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Kirin Tor-US Achievement Points
1Evè  Kirin Tor-US21135Not updated
2Fatalfrenzy Mors ante infamiamKirin Tor-US20275Not updated
3Deathope DoomsdayKirin Tor-US20020
4Eithise DoomsdayKirin Tor-US20000Not updated
5Smackage DishonoredKirin Tor-US19640Not updated
6Wotlk Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US19490
7Ryokugen Sons of ZeusKirin Tor-US19485
8Fernés Alpha ImperiaKirin Tor-US19410
9Mathesar MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US19245
10Kungpao DoomsdayKirin Tor-US19130
11Gorathdark Lost TwilightKirin Tor-US18970
12Moonglaze Searing ShadowsKirin Tor-US18945Not updated
13Doash Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US18900
14Tabitha Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US18770
15Angryrose Searing ShadowsKirin Tor-US18715
16Cazeril DoomsdayKirin Tor-US18665
17Alsike AntagonistKirin Tor-US18625Not updated
18Chardys Darkness WithinKirin Tor-US18565Not updated
19Lavenderx  Kirin Tor-US18445Not updated
20Chupacabro  Kirin Tor-US18350Not updated
21Kalisi LiberatedKirin Tor-US18315Not updated
22Fraggles Darkness WithinKirin Tor-US18305
23Lightwonder Flames of SalvationKirin Tor-US18290
24Kongfupanda Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US18250
25Syc Not ViableKirin Tor-US18225
26Demaunik DoomsdayKirin Tor-US18185Not updated
27Zaeva DoomsdayKirin Tor-US18160
28Kayri  Kirin Tor-US18150Not updated
29Cloudia DoomsdayKirin Tor-US18110
30Nerack Malfurions RaidersKirin Tor-US18005
31Sphinxx NACHO GUILDKirin Tor-US17980
32Bennduo Them DookersKirin Tor-US17960Not updated
33Roseah  Kirin Tor-US17950
34Grami Worlds End RegularsKirin Tor-US17800
35Nylsaar Dealt With ItKirin Tor-US17795
36Wildthingg Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US17770
36Karick BlacklistedKirin Tor-US17770
38Diffuse DoomsdayKirin Tor-US17715
39Elldrago Deal With ItKirin Tor-US17645Not updated
40Ariod Through A Mirror DarklyKirin Tor-US17625
41Ronjeremya  Kirin Tor-US17570Not updated
42Gincan Malfurions RaidersKirin Tor-US17475
43Mychelle DoomsdayKirin Tor-US17470
44Yariandian Darkness WithinKirin Tor-US17415
45Delilla Darkness WithinKirin Tor-US17350Not updated
46Chalchiuhtli Blacksky CompanyKirin Tor-US17335
47Vitalz Not ViableKirin Tor-US17250
48Taleiah Emerald DragonsKirin Tor-US17225Not updated
49Josephine  Kirin Tor-US17205
50Laciaa Darkness WithinKirin Tor-US17130
51Tarokis MissunderstoodKirin Tor-US17090Not updated
52Tinitha DoomsdayKirin Tor-US17045
53Yode VirtueKirin Tor-US17040Not updated
54Wonderlight Deal With ItKirin Tor-US16995Not updated
55Gryllus DoomsdayKirin Tor-US16935
55Orco InsomniaKirin Tor-US16935
57Taleranor FusionKirin Tor-US16890

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