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Lightning's Blade-US Achievement Points
1Vellektra ImbaLightning's Blade-US21575
2Adeliandra  Lightning's Blade-US21090Not updated
3Dopp Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US20925Not updated
4Kiatsu ImbaLightning's Blade-US20605
5Babykitten  Lightning's Blade-US20320Not updated
6Hurg AftermathLightning's Blade-US19830
7Aurora ImbaLightning's Blade-US19805
8Beets Vicious and DeliciousLightning's Blade-US19800Not updated
9Sebekuul AscendedLightning's Blade-US19780
10Xanbaran AscendedLightning's Blade-US19605
11Mooditation ImbaLightning's Blade-US19480
12Milfalert Boston D PartyLightning's Blade-US19310Not updated
13Slickbro  Lightning's Blade-US19285
14Mikeular DOMLightning's Blade-US19260
15Feralstate ImbaLightning's Blade-US19210
16Vaderbear Milk and HoneyLightning's Blade-US19180
16Valdura UprisingLightning's Blade-US19180Not updated
18Lirianne Lost ChapterLightning's Blade-US19155Not updated
19Anna DefenestrationLightning's Blade-US19090
20Whoopsee Team TurtleLightning's Blade-US19055Not updated
21Ludey DefenestrationLightning's Blade-US19050
22Malrune ImbaLightning's Blade-US19015
23Alexsyn Storm ChasersLightning's Blade-US19000Not updated
24Edadin  Lightning's Blade-US18900
24Sabria Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US18900Not updated
26Eezex Helmets RequiredLightning's Blade-US18845Not updated
27Fulmor The WorstLightning's Blade-US18830Not updated
28Doflamingo Québec GoldLightning's Blade-US18800Not updated
29Aasha UnparalleledLightning's Blade-US18790
30Magena ImbaLightning's Blade-US18775
31Seâsôn ImbaLightning's Blade-US18685
32Xiaoling Pitches Love VibratoLightning's Blade-US18590
33Manastorm The WorstLightning's Blade-US18555Not updated
33Osy OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US18555Not updated
35Milley OpLightning's Blade-US18550
36Kharos Chain ReactionLightning's Blade-US18540Not updated
37Necko  Lightning's Blade-US18520Not updated
38Gallieda Québec GoldLightning's Blade-US18490
39Irontotem Phoenix LegionLightning's Blade-US18485Not updated
40Cynslock UnparalleledLightning's Blade-US18440Not updated
41Cûre UltimatumLightning's Blade-US18435
42Hagseed HawtnessLightning's Blade-US18330Not updated
43Leirriel TyrantLightning's Blade-US18320
44Gymley HawtnessLightning's Blade-US18275
45Clutche ImbaLightning's Blade-US18185
45Coriadin Critical MassLightning's Blade-US18185Not updated
45Argue  Lightning's Blade-US18185
48Pyla SigilLightning's Blade-US18165
49Viscalde OblivìonLightning's Blade-US18120Not updated
50Zahla Pure VengeanceLightning's Blade-US18095Not updated
51Worgensgrip Lost ChapterLightning's Blade-US18000Not updated
52Zimran OpLightning's Blade-US17995Not updated
53Dthstlkr IS RAGINGLightning's Blade-US17975
54Velisias Bara no SenshiLightning's Blade-US17960Not updated
55Formal ImbaLightning's Blade-US17945
56Davlncl The WorstLightning's Blade-US17940Not updated
57Diaboliqae BrewtownLightning's Blade-US17930Not updated
58Masheen ImbaLightning's Blade-US17895
59Momokan ImbaLightning's Blade-US17855Not updated
60Lithiyum  Lightning's Blade-US17785Not updated
61Skoaltin DefenestrationLightning's Blade-US17755
62Lethalluber Too Many PalliesLightning's Blade-US17750Not updated
63Woclive Critical MassLightning's Blade-US17745
64Bamfkinhero ImbaLightning's Blade-US17730
65Kidney General GoodsLightning's Blade-US17710Not updated
66Tebowner StoicLightning's Blade-US17695Not updated
67Haelos ImbaLightning's Blade-US17685
68Hynixx Mustache Cash StashLightning's Blade-US17680
69Låmia ImbaLightning's Blade-US17675
70Ganji ImbaLightning's Blade-US17640Not updated
71Garendon  Lightning's Blade-US17535
72Megabanejr StoicLightning's Blade-US17525Not updated
73Atrêyu OhanaLightning's Blade-US17470Not updated
74Syntheria OnslaughtLightning's Blade-US17460
75Sallustius ImbaLightning's Blade-US17455
76Wenapek  Lightning's Blade-US17445
77Thorazine WòrthlessLightning's Blade-US17410Not updated
78Cheliam  Lightning's Blade-US17380Not updated
79Tirande TriadLightning's Blade-US17375
80Sallboutd AscendedLightning's Blade-US17370
81Pitsniper  Lightning's Blade-US17355Not updated
82Roblykeskox still not even tryingLightning's Blade-US17345
83Aedremuoste twinks animatedLightning's Blade-US17260Not updated
84Newguy  Lightning's Blade-US17230Not updated
85Beàrgrylls  Lightning's Blade-US17215

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