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Mal'Ganis-US Achievement Points
1Syrara Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16795Not updated
2Skylynn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US16330Not updated
3Jpat Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US15845
4ßonßon Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US15520Not updated
5Poglord Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US14365
6Primalstryke Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US13295Not updated
7Wárier Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US13040
8Priestonic Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12705Not updated
9Fauxpaw Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12450Not updated
10Krymsun Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12210Not updated
11Azazzel Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12085Not updated
12Ghðstrider Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US12025Not updated
13Jedimindtrix Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11860Not updated
14Yenaffit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11765Not updated
15Erekar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11675Not updated
16Judov Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11550Not updated
17Unikue Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11540Not updated
18Ninichacha Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11395Not updated
19Jcwolf Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11355Not updated
20Ezrarmand Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11200Not updated
21Barebutt Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11125Not updated
22Veive Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US11020Not updated
23Irshammy Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10825
24Athidas Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10815Not updated
25Hurrlock Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10595Not updated
26Fluxxit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10430
27Cevennes Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10365Not updated
28Demixi Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10345Not updated
29Rinjji Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10305
30Xanit Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10280Not updated
31Maezie Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10275Not updated
32Doopree Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10260Not updated
33Belligerence Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10210Not updated
34Medusamon Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10080Not updated
35Lophat Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US10050Not updated
36Oraface Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9935
37Alcidee Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9865
38Thuugrall Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9765Not updated
39Maxromeo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9600Not updated
40Sadihta Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9555Not updated
41Jetbek Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9425Not updated
42Rhavynn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9310
43Frontallobe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9240Not updated
44Meilea Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9055Not updated
45Interhamwe Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US9025Not updated
46Hexxeh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8980Not updated
46Blackfeather Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8980Not updated
48Gaanin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8925
49Killakorbin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8800
50Loxz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8760Not updated
51Nyna Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8745Not updated
52Sleepypants Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8635Not updated
53Desktapthred Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8400Not updated
53Tarasu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8400Not updated
55Rakunishu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8365Not updated
56Totemlydrunk Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8335Not updated
57Yojìmbo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8330Not updated
58Gayhlforce Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8305Not updated
59Codgetone Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8280Not updated
60Dondante Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8215Not updated
61Flyinghigh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8150Not updated
62Mushin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US8085
63Yuru Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7965Not updated
64Beastmaster Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7765Not updated
65Brutacruel Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7745Not updated
66Sandygibbs Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7685
67Disoreinted Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7530Not updated
68Defektive Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7465Not updated
69Barbomb Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7435Not updated
70Cinxia Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7420
71Oldhar Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7365Not updated
72Bestcoverup Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7305
73Pholin Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7295Not updated
74Jaytotem Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7220Not updated
75Thalamus Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7210Not updated
76Vinjuul Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7195
77Pesukarhu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US7045Not updated
78Rìzz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6840Not updated
79Tuireanns Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6785Not updated
80Elfknight Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6755
81Gudeshot Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6680
82Johnewalker Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6620Not updated
83Auxnatural Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6500
84Bushuzima Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6495Not updated
85Tazemebro Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6485
86Geniu Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6465Not updated
87Bryagh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6415Not updated
88Satiouz Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6400
89Ghouls Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6375Not updated
90Kathykins Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6240Not updated
91Pooçh Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6215
92Mithrandirë Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6170Not updated
93Sevrahn Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6085Not updated
94Docdodoo Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6050Not updated
94Malkiss Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6050Not updated
96Xøzus Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6020Not updated
97Dezraga Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US6005Not updated
98Billness Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US5955Not updated
99Nekrataal Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US5910Not updated
100Kahlann Adult SwimMal'Ganis-US5860Not updated

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