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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Khaz Modan-EU Achievement Points
1Vcrina  Khaz Modan-EU21250Not updated
2Squuiibb La Légion du GraalKhaz Modan-EU21235Not updated
3Enehtari StyxKhaz Modan-EU21085Not updated
4Oëlane  Khaz Modan-EU21045Not updated
5Numiko Triste OpacitéKhaz Modan-EU20920Not updated
6Nuuro CosmosKhaz Modan-EU20830Not updated
7Kashel  Khaz Modan-EU20740Not updated
8Gorjette GenesisKhaz Modan-EU20670Not updated
9Casusbelì  Khaz Modan-EU20545Not updated
10Crosspwnder AddïctKhaz Modan-EU20520Not updated
11Kaïlas NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU20470Not updated
12Golgøth mdr à la dagueKhaz Modan-EU20400Not updated
13Crounch  Khaz Modan-EU20310Not updated
14Shayå  Khaz Modan-EU20300Not updated
15Ieta GenesisKhaz Modan-EU20265Not updated
16Äch  Khaz Modan-EU20160Not updated
17Onlymiddle Sword BirthKhaz Modan-EU20125Not updated
18Sonydigital  Khaz Modan-EU20110Not updated
19Mâwôr VisiønKhaz Modan-EU20100Not updated
20Sixfeetunder PeaNutsKhaz Modan-EU20045Not updated
21Paresseuse  Khaz Modan-EU20020Not updated
22Örioñ La Ligue des RepentisKhaz Modan-EU19925Not updated
23Elhalyne PeaNutsKhaz Modan-EU19915Not updated
24Kabutteur NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU19910Not updated
24Rønin  Khaz Modan-EU19910Not updated
26Tweaks  Khaz Modan-EU19900Not updated
27Mortef ExilKhaz Modan-EU19865Not updated
28Nirine  Khaz Modan-EU19820Not updated
29Mahëlune ArmageddonKhaz Modan-EU19810Not updated
30Illarien ExilKhaz Modan-EU19775Not updated
31Safrina  Khaz Modan-EU19735Not updated
32Gladiateur  Khaz Modan-EU19720Not updated
33Mornan LuXenZiaKhaz Modan-EU19655Not updated
34Druidèlf La Légion du GraalKhaz Modan-EU19635Not updated
35Rixea AddïctKhaz Modan-EU19615Not updated
36Eryndriel ExilKhaz Modan-EU19535Not updated
36Dkcagénaire  Khaz Modan-EU19535Not updated
38Encoradlap Bercés trop près du MurKhaz Modan-EU19485Not updated
39Oobossoo Les Phoenix de SangKhaz Modan-EU19450Not updated
40Vôlvic AcrimoniaKhaz Modan-EU19390Not updated
41Mïlkyway CrazynutsKhaz Modan-EU19335Not updated
42Schmilblick YïldizKhaz Modan-EU19320Not updated
43Neologik GenesisKhaz Modan-EU19135Not updated
44Minigala  Khaz Modan-EU19120Not updated
45Barôn GamushuKhaz Modan-EU19025Not updated
46Gràken NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU19010Not updated
47Darknessmage La Fraternité VerbenaKhaz Modan-EU19005Not updated
48Bouu Sa cool de sourceKhaz Modan-EU18995Not updated
49Marlik NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18985Not updated
50Azèzkiel  Khaz Modan-EU18970Not updated
51Posthit AddïctKhaz Modan-EU18945Not updated
52Arakhal NiebelungenKhaz Modan-EU18925Not updated
53Thrakker  Khaz Modan-EU18900Not updated
54Haskélol EveryDaysKhaz Modan-EU18895Not updated
55Féyïnée  Khaz Modan-EU18875Not updated
56Lunedambre AstralsKhaz Modan-EU18800Not updated
57Rinøa La sombre CroiséeKhaz Modan-EU18780Not updated
58Walpot VisiønKhaz Modan-EU18660Not updated
59Uraby GamushuKhaz Modan-EU18645Not updated
60Mayflower angel of luminarysKhaz Modan-EU18640Not updated
61Haryä ZeitgeistKhaz Modan-EU18625Not updated
62Bouyashakä Guilde OmegaKhaz Modan-EU18620Not updated
63Houdinoux  Khaz Modan-EU18605Not updated
64Faely StratégieKhaz Modan-EU18560Not updated
65Paldalin chtit guildKhaz Modan-EU18545Not updated
66Nharmia chtit guildKhaz Modan-EU18530Not updated
66Voikon EdenLørdsKhaz Modan-EU18530Not updated
68Dpswar  Khaz Modan-EU18525Not updated
68Dolkhan  Khaz Modan-EU18525Not updated
70Fredhya AddïctKhaz Modan-EU18510Not updated
71Thilisia  Khaz Modan-EU18495Not updated
72Cyarà  Khaz Modan-EU18485Not updated
73Nimí Res Non VerbaKhaz Modan-EU18465Not updated
74Tacc ying et yangKhaz Modan-EU18460Not updated
75Rainbowsz  Khaz Modan-EU18455Not updated
76Nowrglblz  Khaz Modan-EU18430Not updated
77Brinnks SolidarityKhaz Modan-EU18415Not updated
78Afak  Khaz Modan-EU18370Not updated
79Eriya Shïnra cørpørationKhaz Modan-EU18360Not updated
80Shynigamï La Meute SauvageKhaz Modan-EU18325Not updated
81Divinevhris Les RéprouvésKhaz Modan-EU18305Not updated
82Ute La taverne d'AzerothKhaz Modan-EU18275Not updated
83Methrià  Khaz Modan-EU18255Not updated

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