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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Kel'Thuzad-US Achievement Points
1Arkamana Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US20510Not updated
2Mikaboshi Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US18415
3Galishavi Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US16175
4Winter Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US15325
5Tonesman Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US14505Not updated
6Trondo Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US14355Not updated
7Dunkároo Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US14205Not updated
8Damethh Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US14010Not updated
9Gentle Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US13855
10Kalliala Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US13840
11Pseudonymous Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US13590Not updated
12Hooppa Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US13435Not updated
13Talindrah Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US13425
14Tesna Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US13045
15Vincemcmahon Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12805
16Tictax Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12730Not updated
17Chupo Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12715Not updated
18Bxbully Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12655Not updated
19Datenight Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12605Not updated
20Applesaucd Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12435Not updated
21Nightless Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12415
22Hellary Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12390Not updated
23Woopah Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US12320Not updated
24Tehsource Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11805
25Biggiesmllz Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11715Not updated
26Tianait Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11675Not updated
27Senixming Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11650Not updated
28Clockmeister Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11640
29ßillionaire Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11575Not updated
30Bubbah Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11530Not updated
31Adoredin Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11500
32Stillcold Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11490Not updated
33Redsauce Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11450
34Jkdeathgrip Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11370
35Vectars Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11345Not updated
36Elfyirl Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11320Not updated
37Loffe Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11250Not updated
38Morphed Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11230Not updated
39Nannetté Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11175
40Torny Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11110Not updated
41Xcentricqt Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US11080Not updated
42Endofdreams Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10985
43Irealfive Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10835
44Nikomasked Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10780Not updated
45Clordae Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10750Not updated
46Sanguinare Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10735
47Affaraon Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10730
48Gorshnak Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10725Not updated
49Sedated Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10680Not updated
50Psychosociâl Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10545Not updated
51Omgtrappls Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10525Not updated
52Kushgodx Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10500
53Verlene Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10465
53Duwolf Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10465Not updated
55Beepboopkill Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10395Not updated
55Vimoksha Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10395Not updated
57Lesar Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10265
58Billmurryy Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10250Not updated
59Grüm Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10240
60Hanabuza Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10210Not updated
61Sheydan Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10205Not updated
62Kahvis Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10095
63Thugness Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US10030Not updated
64Sues Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9970Not updated
65Erzzy Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9965Not updated
66Manfer Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9955Not updated
67Djdroid Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9930
68Gypsynoah Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9925Not updated
69Lumiandric Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9870
70Blight Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9835Not updated
71Hansolx Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9825Not updated
72Djskate Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9765
73Pharius Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9750
74Nickhalden Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9735Not updated
74Ancientwizy Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9735Not updated
76Ageler Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9715
77Auroruh Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9705Not updated
78Zâÿne Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9690Not updated
79Thtgirl Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9620
80Wartoast Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9520Not updated
81Dbaullz Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9510Not updated
82Superfluffy Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9500Not updated
83Shlirpadirka Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9485
84Thepoundtown Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9480Not updated
85Lightnitup Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9475Not updated
86Pranqster Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9445Not updated
87Drizztal Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9385Not updated
88Miketysonn Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9360
89Hurtsack Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9330Not updated
90Dasuqi Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9315Not updated
91Catwomanqt Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9260
92Waterwave Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9155Not updated
93Battyshunter Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9130Not updated
94Deadspellz Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9105
95Sipnyquil Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9080Not updated
96Trâumä Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US9010Not updated
97Squatsalot Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US8955Not updated
98Leeaan Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US8935
99Playonwords Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US8925Not updated
99Mortarz Apex GamersKel'Thuzad-US8925Not updated

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