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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Jaedenar-EU Achievement Points
1Bufko You Mad BroJaedenar-EU21445Not updated
2Devrioltwo DubiousJaedenar-EU21050Not updated
3Zaoza With HonorJaedenar-EU20905Not updated
4Silenta With HonorJaedenar-EU20830Not updated
5Dinohate ClaymoreJaedenar-EU20790Not updated
6Bertoc  Jaedenar-EU20750Not updated
7Dreadzor FullmoonJaedenar-EU20585Not updated
8Artèmis UnknownsJaedenar-EU20455Not updated
9Slania  Jaedenar-EU20405Not updated
10Shárkie ClaymoreJaedenar-EU20400Not updated
11Bagatov QuantumJaedenar-EU20350Not updated
12Notsodina  Jaedenar-EU20320Not updated
13Alizeea Veil of ShadowJaedenar-EU20225Not updated
14Impac  Jaedenar-EU20155Not updated
15Tempestina FailedJaedenar-EU20075Not updated
16Mamamy  Jaedenar-EU20060Not updated
17Daimonos VildaBraxJaedenar-EU20040Not updated
18Katharin BlackRavensJaedenar-EU19995Not updated
19Elenin Save a Cow Eat a VeganJaedenar-EU19945Not updated
20Fishnnuts  Jaedenar-EU19900Not updated
21Tsunamic Bulwark IXJaedenar-EU19880Not updated
22Blair QuantumJaedenar-EU19805Not updated
23Volv With HonorJaedenar-EU19795Not updated
24Wanizame  Jaedenar-EU19710Not updated
25Buciflex Flare EUJaedenar-EU19570Not updated
26Sasko Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU19565Not updated
26Kængu SoonJaedenar-EU19565Not updated
28Rachnak  Jaedenar-EU19470Not updated
29Derplance QuantumJaedenar-EU19420Not updated
30Lìzzò ClaymoreJaedenar-EU19380Not updated
31Gule Eat More CakeJaedenar-EU19370Not updated
32Chodal DubiousJaedenar-EU19285Not updated
33Maki VildaBraxJaedenar-EU19245Not updated
34Misslusk ExactlyJaedenar-EU19185Not updated
35Lölita Flare EUJaedenar-EU19040Not updated
36Fifitaa EnsubaJaedenar-EU19020Not updated
37Popcorns VildaBraxJaedenar-EU18925Not updated
38Paeron Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU18875Not updated
39Ana TwistedJaedenar-EU18755Not updated
40Missgazza ExactlyJaedenar-EU18720Not updated
40ßoomkin Need More SpaceJaedenar-EU18720Not updated
42Sealed  Jaedenar-EU18580Not updated
43Muscat  Jaedenar-EU18575Not updated
44Azmódan The DemigodsJaedenar-EU18535Not updated
45Murker ThuleJaedenar-EU18400Not updated
46Malzahar ClaymoreJaedenar-EU18280Not updated
46ßepö With HonorJaedenar-EU18280Not updated
48Gruxla Bloodwolf TribeJaedenar-EU18250Not updated
49Mephalia The OverlordsJaedenar-EU18205Not updated
50Næpskrell Shadow LegacyJaedenar-EU18195Not updated
51Webee TwistedJaedenar-EU18190Not updated
52Nacil  Jaedenar-EU18170Not updated
53Dotty  Jaedenar-EU18160Not updated
54Maimutze Game of ThronesJaedenar-EU18155Not updated
55Yebrana  Jaedenar-EU18130Not updated
56Minerva CohesiveJaedenar-EU18110Not updated
57Originello With HonorJaedenar-EU18035Not updated
58Mafioso  Jaedenar-EU17985Not updated
59Bigboomer  Jaedenar-EU17930Not updated
60Baheeg You MadJaedenar-EU17895Not updated
61Sven HÄSTJaedenar-EU17835Not updated
62Ragnoc AnonÝmouSJaedenar-EU17830Not updated
63Rafina BlackRavensJaedenar-EU17820Not updated
64Roughlusk  Jaedenar-EU17795Not updated
65Shadowsoul The Stoned AgeJaedenar-EU17785Not updated
66Irreversible With HonorJaedenar-EU17780Not updated
66Zanesh QuantumJaedenar-EU17780Not updated
68Pummee ClaymoreJaedenar-EU17775Not updated
69Roozy  Jaedenar-EU17670Not updated
70Bestmage VildaBraxJaedenar-EU17665Not updated
71Myaki Cry me a RiverJaedenar-EU17565Not updated
72Tallanthlas Save a Cow Eat a VeganJaedenar-EU17555Not updated
72Mageintroll TwistedJaedenar-EU17555Not updated
74Loxylady Brill funeral serviceJaedenar-EU17550Not updated
74Kambodge With HonorJaedenar-EU17550Not updated
74Trydin FullmoonJaedenar-EU17550Not updated
77Chechman VildaBraxJaedenar-EU17490Not updated
78Teamo Low Red MoonJaedenar-EU17455Not updated
79Velveteen brutalbengts cooperativeJaedenar-EU17440Not updated
80Roien  Jaedenar-EU17420Not updated
81Union With HonorJaedenar-EU17410Not updated
81Loriél ClarityJaedenar-EU17410Not updated
83Missbruk Save a Cow Eat a VeganJaedenar-EU17390Not updated
83Voetsek  Jaedenar-EU17390Not updated
85Fatpie QuantumJaedenar-EU17380Not updated
86Tavoc Too Drunk To HandleJaedenar-EU17320Not updated
87Fraam Moo Tank ClanJaedenar-EU17310Not updated
88Warlux Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU17285Not updated
89Devìlím  Jaedenar-EU17255Not updated
90Huntwald  Jaedenar-EU17175Not updated
91Namelessdk With HonorJaedenar-EU17170Not updated
92Deadlaserman ClaymoreJaedenar-EU17165Not updated
93Zolas  Jaedenar-EU17130Not updated
94Ramoxlol Can YOU Eat a SealJaedenar-EU17110Not updated
95Sanos  Jaedenar-EU17050Not updated
96Zuo  Jaedenar-EU17010Not updated
97Bartin ImbalancedJaedenar-EU16975Not updated
98Lopone SuccessJaedenar-EU16970Not updated
99Xerth Riders of HonorJaedenar-EU16960Not updated
100Domie The JugglersJaedenar-EU16935Not updated

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