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Kilrogg-US Achievement Points
1Zeemma Temporary InsanityKilrogg-US21775
2Snyderz ModestKilrogg-US21740
3Hyskamir Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US21235
4Quillana Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US20930
5Loneknight Pyrrhic VictoryKilrogg-US20745Not updated
6Birmilla StormKilrogg-US20740
7Gersin ModestKilrogg-US20625
8Twïtchy CarriedKilrogg-US20500Not updated
9Shieva SENTINELS of DHARAKilrogg-US20480Not updated
10Dashiva Brute HordeKilrogg-US20445Not updated
11Zanthis  Kilrogg-US20380
12Kajira Pyrrhic VictoryKilrogg-US20280Not updated
13Katrinsic Post MortemKilrogg-US20270
14Pipedown Mustachioed MayhemKilrogg-US20260
15Takuya Surprise CuttlefishKilrogg-US20240
15Pipevol  Kilrogg-US20240Not updated
17Deadream Last CallKilrogg-US20090
18Chiana Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US20010
19Annalisse Post MortemKilrogg-US19965
20Abrens Fair WindsKilrogg-US19880
21Unupotato Post MortemKilrogg-US19805
22Lolburger MonolithKilrogg-US19740
22Fail LuxKilrogg-US19740Not updated
24Hawnek Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US19720
25Praetextus MonolithKilrogg-US19700
25Gerikdagrr MonolithKilrogg-US19700
27Talena Pyrrhic VictoryKilrogg-US19605Not updated
28Rickybobbie Post MortemKilrogg-US19585
29Durota Exact ChangeKilrogg-US19510
30Daaihfu Blackrock CartelKilrogg-US19470
31Apollonik Sons of CronusKilrogg-US19420
32Bane The Rabbit HoleKilrogg-US19405
33Faderoll ModestKilrogg-US19380
34Blacknyte The Rabbit HoleKilrogg-US19340
35Vonn The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US19250
36Bluecrimson StormKilrogg-US19235Not updated
37Dragonslayrz Monachus OrbisKilrogg-US19225Not updated
38Domilina ResurgenceKilrogg-US19190
39Atriana Sons of CronusKilrogg-US19150
40Run ModestKilrogg-US19110Not updated
41Avrielle StormKilrogg-US19100
42Leofric Circle of TruthKilrogg-US19085Not updated
43Kaaras ResurgenceKilrogg-US19045
44Forthorne MonolithKilrogg-US19020
45Noods Sons of CronusKilrogg-US18990
46Rozzi Sons of CronusKilrogg-US18980
47Pradda The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US18845
48Heavenly ReluctanceKilrogg-US18815
49Brentcorigan Late Night MafiaKilrogg-US18790Not updated
50Ritchehouf Sons of CronusKilrogg-US18780
51Chrisraab  Kilrogg-US18740
52Bunk ResurrectionKilrogg-US18710
52Raeagald QQKilrogg-US18710
52Skylìne CarriedKilrogg-US18710Not updated
55Shashris Swords and SorceryKilrogg-US18695
56Ebikyou Monachus OrbisKilrogg-US18680Not updated
57Soqedhozi ReluctanceKilrogg-US18675
58Humviy StormKilrogg-US18645
59Clorana Exact ChangeKilrogg-US18630
60Lovedove Trial by ErrorKilrogg-US18625Not updated
61Flinx AhrotahnteeKilrogg-US18620Not updated
62Monktain  Kilrogg-US18600Not updated
63Lintaco Càsually HardcoreKilrogg-US18595
63Peanutbutter CarriedKilrogg-US18595
65Shalice  Kilrogg-US18560Not updated
66Vladmorg Sons of CronusKilrogg-US18465
66Ogelthorpe The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US18465
68Varaa The Insane AsylumKilrogg-US18440
69Tawneestone ResurgenceKilrogg-US18365
70Nalp ModestKilrogg-US18310

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