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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Grim Batol-EU Achievement Points
1Echoès  Grim Batol-EU21815Not updated
2Mãniac DimensionalGrim Batol-EU21620Not updated
2Heallady QuarantineGrim Batol-EU21620Not updated
4Erollisi Celestial InseminationGrim Batol-EU21590Not updated
5Selnor BalanceGrim Batol-EU21580Not updated
6Splatyerdead Hall of FameGrim Batol-EU21555Not updated
7Jenima DimensionalGrim Batol-EU21320Not updated
8Korilol  Grim Batol-EU21275Not updated
9Razones DimensionalGrim Batol-EU21260Not updated
10Dotsauce Perfect Nine and MartinGrim Batol-EU21245Not updated
11Zenislav SlayerzGrim Batol-EU21230Not updated
12Revamp  Grim Batol-EU21140Not updated
13Jorá  Grim Batol-EU20995Not updated
14Exitz  Grim Batol-EU20985Not updated
15ßâllz  Grim Batol-EU20975Not updated
16Synta  Grim Batol-EU20935Not updated
17Vitaliity DimensionalGrim Batol-EU20920Not updated
18Kasztyk Two Faced JokersGrim Batol-EU20895Not updated
19Chocolates DimensionalGrim Batol-EU20840Not updated
19Relampago  Grim Batol-EU20840Not updated
21Ailynth MalignancyGrim Batol-EU20785Not updated
22Eäride  Grim Batol-EU20745Not updated
23Lateys Hemliga GruppenGrim Batol-EU20740Not updated
24Iri Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU20735Not updated
25Buétwo qbGrim Batol-EU20725Not updated
26Maybehh IllusionGrim Batol-EU20720Not updated
27Cupcakes DimensionalGrim Batol-EU20645Not updated
28Zâsh Project HollywoodGrim Batol-EU20590Not updated
29Pandamari BratlandGrim Batol-EU20475Not updated
30Ramtox Nordic BrethrenGrim Batol-EU20465Not updated
31Mywayy RiseOfTheFallenHeroesGrim Batol-EU20415Not updated
32Hänghyska Three CrownsGrim Batol-EU20385Not updated
33Disslie PiecesGrim Batol-EU20265Not updated
34Asphyxiant Justified HubrisGrim Batol-EU20245Not updated
35Soníco Guardian AngelsGrim Batol-EU20160Not updated
36Nathrakhz ReunitedGrim Batol-EU20140Not updated
37Avatarjk The WOW signalGrim Batol-EU20130Not updated
38Làrgo AcheronGrim Batol-EU20110Not updated
39Vaahtohali  Grim Batol-EU20070Not updated
40Herraz BalanceGrim Batol-EU20060Not updated
41Edwardtheodd DimensionalGrim Batol-EU20025Not updated
41Bensedin  Grim Batol-EU20025Not updated
43Maldora Inc WaterworksGrim Batol-EU20005Not updated
44Ballbáll  Grim Batol-EU19990Not updated
45Borton ReachGrim Batol-EU19970Not updated
46Dévander DimensionalGrim Batol-EU19915Not updated
46Sixtyone The SystemGrim Batol-EU19915Not updated
48Watta Aurora BorealisGrim Batol-EU19870Not updated
49Tymeraider  Grim Batol-EU19855Not updated
50Tuatha  Grim Batol-EU19845Not updated
51Malystrix InsanityGrim Batol-EU19800Not updated
52Kalythia Two Inches BuffedGrim Batol-EU19780Not updated
53Sorryxoxo Guardian AngelsGrim Batol-EU19775Not updated
54Scot PiecesGrim Batol-EU19755Not updated
55Vanishlol VanquishersGrim Batol-EU19705Not updated
55Schweppers  Grim Batol-EU19705Not updated
57Meeni  Grim Batol-EU19675Not updated
58Zaturnux  Grim Batol-EU19665Not updated
59Knarko Mighty MidgetsGrim Batol-EU19655Not updated
60Dataflux  Grim Batol-EU19620Not updated
61Tymotheus Veneficus ExGrim Batol-EU19600Not updated
62Mjäâ UteÅTankeMedTacoGrim Batol-EU19560Not updated
62Touzen os reis magosGrim Batol-EU19560Not updated
64Anoob Butters and CoGrim Batol-EU19550Not updated
65Reathren Soul Sworn SevenGrim Batol-EU19495Not updated
66Arthean AngrenostGrim Batol-EU19485Not updated
67Charmanblast STDs R BoPGrim Batol-EU19475Not updated
68Astriel BalanceGrim Batol-EU19470Not updated
69Pebblestar ParalysisGrim Batol-EU19445Not updated
70Carush  Grim Batol-EU19440Not updated
70Fulprelle Two Faced JokersGrim Batol-EU19440Not updated
72Gaymeister  Grim Batol-EU19435Not updated
73Zyre Poker StarsGrim Batol-EU19415Not updated
74Comeshots PiecesGrim Batol-EU19405Not updated
75Almony IndigoGrim Batol-EU19400Not updated
76Buélolxd Project HollywoodGrim Batol-EU19375Not updated
77Yroda HadoukenGrim Batol-EU19370Not updated
78Duks VerdictGrim Batol-EU19350Not updated
79Mourdots UndeadKnightsGrim Batol-EU19335Not updated
80Plopper TheorycraftGrim Batol-EU19300Not updated
81Carebeàr Annoyed And ConfusedGrim Batol-EU19285Not updated
82Vorzious Original SinGrim Batol-EU19280Not updated
83Miláss Vex ThalGrim Batol-EU19250Not updated
84Jeremybell DimensionalGrim Batol-EU19240Not updated

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