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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Misha-US Achievement Points
1Ao UnhallowedMisha-US20630Not updated
2Korru EquinoxMisha-US20615Not updated
3Elissariâ UnhallowedMisha-US19800Not updated
3Ænemâ UnhallowedMisha-US19800Not updated
5Bloopbleep UnhallowedMisha-US19690Not updated
6Mochizuki Guild of ElitesMisha-US19570Not updated
7Talanian Eradicators of WarcraftMisha-US19370Not updated
8Enfilade EquinoxMisha-US19240Not updated
9Patrenn Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US19225Not updated
10Meezee Protectors of HonorMisha-US18830Not updated
11Mdead Killer BunniesMisha-US18635Not updated
12Sharkie Progression PugMisha-US18405Not updated
13Ashlar Guild of ElitesMisha-US18395Not updated
14Vanoviel Malice in WonderlandMisha-US18325Not updated
15Cassan SWAGGERMisha-US18260Not updated
16Kenyak Guild of ElitesMisha-US18125Not updated
17Xyriin EquinoxMisha-US18020Not updated
18Xeizz  Misha-US17995Not updated
19Juson Guild of ElitesMisha-US17920Not updated
20Behindurback UnhallowedMisha-US17875Not updated
21Deodall Killer BunniesMisha-US17795Not updated
22Thawickedone Guild of ElitesMisha-US17775Not updated
23Spiderbones The Knights Of ValorMisha-US17695Not updated
24Malder Killer BunniesMisha-US17675Not updated
25Dubbletapp The Knights Of ValorMisha-US17635Not updated
25Stormseeker Progression PugMisha-US17635Not updated
27Noggenfogger My GM Made Me Do ItMisha-US17620Not updated
28Perish Weapon of ChoiceMisha-US17600Not updated
29Zoog PantheonMisha-US17575Not updated
30Banè  Misha-US17550Not updated
31Frieia PantheonMisha-US17515Not updated
32Dkspree  Misha-US17440Not updated
32Norse Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US17440Not updated
34Mevas Kings GuardMisha-US17435Not updated
35Varthayn TruthinessMisha-US17420Not updated
36Zaleya PantheonMisha-US17405Not updated
37Hellshelpper  Misha-US17385Not updated
38Classless UnhallowedMisha-US17370Not updated
38Icenemesis Grano SalisMisha-US17370Not updated
40Duskfall A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US17365Not updated
41Gornironhand PantheonMisha-US17305Not updated
42Ishthevampyr UnhallowedMisha-US17290Not updated
43Muertenacht AFK During TrashMisha-US17285Not updated
44Qwerta New EraMisha-US17220Not updated
45Darkazure The SentellaMisha-US17105Not updated
46Deathiantwo Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US17090Not updated
47Zif EquinoxMisha-US17050Not updated
48Tirya  Misha-US17045Not updated
49Xandrameda Sage MagykMisha-US16965Not updated
50Equalised UnhallowedMisha-US16960Not updated
51Wambamtysham The Blood HuntersMisha-US16940Not updated
52Bfastburrito X RaidedMisha-US16895Not updated
53Vedrongs Progression PugMisha-US16880Not updated
54Archaoon UnhallowedMisha-US16875Not updated
54Mbx EquinoxMisha-US16875Not updated
56Jossis PantheonMisha-US16855Not updated
57Skyslayer SWAGGERMisha-US16765Not updated
58Songleaf  Misha-US16755Not updated
59Zoë A Horde Dazed KnightMisha-US16750Not updated
60Zzegy The Sacred CrusadeMisha-US16710Not updated
61Klaborg EquinoxMisha-US16705Not updated
62Arta Lego My AggroMisha-US16615Not updated
62Xamiam Kings GuardMisha-US16615Not updated
62Níghtress DontAskMeForCrapMisha-US16615Not updated
65Auriea  Misha-US16610Not updated
66Dragonbuster Devil Dog Marines of WOWMisha-US16595Not updated
67Byuco Death Adder KnightsMisha-US16590Not updated
68Zapoid Just Having FunMisha-US16570Not updated
69Sharwin Monkey Gun ClubMisha-US16565Not updated
70Paleothea DragonlanceMisha-US16530Not updated
71Ixjuliexl DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US16515Not updated
72Zekaiya Wolfshirt brigadeMisha-US16470Not updated
73Fìndah Progression PugMisha-US16440Not updated
73Kaihash Guild of ElitesMisha-US16440Not updated
75Pars DecertoMisha-US16410Not updated
76Sinsidious DragonlanceMisha-US16385Not updated
76Shadowfox UnhallowedMisha-US16385Not updated
78Joekidd PantheonMisha-US16365Not updated

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