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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Frostwolf-EU Achievement Points
1Farax  Frostwolf-EU21605Not updated
2Trizepstoni  Frostwolf-EU21485Not updated
3Sazukí AssasinsFrostwolf-EU21410Not updated
4Duschanta Phoenix FoundationFrostwolf-EU21375Not updated
5Snîpêz Steamy FleasFrostwolf-EU21335Not updated
6Kìraqt Lords N LadiesFrostwolf-EU21160Not updated
7Unwanted Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU21120Not updated
8Têrradør Tasche auf Drache reinFrostwolf-EU21095Not updated
9Nidålee  Frostwolf-EU21015Not updated
10Rheinard  Frostwolf-EU20955Not updated
11Jarwam Vakkis SlaughterhouseFrostwolf-EU20890Not updated
12Rázalghul  Frostwolf-EU20870Not updated
13Zøttel Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU20805Not updated
14Danstoone  Frostwolf-EU20795Not updated
15Smileý In ExcessFrostwolf-EU20790Not updated
16Evonin  Frostwolf-EU20715Not updated
17Immortal  Frostwolf-EU20655Not updated
17Tînî IntegrityFrostwolf-EU20655Not updated
19Zulmaan FlawlessFrostwolf-EU20645Not updated
19Riqtide Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU20645Not updated
21Magnetisch Dunning KrugerFrostwolf-EU20630Not updated
22Ropold Boten Der LegionFrostwolf-EU20580Not updated
23Bovidae FlawlessFrostwolf-EU20565Not updated
24Rachsüchtige Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU20550Not updated
24Toffel Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU20550Not updated
26Mæva Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostwolf-EU20535Not updated
26Arglarglarg  Frostwolf-EU20535Not updated
28Klep ScepticalFrostwolf-EU20525Not updated
29Múcý rebelsFrostwolf-EU20520Not updated
30Lean RefugeFrostwolf-EU20475Not updated
31Ellesár FlawlessFrostwolf-EU20470Not updated
32Myssî Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU20460Not updated
32Ciralya  Frostwolf-EU20460Not updated
34Elyrion In ExcessFrostwolf-EU20435Not updated
35Icynightfall DeathcallFrostwolf-EU20400Not updated
36Venorá CoffeeshopFrostwolf-EU20375Not updated
37Karambina Faule StudisFrostwolf-EU20365Not updated
38Trottelschen Ranjid CompanyFrostwolf-EU20315Not updated
39Vinador CasualFrostwolf-EU20250Not updated
39Gatzina MC LovinFrostwolf-EU20250Not updated
41Smelloween Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU20230Not updated
42Esklava SmötschFrostwolf-EU20225Not updated
43Dmgdimitri AesyrFrostwolf-EU20200Not updated
44Eladecay Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU20195Not updated
45Yâdiâ Burning PhoenixFrostwolf-EU20165Not updated
46Âpôllôn Day and NightFrostwolf-EU20100Not updated
47Fjoerge CasualFrostwolf-EU20005Not updated
48Urtaî Chains of PerditionFrostwolf-EU20000Not updated
49Zentence Jade FalconsFrostwolf-EU19980Not updated
50Annâbella Bunny GmbHFrostwolf-EU19955Not updated
51Theriisá  Frostwolf-EU19950Not updated
51Prínzéssín RECFrostwolf-EU19950Not updated
53Hellclaw HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU19930Not updated
54Imagination RefugeFrostwolf-EU19925Not updated
54Trapyouhard  Frostwolf-EU19925Not updated
54Braskâ TripwireFrostwolf-EU19925Not updated
57Armak Level UPFrostwolf-EU19920Not updated
58Cbbl INKassobüro GADGETZANFrostwolf-EU19910Not updated
59Aurolon  Frostwolf-EU19905Not updated
60Konceptx ANGFrostwolf-EU19885Not updated
61Xonirig  Frostwolf-EU19855Not updated
62Darktemple AsyraFrostwolf-EU19850Not updated
63Tlaciquês aus MaaskantjeFrostwolf-EU19835Not updated
64Khadija InfînîtyFrostwolf-EU19775Not updated
65Kiyal HørdnungsamtFrostwolf-EU19750Not updated
65Rynner Weil du nichts kannstFrostwolf-EU19750Not updated
67Emmanuelle  Frostwolf-EU19745Not updated
68Elidahs In ExcessFrostwolf-EU19740Not updated
69Ecommander  Frostwolf-EU19715Not updated
70Hakase  Frostwolf-EU19700Not updated
71Æmina  Frostwolf-EU19695Not updated
72Fénja Affenjungs INCFrostwolf-EU19690Not updated
73Keenplan The SeakersFrostwolf-EU19660Not updated
74Tisalee DedicationFrostwolf-EU19655Not updated
74Kîka Steamy FleasFrostwolf-EU19655Not updated
76Daleila  Frostwolf-EU19640Not updated
77Cosîda atHeatFrostwolf-EU19585Not updated
77Currybombay rebelsFrostwolf-EU19585Not updated
79Lightweight Thunderbluff BasejumpersFrostwolf-EU19580Not updated
80Hagobert Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU19575Not updated
80Hraker RefugeFrostwolf-EU19575Not updated
82Norond RefugeFrostwolf-EU19555Not updated
83Hailerjunior BrainscoreFrostwolf-EU19550Not updated
83Priestazíe Âffen mit WaffenFrostwolf-EU19550Not updated
85Sentra The Evil CouncilFrostwolf-EU19530Not updated
86Hahrun Lingua MortisFrostwolf-EU19505Not updated
87Åurelia Ira Initium InsaniaeFrostwolf-EU19500Not updated
88Vosh MOW MOWFrostwolf-EU19480Not updated
89Mêdicineman BootyBay Beach ClubFrostwolf-EU19465Not updated
90Sîkõzu atHeatFrostwolf-EU19450Not updated
91Nejira Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU19430Not updated
91Syotos Sayf al JinnFrostwolf-EU19430Not updated
93Codefehler PriscumFrostwolf-EU19425Not updated
94Mondbüffel  Frostwolf-EU19415Not updated
95Claribel BengelSFrostwolf-EU19410Not updated

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