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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Garrosh-US Achievement Points
1Ladorisa RebellionGarrosh-US20800Not updated
2Blazelord RebellionGarrosh-US20460Not updated
3Hebner  Garrosh-US20305Not updated
4Mischìevous  Garrosh-US19875Not updated
5Velnora RebellionGarrosh-US19770Not updated
6Sraosha FoundationGarrosh-US19760Not updated
7Gunkz AudacityGarrosh-US19715Not updated
8Thuganomix  Garrosh-US19545Not updated
9Gazzakzarn  Garrosh-US19425Not updated
10Kaylei Emerald DawnGarrosh-US19050Not updated
11Pruina My Lip Gloss Be PoppinGarrosh-US19045Not updated
12Catscan Emerald DawnGarrosh-US18865Not updated
13Laturalus  Garrosh-US18830Not updated
14Rizzie Band of MisfitsGarrosh-US18735Not updated
15Baeen Dead Manz PartyGarrosh-US18715Not updated
16Heavin The Dark Side of DeathGarrosh-US18625Not updated
17Flesruoy  Garrosh-US18455Not updated
18Painsponge west coast wanderersGarrosh-US18400Not updated
19Meriel Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US18375Not updated
20Pullingteeth RebellionGarrosh-US18255Not updated
21Msêack  Garrosh-US18220Not updated
22Bristleback Blackwind Honor GuardGarrosh-US18185Not updated
23Mirrä The Dark Side of DeathGarrosh-US18060Not updated
24Mashimewwo RebellionGarrosh-US18055Not updated
25Orestes ChangeGarrosh-US17985Not updated
26Chuuby  Garrosh-US17890Not updated
27Cowpriest AudacityGarrosh-US17875Not updated
28Millissent Emerald DawnGarrosh-US17825Not updated
28Kivaj  Garrosh-US17825Not updated
30Xùnia Brotherhood Of WolvesGarrosh-US17785Not updated
31Celyba DeityGarrosh-US17750Not updated
32Echinacea Torn AsunderGarrosh-US17745Not updated
33Thukad The Darkwolf MaraudingGarrosh-US17720Not updated
34Gornan Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US17685Not updated
35Wheatley Vengeance IncGarrosh-US17545Not updated
36Calethin League of HeroesGarrosh-US17515Not updated
37Repasado Emerald DawnGarrosh-US17470Not updated
38Bäwitaba  Garrosh-US17400Not updated
38Curveball Brave CompanionsGarrosh-US17400Not updated
40Mityaphrdite ChangeGarrosh-US17385Not updated
41Moontastic  Garrosh-US17330Not updated
42Heyokanna League of HeroesGarrosh-US17320Not updated
43Panpoker Wrath Of The TitansGarrosh-US17305Not updated
44Tavoxia  Garrosh-US17245Not updated
45Goblesyou KIRGarrosh-US17240Not updated
46Ozztok  Garrosh-US17215Not updated
47Goldenhawk Vengeance IncGarrosh-US17200Not updated
48Penraven Crit HappensGarrosh-US17170Not updated
49Rannora The Darkwolf MaraudingGarrosh-US17165Not updated
50Rzsupra The TribeGarrosh-US17155Not updated
51Pikel TrojansGarrosh-US17150Not updated
52Taysham  Garrosh-US17125Not updated
53Pandasauce AudacityGarrosh-US17120Not updated
54Katingeona Emerald DawnGarrosh-US17100Not updated
55Eriani Alliance HellionsGarrosh-US17075Not updated
56Vaaron Ex NihiloGarrosh-US17035Not updated
57Nex  Garrosh-US16920Not updated
58Pseudova Edge of MadnessGarrosh-US16915Not updated
59Evimoon Vengeance IncGarrosh-US16905Not updated
60Takuan Northern StarGarrosh-US16885Not updated
61Riyna Angels and DemonsGarrosh-US16840Not updated
62Paradeeze  Garrosh-US16760Not updated
63Lawhide Easily AmusedGarrosh-US16750Not updated
64Deynnaris FoundationGarrosh-US16745Not updated
65Shadöwsön Edge of MadnessGarrosh-US16740Not updated
66Alonatal Brotherhood Of WolvesGarrosh-US16735Not updated
67Dusknoir MayhemGarrosh-US16705Not updated
68Avalonice Alliance HellionsGarrosh-US16700Not updated
69Wtfbubble  Garrosh-US16625Not updated
70Katalaa Power Word AwesomeGarrosh-US16620Not updated
71Dalanas The Elysian FieldsGarrosh-US16615Not updated
72Gambriniss Emerald DawnGarrosh-US16605Not updated
73Félix  Garrosh-US16580Not updated
74Thrakka Vengeance IncGarrosh-US16570Not updated
75Struggle  Garrosh-US16565Not updated
76Neoexdeath Risky BusinessGarrosh-US16525Not updated
76Ivyburn Dirty Little SecretsGarrosh-US16525Not updated
78Opeez Of The NightGarrosh-US16520Not updated
79Greezda  Garrosh-US16510Not updated
80Ecstasys Pagans RefugeGarrosh-US16405Not updated
80Lawisachild You Had Me at Zug ZugGarrosh-US16405Not updated
82Kuakuwatsu  Garrosh-US16390Not updated
83Rolandgilead Together Till DeathGarrosh-US16380Not updated
83Gunksy  Garrosh-US16380Not updated
85Tanaros Emerald DawnGarrosh-US16350Not updated
85Anadryl The FirmGarrosh-US16350Not updated

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