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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Frostwolf-EU Achievement Points
1Smelloween Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU20230Not updated
2Hagobert Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU19575Not updated
3Nemmesis Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU19275Not updated
4Bruneor Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU19010Not updated
5Bankômat Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU18780Not updated
6Orcslaughter Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU18700Not updated
7Wosnex Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU18125Not updated
8Makedonce Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17960Not updated
9Dessie Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17835Not updated
10Hôlycookie Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17765Not updated
11Bigkoby Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17590Not updated
12Magierroth Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17550Not updated
13Bloodlinêr Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17490Not updated
14Jackoorci Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17460Not updated
15Danielsan Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17395Not updated
16Nekachu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17140Not updated
17Lyu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU17000Not updated
18Darlethmkay Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16920Not updated
19Shuvana Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16745Not updated
20Lacumo Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16435Not updated
21Januri Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16265Not updated
22Varhon Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16250Not updated
23 Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16190Not updated
24Krakko Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU16070Not updated
25Girome Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15865Not updated
26Vercosguyu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15850Not updated
27Blacki Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15710Not updated
28Neyt Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15680Not updated
29Tøxiq Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15650Not updated
30Agram Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15605Not updated
31Shâft Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15485Not updated
32Deccan Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15435Not updated
33Yasz Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15385Not updated
34Sialome Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15360Not updated
35Ænjøy Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU15155Not updated
36Missary Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14775Not updated
37Orilla Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14630Not updated
38Perilous Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14610Not updated
39Dâmn Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14360Not updated
40Frêýjâ Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14295Not updated
41Dôtt Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14275Not updated
42Delja Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14235Not updated
43Loonì Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14165Not updated
44Alaman Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU14020Not updated
45Anubía Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13860Not updated
46Xarffai Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13780Not updated
47Arcwyn Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13705Not updated
48Cròixx Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13640Not updated
49Erialos Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13500Not updated
50Lucysan Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13400Not updated
51Fozzy Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13355Not updated
52Griesch Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13140Not updated
53Slypnir Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU13025Not updated
54Fisnikuimadh Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12970Not updated
55Holyhéro Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12870Not updated
56Sonofagun Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12815Not updated
57Trawi Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12710Not updated
58Arcanum Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12605Not updated
59Abanier Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12550Not updated
60Applè Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12475Not updated
61Zumsell Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12445Not updated
62Orbit Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12435Not updated
63Eltaco Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12390Not updated
64Zaruh Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12385Not updated
65Dilyla Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12300Not updated
66Enklavys Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12195Not updated
67Qilong Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU12000Not updated
68Ghettosmage Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11855Not updated
69Pichupachu Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11625Not updated
70Ninurtas Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11580Not updated
71Masii Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11555Not updated
72Morathí Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11375Not updated
73Vâshir Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11305Not updated
74Shadowbabe Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11280Not updated
75Diavolis Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11100Not updated
76Draconica Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU11095Not updated
77Médáia Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10875Not updated
78Drlight Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10730Not updated
79Zuurur Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10700Not updated
80Clláíré Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10630Not updated
81Ruuken Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10585Not updated
82Sélás Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10490Not updated
83Rébbel Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10470Not updated
84Zulmar Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10405Not updated
85Survion Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10340Not updated
86Kahlee Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10230Not updated
87Famerlor Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10135Not updated
88Marikuku Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU10115Not updated
89Yxisteron Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9770Not updated
90Klöt Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9760Not updated
91Juleka Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9625Not updated
92Cherrypie Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9560Not updated
93Revengecrit Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9470Not updated
94Darwinia Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9465Not updated
94Zimgol Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9465Not updated
96Shyranya Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9445Not updated
97Eniox Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU9140Not updated
98Grushna Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU8835Not updated
99Sorjin Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU8565Not updated
100Pfarrerbraun Ordo DraconicaFrostwolf-EU8530Not updated

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