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Maelstrom-US Achievement Points
1Jjookkeerr  Maelstrom-US21420
2Jamestown Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US21375
3Bowkkake Ex Cinis CinerisMaelstrom-US21270Not updated
4Yodared Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US21260
5Trollbrudda Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US21235
6Imbalorcl Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US21160
7Praetorianx  Maelstrom-US20920
8Apyolo Remnants of EredarMaelstrom-US20320Not updated
9Matuszak WoeMaelstrom-US20260Not updated
10Soulshadøw Crazy NinetyNineMaelstrom-US19965
11Zinklo MutinyMaelstrom-US19835
12Hate WoeMaelstrom-US19750
13Naakaheals  Maelstrom-US19670Not updated
14Chipkarp Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US19635Not updated
15Groliathe Shattered NightmaresMaelstrom-US19615Not updated
16Samalma Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US19585
17Noteworthy Paladin Petting ZooMaelstrom-US19495Not updated
18Deathnight PandamoniumMaelstrom-US19255Not updated
19Adiliena Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US19060
19Silveroccamy Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US19060
21Douchemd WoeMaelstrom-US19055
22Pandaemonium Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US18950
23Mediocrefred Phantom EclipseMaelstrom-US18885Not updated
24Venicide Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US18740Not updated
25Avalo Whispers of the HordeMaelstrom-US18645Not updated
26Knotrandall Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US18585
27Dostovic Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US18415Not updated
28Umbrys Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US18315
28Neaira Ex Cinis CinerisMaelstrom-US18315
30Aneythea Whispers of the HordeMaelstrom-US18310Not updated
31Gerrus Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US18270
32Aikia Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US18205
33Foxxi Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US18100
34Fièrydeath Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US17985
35Flamingcat Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US17915
36Zamle WoeMaelstrom-US17890
36Columbo Crazy NinetyNineMaelstrom-US17890
38Beilhir Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US17885
39Francium  Maelstrom-US17840Not updated
40Bloodtrail VegasMaelstrom-US17730Not updated
41Riddikulus Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US17700
42Svhordhum Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US17690
42Durkanis Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US17690
44Meroko Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US17655
45Beannaithe PantheonMaelstrom-US17635Not updated
46Hi Hao Yun QiMaelstrom-US17615Not updated
47Rolltita AvalonMaelstrom-US17610Not updated
48Baddawg Clan of the PhoenixMaelstrom-US17460
49Ilriyao Paladin Petting ZooMaelstrom-US17435
50Hursti Mafia of MayhemMaelstrom-US17425Not updated
51Gorhoof WoeMaelstrom-US17420Not updated
52Malvagio Korkron WarbandMaelstrom-US17405
53Dekotah Stir CrazyMaelstrom-US17360
54Laurarose Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US17355Not updated
55Primrose Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US17345
56Claire WoeMaelstrom-US17330
56Agwimo Logical PsychopathyMaelstrom-US17330
58Hobegoblin Right On RedMaelstrom-US17275
59Wickedwayz WoeMaelstrom-US17260
60Tokiha Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US17235
61Antimacaw Diplomatic ImmunityMaelstrom-US17190Not updated
62Vinferel Wardens Of AmanThulMaelstrom-US17175
63Sufud Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US17165
64Adambomber Ethereal CurseMaelstrom-US17120
65Hextall Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US17085
66Jaykeig Fires of TirisfalMaelstrom-US17055
67Arpha Nerfed at BirthMaelstrom-US17040Not updated
68Liliannan PandemoniaMaelstrom-US17035Not updated
69Brísingr Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US17030Not updated
70Darkenh KakorrhaphiophobiaMaelstrom-US16965
71Ariesian Famiglia di YthrlMaelstrom-US16950
71Zabina Dirty Rotten ImbecilesMaelstrom-US16950Not updated

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