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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Lothar-US Achievement Points
1Tnemeletes DaylightLothar-US20855Not updated
2Tygrez EternityLothar-US20770Not updated
3Holypenguin MOO MOOS POWER WAGONLothar-US20455Not updated
4Scorch  Lothar-US20420Not updated
5Shoan Champions of YseraLothar-US20250Not updated
6Ederys  Lothar-US20065Not updated
7Dzd  Lothar-US19745Not updated
8Shikkan Champions of YseraLothar-US19645Not updated
9Stamatina Big DealLothar-US19440Not updated
10Soulthirst Tornado of SoulsLothar-US19210Not updated
11Voleena LAWL PatrolLothar-US19055Not updated
11Xtremhuntard Raids NakedLothar-US19055Not updated
13Crybros ReforgedLothar-US19050Not updated
14Aiuria Silent LucidityLothar-US19045Not updated
15Haxdruid Mission AccomplishedLothar-US18930Not updated
16Holynovarox LAWL PatrolLothar-US18880Not updated
17Malkelith  Lothar-US18865Not updated
18Masakari Volatile RumLothar-US18860Not updated
19Suicidalhate Silvermoon ClanLothar-US18790Not updated
20Mozzarella Midnight ShadowsLothar-US18755Not updated
21Persophonie Good GameLothar-US18740Not updated
22Sonovalich Sanctus CovenirLothar-US18675Not updated
23Tommytwotone Silent LucidityLothar-US18625Not updated
24Ardid FC Project MayhemLothar-US18560Not updated
25Rugiewit Volatile RumLothar-US18555Not updated
26Vileorc  Lothar-US18410Not updated
27Fadinglight Big DealLothar-US18345Not updated
28Xanitha TimelessLothar-US18335Not updated
29Victorcachat  Lothar-US18315Not updated
30Forza Alliance KnightsLothar-US18250Not updated
31Audyn The UnboundLothar-US18240Not updated
32Darrwin Kindred ChaosLothar-US18175Not updated
33Dorcas Mission AccomplishedLothar-US18165Not updated
34Murdermagic  Lothar-US18085Not updated
35Starvatíon Mission AccomplishedLothar-US18060Not updated
36Darkossk The UnboundLothar-US18015Not updated
37Spambie  Lothar-US17990Not updated
38Wipelord Silvermoon ClanLothar-US17975Not updated
39Searinossk The UnboundLothar-US17925Not updated
40Deaconfrost The UnboundLothar-US17915Not updated
41Shalt  Lothar-US17890Not updated
42Midst MOES GAMINGLothar-US17845Not updated
43Joliebug  Lothar-US17840Not updated
44Aberne Mission AccomplishedLothar-US17815Not updated
45Vills Dark CrusadeLothar-US17805Not updated
46Séira MAGICAL TEDDIE BIRDSLothar-US17745Not updated
47Zenmonkey  Lothar-US17675Not updated
48Chalka The Children of MidianLothar-US17645Not updated
49Septcenvin L I B E R T YLothar-US17635Not updated
50Daenad  Lothar-US17610Not updated
51Tordaken Mission AccomplishedLothar-US17570Not updated
52Geminni Flaming War KittensLothar-US17540Not updated
53Sardoniscørn  Lothar-US17510Not updated
54Pehnumbra Tornado of SoulsLothar-US17470Not updated
55Penzor TalonicLothar-US17465Not updated
56Skittleez Dark CrusadeLothar-US17445Not updated
57Rift blood bath and beyondLothar-US17430Not updated
58Maloray  Lothar-US17415Not updated
59Zhandar  Lothar-US17370Not updated
60Beregar  Lothar-US17345Not updated
61Prolley CelestialLothar-US17320Not updated
62Aleerena Kingdom of DamnationLothar-US17280Not updated
63Villiette Dark CrusadeLothar-US17270Not updated
64Zanril OKTLothar-US17230Not updated
65Whiplasshh The Daily ShowLothar-US17125Not updated
66Vina Volatile RumLothar-US17105Not updated
67Teclaur RevolutïonLothar-US17090Not updated
68Ashenly Siling and Her ImmortalsLothar-US17065Not updated
69Malerynox  Lothar-US17055Not updated
69Kaoster Sacred FlameLothar-US17055Not updated
71Celaanassa Sanctus CovenirLothar-US17045Not updated
71Aldaan Primal OnslaughtLothar-US17045Not updated
73Morgoes Nocens SpuriaLothar-US17030Not updated
73Slyvinia  Lothar-US17030Not updated
75Dazanna  Lothar-US17015Not updated
76Smiteurass ARC ANGELSLothar-US17010Not updated
77Rbdash TalonicLothar-US16955Not updated
78Shareyndia Tornado of SoulsLothar-US16930Not updated
79Madhunter SophosLothar-US16875Not updated
79Helcrast  Lothar-US16875Not updated
81Newtrino Flaming War KittensLothar-US16865Not updated
81Ashsharr  Lothar-US16865Not updated
83Shalqt Dippin SticksLothar-US16850Not updated
84Baleful Knights of Myth DrannorLothar-US16815Not updated
85Lizzlebizzle StaticLothar-US16795Not updated
86Nkulukulu Primal OnslaughtLothar-US16785Not updated
87Ellanna CymbrogiLothar-US16780Not updated
88Yunxu Champions of YseraLothar-US16775Not updated
89Rithanur Kingdom of DamnationLothar-US16765Not updated
90Käth  Lothar-US16715Not updated
91Vyncia Mission AccomplishedLothar-US16710Not updated
92Memak  Lothar-US16700Not updated
93Prissykins  Lothar-US16695Not updated
94Poisonedfate Silver BannersLothar-US16690Not updated
95Kiavdia Kindred ChaosLothar-US16655Not updated

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