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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Kil'jaeden-EU Achievement Points
1Lega W H FKil'jaeden-EU21380Not updated
2Mahavilo BrandinesaKil'jaeden-EU21320Not updated
3Livediili SadgasmKil'jaeden-EU21185Not updated
4Tagiru Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU21160Not updated
5Klostermaria Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU20860Not updated
6ßestjal SyncedKil'jaeden-EU20850Not updated
7Jæsøn  Kil'jaeden-EU20845Not updated
8Theralian ObscureKil'jaeden-EU20255Not updated
9Ziyal StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU20185Not updated
9Lohschkill Randír nuin ElenathKil'jaeden-EU20185Not updated
11Mâriâ FinitasKil'jaeden-EU20045Not updated
12Chayâ BadBoys INCKil'jaeden-EU19780Not updated
13Amariane FinitasKil'jaeden-EU19685Not updated
14Powerofdoom Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU19680Not updated
15Lorley Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU19655Not updated
16Velimir StormspireKil'jaeden-EU19595Not updated
17Felicites AbsynthKil'jaeden-EU19510Not updated
18Morphias FinitasKil'jaeden-EU19435Not updated
19Laui Auge des SturmsKil'jaeden-EU19330Not updated
20Mantakun  Kil'jaeden-EU19240Not updated
21Zooq PfannkuchenKil'jaeden-EU19210Not updated
22Ithãx FourTwentyKil'jaeden-EU19205Not updated
23Aíleen FinitasKil'jaeden-EU19165Not updated
24Nékrollak  Kil'jaeden-EU19120Not updated
25Fulana  Kil'jaeden-EU19030Not updated
26Ivÿ AlamoKil'jaeden-EU19020Not updated
27Noveria EmpathyKil'jaeden-EU19005Not updated
28Shawty Herrschaft des FeuersKil'jaeden-EU18995Not updated
29Nesk SadgasmKil'jaeden-EU18950Not updated
30Narumi ObscureKil'jaeden-EU18940Not updated
31Waldkatze Wächter AzerothsKil'jaeden-EU18805Not updated
32Diclonius Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU18700Not updated
33Diotíma eXaltedKil'jaeden-EU18665Not updated
34Crystali  Kil'jaeden-EU18655Not updated
35Pyxis  Kil'jaeden-EU18650Not updated
36Slacker Deadly DreamsKil'jaeden-EU18640Not updated
37Belorelol Deadly DreamsKil'jaeden-EU18635Not updated
38Tasera VariaKil'jaeden-EU18555Not updated
39Dörthe LEGIONKil'jaeden-EU18480Not updated
40Frisiandew BrandinesaKil'jaeden-EU18475Not updated
41Myrabelle FinitasKil'jaeden-EU18425Not updated
42Reyvn Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU18400Not updated
43Loz A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU18365Not updated
44Hekon RaubritterKil'jaeden-EU18355Not updated
45Bonebraker Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU18335Not updated
46Venjara  Kil'jaeden-EU18215Not updated
47Luthília Arven en AskeKil'jaeden-EU18185Not updated
48Shivi Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU18085Not updated
48Togakure AlamoKil'jaeden-EU18085Not updated
50Vipi European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU18010Not updated
51Êntêéntéêntê Herrschaft des FeuersKil'jaeden-EU17990Not updated
52Bezoid DrachentanzKil'jaeden-EU17935Not updated
53Bova  Kil'jaeden-EU17925Not updated
54Hufflepuf CalimieroKil'jaeden-EU17895Not updated
55Zalariel FinitasKil'jaeden-EU17880Not updated
55Nyxxe  Kil'jaeden-EU17880Not updated
57Nocturnu Randoms FinestKil'jaeden-EU17700Not updated
58Melìssa Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU17675Not updated
59Lacey Die Gefährten des LichtsKil'jaeden-EU17640Not updated
60Tanyankâ Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU17605Not updated
61Haerry Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU17595Not updated
62Seraphór ExiliumKil'jaeden-EU17580Not updated
63Panderp VariaKil'jaeden-EU17575Not updated
64Miazaan Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU17565Not updated
65Lûxx Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU17560Not updated
66Darksmoke Randoms FinestKil'jaeden-EU17545Not updated
67Denoría  Kil'jaeden-EU17490Not updated
68Jomonia  Kil'jaeden-EU17485Not updated
68Cathaleya  Kil'jaeden-EU17485Not updated
70Nocturnal MidgardKil'jaeden-EU17455Not updated
71Rashdora Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU17445Not updated
72Shisune LunatixKil'jaeden-EU17425Not updated
73Sejire DilaMentaKil'jaeden-EU17380Not updated
74Lydîa A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU17355Not updated
75Adenei CriticaLKil'jaeden-EU17320Not updated
76Cui Krieger des TiwazKil'jaeden-EU17305Not updated
77Hendel StormraidersKil'jaeden-EU17300Not updated
78Gorinka  Kil'jaeden-EU17265Not updated
79Naala Die Gefährten des LichtsKil'jaeden-EU17235Not updated
80Gwendoliné MoschaboyzKil'jaeden-EU17220Not updated
81Kysha European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU17215Not updated
81Mystral StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU17215Not updated
81Sônja Raven FeatherKil'jaeden-EU17215Not updated
84Blackjag  Kil'jaeden-EU17190Not updated
85Røckzør SyncedKil'jaeden-EU17120Not updated
86Aiya StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU17050Not updated
87Moris GothicKil'jaeden-EU17040Not updated
88Sicula Dark Phoenix DivisionKil'jaeden-EU17030Not updated
89Urjelke Splitter der AllianzKil'jaeden-EU17000Not updated
90Cada  Kil'jaeden-EU16975Not updated
91Ascardi  Kil'jaeden-EU16940Not updated
92Lorismeré StrandstürmerKil'jaeden-EU16900Not updated
93Lokan  Kil'jaeden-EU16885Not updated
94Mjôllnir Swords of FireKil'jaeden-EU16865Not updated
95Notfouryou A Dying WishKil'jaeden-EU16845Not updated
96Toba FinitasKil'jaeden-EU16840Not updated
96Saulot Twenty TreesKil'jaeden-EU16840Not updated
98Indola European Hell SquadKil'jaeden-EU16820Not updated
99Terénce Elimination of ErrorKil'jaeden-EU16810Not updated
100Lizy StormraidersKil'jaeden-EU16805Not updated

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