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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Gorefiend-US Achievement Points
1Thom GoodFellasGorefiend-US21130Not updated
2Freckles VexGorefiend-US20925Not updated
3Trogie VexGorefiend-US20870Not updated
4Torment OmenGorefiend-US20615Not updated
5Indygochild VexGorefiend-US20535Not updated
6Zuryk ExilesGorefiend-US20470Not updated
7Helduman  Gorefiend-US20220Not updated
8Ooberefflo VexGorefiend-US19970Not updated
9Lacrimas AsylumGorefiend-US19940Not updated
10Yoruichi AsylumGorefiend-US19935Not updated
11Nugget VexGorefiend-US19515Not updated
12Elhaym RiotGorefiend-US19325Not updated
13Nxslove SCHGorefiend-US19175Not updated
14Shellder Love me harderGorefiend-US19140Not updated
15Cøntaminate Hard CasualGorefiend-US19080Not updated
16Aerotix Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US18895Not updated
17Icenaria  Gorefiend-US18840Not updated
18Colosseum ArkGorefiend-US18835Not updated
19Quintelle Cool Story BroGorefiend-US18795Not updated
20Zandalock Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US18645Not updated
21Speedshot Love me harderGorefiend-US18595Not updated
22Jyoto AsylumGorefiend-US18485Not updated
23Leliana Alpha WolfGorefiend-US18435Not updated
24Penki  Gorefiend-US18325Not updated
25Snyped Red DevilsGorefiend-US18260Not updated
26Grapesmasher VexGorefiend-US18240Not updated
27Mistbeaver VexGorefiend-US18145Not updated
28Molontov FacepalmGorefiend-US18055Not updated
29Stompin  Gorefiend-US18040Not updated
30Dimen Short BusGorefiend-US17965Not updated
31Ghettohoof HÖÖTÉRSGorefiend-US17935Not updated
32Vuxiq VexGorefiend-US17875Not updated
33Misfðrtune Hard CasualGorefiend-US17870Not updated
34Voltzaregud Love me harderGorefiend-US17850Not updated
35Salopette  Gorefiend-US17815Not updated
36Benick  Gorefiend-US17795Not updated
37Grinex Purple LotusGorefiend-US17765Not updated
37Ginno Fellowship of the KegGorefiend-US17765Not updated
39Dottydot Killer InstinctsGorefiend-US17730Not updated
39Tirith DeadwingGorefiend-US17730Not updated
41Demooyea FacepalmGorefiend-US17695Not updated
42Teaeggswell VexGorefiend-US17655Not updated
43Vespér Red DevilsGorefiend-US17570Not updated
44Dàéth Red DevilsGorefiend-US17555Not updated
45Erëvis Hungry HipposGorefiend-US17405Not updated
46Anticow Hard CasualGorefiend-US17375Not updated
47Christiana Dawn BreakerGorefiend-US17290Not updated
48Jacynius VexGorefiend-US17280Not updated
49Kobeface Hard CasualGorefiend-US17265Not updated
50Tiala Purple LotusGorefiend-US17230Not updated
51Cist VexGorefiend-US17155Not updated
52Clary Love me harderGorefiend-US17135Not updated
53Petapanda  Gorefiend-US17110Not updated
54Mear Hard CasualGorefiend-US17105Not updated
55Helby Cool Story BroGorefiend-US17090Not updated
56Cutebunnyirl Love me harderGorefiend-US17005Not updated
57Kevbo VexGorefiend-US16930Not updated
58Mistran Rotfists LegionGorefiend-US16880Not updated
59Omnicôre VexGorefiend-US16865Not updated
60Mileyvirus Tramatic ExperienceGorefiend-US16860Not updated
61Ryomou The Band Of The HawkGorefiend-US16845Not updated
62Dtothep Cool Story BroGorefiend-US16820Not updated
63Foofs Love me harderGorefiend-US16765Not updated
63Shadowspellz YOU WONTGorefiend-US16765Not updated
65Shamanlite VexGorefiend-US16725Not updated
66Ervil Champions of SyIvanasGorefiend-US16695Not updated
66Meshy VexGorefiend-US16695Not updated
68Vetlock AvengersGorefiend-US16680Not updated
69Hirô SCHGorefiend-US16660Not updated
70Beastico The DeceptaclesGorefiend-US16590Not updated
71Dontgonuts SCHGorefiend-US16575Not updated
72Zereu  Gorefiend-US16530Not updated
72Dandoris Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US16530Not updated
74Drenovade The RebellionGorefiend-US16500Not updated
75Sibbrena Hard CasualGorefiend-US16475Not updated
75Spyeye Deadmoon TribeGorefiend-US16475Not updated
77Dilvish Frostwolf BanditosGorefiend-US16410Not updated
78Knoms Hard CasualGorefiend-US16380Not updated
79Fleurdelys Living SyndicationGorefiend-US16330Not updated
80ßasty VexGorefiend-US16315Not updated
81Xulq VexGorefiend-US16280Not updated
82Aholy VexGorefiend-US16230Not updated
83Reshaki  Gorefiend-US16200Not updated
84Apposite VexGorefiend-US16170Not updated
85Shadina Frostwolf BanditosGorefiend-US16115Not updated
86Deliverer Hard CasualGorefiend-US16095Not updated
87Demonesque The DeceptaclesGorefiend-US16080Not updated
88Lightxd Love me harderGorefiend-US16075Not updated

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