecterx Irae AoDMug'thol-EU16895Not updated
52Feuerstern Orden der VernichtungMug'thol-EU16880Not updated
52Enthior NebulaMug'thol-EU16880Not updated
54Toseo Dead Skin MaskMug'thol-EU16840Not updated
55Shannaa UndisputeDMug'thol-EU16830Not updated
56Taopaipai Guards of AzerothMug'thol-EU16820Not updated
57Amazia small CrimeMug'thol-EU16815Not updated
58Jimmipiffpaf La UltimaMug'thol-EU16810Not updated
59Satyrîa ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU16775Not updated
60Muhnatôr  Mug'thol-EU16770Not updated
61Abûdun SuperBekanntschaftskreisMug'thol-EU16710Not updated
62Korgoth Mythical InfernoMug'thol-EU16675Not updated
63Stroggì Adrenalin IVMug'thol-EU16655Not updated
64Corvina AbadiyaMug'thol-EU16640Not updated
65Rháge scavengerMug'thol-EU16630Not updated
66Echipsuni WindreiterGewerkschaftMug'thol-EU16620Not updated
67Eaten Guards of AzerothMug'thol-EU16585Not updated
67Instantkill  Mug'thol-EU16585Not updated
69Killerkura The PunishersMug'thol-EU16540Not updated
70Kades Dead Skin MaskMug'thol-EU16515Not updated
71Diviná Legende der HordeMug'thol-EU16495Not updated
71Julietta Praise the SunMug'thol-EU16495Not updated
73Dnjep poerkedMug'thol-EU16410Not updated
74Nisumi Irae AoDMug'thol-EU16385Not updated
75Cebak RocknRoll and nice GirlsMug'thol-EU16270Not updated
76Yoursoul The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU16250Not updated
77Rittersport Arthas RächerMug'thol-EU16210Not updated
77Knûddel Der hôhe RatMug'thol-EU16210Not updated
79Yino  Mug'thol-EU16190Not updated
80Tekva MAMMA LI TURCHIMug'thol-EU16145Not updated
81Lanuwar Nao CiMug'thol-EU16130Not updated
82Jorick Natural Born ChillersMug'thol-EU16115Not updated
83Omasliebling ConnewitzMug'thol-EU16060Not updated
84Varonis Council Of EldersMug'thol-EU16050Not updated
85Fearya Praise the SunMug'thol-EU16035Not updated
86Benseni EXMug'thol-EU16015Not updated
86Alita ReaKKtorMug'thol-EU16015Not updated
88Casto The PunishersMug'thol-EU16010Not updated
89Heinó HellfishMug'thol-EU15990Not updated
90Todestod Signed by ThrallMug'thol-EU15985Not updated
91Mee  Mug'thol-EU15965Not updated
92Øverpowered KontraMug'thol-EU15950Not updated
93Beazu  Mug'thol-EU15895Not updated
94Walliderama Praise the SunMug'thol-EU15880Not updated
95Karanti Kraft der HordeMug'thol-EU15810Not updated
96Nregáth MEISTER der HORDÈMug'thol-EU15760Not updated
97Nayro Tränen des ZornsMug'thol-EU15715Not updated
98Vinata The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU15670Not updated
99Lobita scavengerMug'thol-EU15650Not updated
100Shiloe Hüter der DrachenMug'thol-EU15505Not updated

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